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Chakras as a Modern Tool for Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation


Our mind can be our greatest friend or the worst enemy. Without self-awareness and regular mental hygiene, all our worries and fears can take hostage of our lives and keep us in the loop of suffering. 

What Are Chakras?


Chakras first were mentioned in Vedic scripts - Tantrika books that brought us all the yogic practices for physical wellbeing and mental mastery, self-study, self-discipline, self-regulation, and self-soothing. Chakras are the self-awareness centers that align with our energy system, endocrine system, our glands and are responsible for our hormonal, mental, emotional, and physical balance. Chakras are the energy centers where our emotional and mental disturbances reside, so-called the Chitta Vritti. For instance, when we feel fearful, or unsafe -  it affects our adrenal glands, fight-flight response, so the energy activates and resides in the lowest, root chakra where the adrenals are. There are 114 chakras mentioned in ancient Vedic scrips, and at Glow, we work with the main 7 Chakras.