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What Ages 70s and 100s Feel Like When You Practice Yoga - Meet Roxanne, Our Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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How do we feel aging in our bodies? Would you agree that we start to feel 'older' when our spines and joints become less flexible, our energy drops and our physical abilities diminish? Can we tell you that it is possible to reverse and prevent it? Please watch the video of Roxanne, our 70 years young yoga and meditation teacher sharing why she practices yoga 3+ times a week and how yoga practice makes her feel.

Join Roxanne every Wednesday:

11:11a Chakras Meditation 40min >

12p Glow Flow 50min >


Often, when we are impatient to see the results as fast as we falsely desire, we sell out of the stock market, we quit our fitness dreams, music lessons, language school, education, relationships... you name it. Running Glow now for 12 years I've been so lucky to witness our members getting stronger and more graceful as they move from their 30s to 40s, from 50s to 60s and from 60s to 70s. Perseverance and a decade of regular yoga practice made them superhuman; by our regulars, I am inspired every day! One of the best things I see is that our yogis seem to have an immense amount of positive energy, they keep climbing new heights in their lives with wisdom and gratitude. We shall erase the misbelief that fast and furious, boot camps, and races will bring us lasting satisfaction and lifelong vitality. The slow and steady does it. Life is a heck of a journey friends, and yoga gives us the attentiveness we need to truly master it.

Is there anyone older than you who inspires you to stay healthy? I learn from Roxanne every week how to speak kind words that unite, how to take the best care of my body and mind, how to dive inwards and see what needs my attention, what stars ✨ have ‘in store’ for my self-reflection, how to stay grateful and excited about the smallest beautiful things life has to offer. 

Does Glow have classes for all ages?


  • No matter what age we are - daily strengthening paired with tension & stress release is essential for feeling good in our body. 

  • If you are a beginner 15-85yo, please start with our 360°Barre, Yin Yoga, Myofascial Stretch & Rollout, SoundBath, Meditation, and Painting classes.  

  • We recommend our low-joint-impact 360°Barre classes 3X a week to become your strongest self in the shortest time.

  • Our Yin Yoga and Myofascial Stretch & Rollout classes are the best to release chronic tension.

  • Glow massages & facials are essential pleasure-driven stress-eliminating care: circulation is key to cellular renewal, healing pain, and inflammation.

  • Our Daily Class Schedule contains class descriptions, benefits, and what to bring, simply click on any class name.

Yoga Class for 60+ from homes on Thursdays at 10a


We teamed up with NextVillageSF to offer a weekly accessible all-level-friendly Yoga Class via Zoom. Anyone can join. Besides yoga, NextVillageSF has a fun schedule of free weekly social activities for our local retirees. See their Event Schedule and sign up

Know that you can begin today at ANY age and 10 years from now you will be a stronger, more graceful, and energetic version of yourself. A decade will pass anyway, what version of you do you want to create? You can also try her Inner Journey through Chakras Meditation on Demand below and stay tuned for our upcoming ‘All You Can Learn About Chakras’ Educational App 😍.


'No matter how old you are today - start practicing at least twice a week to give your 10 years older self a chance to reach your potential, and the freedom of movement through life with grace'.

Taking yoga regularly helps: 

- Reclaim our flexibility in body and mind, learn new ways of thinking and moving

- Improve our strength and balance

- Support our immune and nervous systems

- Activate stagnant energy to feel more like our best selves

- Look within and consciously release the stress of mental grips and attachments

Please watch my other yogini shero, Tao Porchon-Lynch giving a TED talk at the age of 96. She transitioned at the age of 101 and a half and has never stopped teaching yoga. 

Thank you for watching, and for choosing to honor and take loving care of what you have been given as a gift. Sending you love, please do not give up. 

Natasha  & Roxanne🌱✨

video roxanne
30Min Self-Awareness Chakra Meditation with Roxanne

30Min Self-Awareness Chakra Meditation with Roxanne

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