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Core Class

If you dream of a self-care routine that lasts you a lifetime - Glow is your perfect place. We are known for our holistic approach to fitness and our friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. We infuse challenges with mindfulness to feel lighter in every way. You're always encouraged to go at your own pace, and we'll be here to keep you inspired and never quit on your health again. Get ready to transform your strengthening routine and kiss goodbye to chronic tension!

Your 1st Week will start with your first class reservation and may end with a $20 Glow Gift Card* if you complete 5+ classes in one week. Doesn't 5 hours of more strengthening and less tension this week sound enticing? Let's agree it's just silly not to try.🤪  

Make time for well-being, and experience what a daily fitness routine feels like.

 Warm up with our recorded mini-workout below, and book one of our fun in-studio classes, or choose an Online Course. 

*Your 7 days will begin with 1st class reservation. Please bring your postcard in to access your 2nd week for free. The Free Extra Week offer expires in 30 days. Limited to 1 time for new and previous clients. Reservations are required. Bring a yoga mat. 2h Cancellations. $10 late fees/no-shows.

Chat with us to ask ANY questions!

or read our FAQ on what class to start with, what to bring




'Glow is my favorite yoga studio in the city. You feel a part of a family. The classes offer something for everyone; challenging ones that make you sweat to ultimate zen and relaxation. Either way, you leave glowing for sure!' -Shrein


'As soon as I stepped foot in the door, I knew I had made the right choice for health and happiness. The studio is amazing and keeps uplifting me in new and fresh ways.' - David


'If you’re hoping to find a barre/ yoga studio with a wonderful community (where you can easily make friends), inspiring + motivational instructors, and classes that kindly promote physical and mental health/ growth, look no further!!' - Hailey


'This studio is a GEM in the neighborhood. It is extremely well-maintained and clean. Each instructor brings a unique experience to my yoga practice. Highly recommended.' - Gi Ya


'I booked an 80min CBD Massage + Cupping + Lymphatic scrub + Red light My session with Nora was amazing! I’ve never done full-body red light therapy and it was a nice way to start. The scrub felt great and I really enjoyed the cupping. She spent a little extra time on my right elbow, as I’m recovering from tendinitis and it was much needed. I will be back!' - Kimberly

*How to Receive the $20 Reward Gift Card

Our mission is to make your workouts so enjoyable, that you'll ditch Netflix for Move-Fiix, and never want to quit on your health again! Spending 5 unplugged hours at Glow is easy! Try our unique and different classes to diversify your weekly schedule: 360°Barre, Yoga, Soft Flow + Foamrolling, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Restorative+Reiki, and SoundBaths. Try visiting us daily to keep your stress and screen time down for the day 📵.

To receive your $20 Gift, CHAT with us once you've completed 5 classes during your 1st week, and we'll add it to your account. Glow Spa also counts towards 5 weekly visits. The example of 7 calendar days: Mon-Sun, or Tue-Mon, etc.  *The reward is limited to 1 per month.

Make time for well-being, and experience what a daily fitness routine feels like.


Slowing down is key to preventing burnout, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. If your life seems too fast right now,  please join us at least once a week for Yin, Restorative Yoga, and Meditation classes. On Thursdays and Fridays, we host decadent Happy Hour Retreats with Yin Yoga, Hot Stones, and SoundBath Meditation.


We're contemplating Santosha Niyama, the art of Contentment, and strengthening and releasing tension in our Hips this month. See our Blog. 


And, remember that health is the most valuable gift of all. Send a Gift Card for 2024 membership, Spa Appointment by choosing an amount, an e-card, and its delivery date here. Our e-gift cards cannot be lost, and do not expire. Send us a note if you'd like us to print your purchased e-gift card out for pickup.


Rebuild playfulness and connection in your relationships. Book: Sunday,  January 14 5:30p-7:30p

with Tankut Denker, licensed massage therapist, and Katrina Baccetti RYT


Please see how we can help you organize a wellness event at your office or a conference.

Glow 360Barre Mat 15 Minutes

Glow 360Barre Mat 15 Minutes

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