We are looking for local wellness leaders who are driven to change the outdated way we look at healthcare in our country:


-  front desk volunteers for 3.5-hour shift once a week (6 months min commitment)

-  experienced yoga teachers with an 8-path educational teaching style

-  experienced pilates, barre teachers, group fitness instructors (yoga teachers are encouraged to apply for this as we train our own mindful core method)

-  bodywork  - massage therapist - facial esthetician

-  holistic health practitioners for weekend wellness education talks

Please include the neighborhood where you live, the total number of years and classes taught, and your Social Media accounts in your email application.

If that sounds like you and you live nearby, email us today!

GLOW Team's Mission

  •   Holistic health education in a supportive community

  •   Reducing suffering through physical & spiritual disciplines

  •   Mindset development for lifelong preventative self-care

  •   Inclusivity, body positivity, longevity, and graceful aging

  •   Yoga as a lifelong path to wellness and self-awareness

  •   Chronic pain rehabilitation & prevention

  •   Mindful core strength training for all ages

  •   Low joint impact fitness training for joints' strength & stability

  •   Spirituality for mental & emotional health

  •   Wellness Spa with Educational Bodywork and Skin Care

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