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Glow Yoga Teacher Training

8-Limb Sustainable Yoga Practice for All Ages


To receive a Teaching Certificate for any one module below, a participant will need to complete the required reading, 20 hours of teaching and practicing with a lead teacher, and submit a video teaching a class. There will be a teaching practice window with a lead teacher on Glow weekly schedule. 

To acquire a 200-Hour TT Certificate please complete 6 Modules. After successfully completing 200-Hour Training you can join our teacher's team and receive our references to teach anywhere else.

Our training meets the Yoga Alliance standards and if you need to become a Yoga Alliance Member, we will provide the documentation needed for you to join.


Breathwork & Meditation Module

June 17  12p-6p. Learn More & Sign Up >

Glow Flow Modules: Daily 8-Limbed Practice + Functional Anatomy

Glow Flow A:  July 22 12p-8p.  Learn More & Sign Up >

Glow Flow B:  August 12 12p-8p.  Learn More & Sign Up >

Stretch+Rollout using Yoga TuneUp Balls & Foam Roller

August 26 10:30a-5:30p. Learn More & Sign Up >

10 Yamas & 10 Niyamas Module

Sep 30 12p-6p.  Sign Up >

Pre/Post-Natal Yoga Module

Oct  14 & 21 12p-4p.  Learn More & Sign Up >

Chakra System Module

Date TBA

Yin Yoga: 8-Limbed Practice

Date TBA

Breathwork & Meditation Teacher Training

June 17 12-5p Sign Up >

Your mind is like water: the calmer it is - the clearer you see. In the 8-Limbed Yoga Practice, we teach at Glow, Breathwork, and Meditation are as important as a movement, Asana practice. This training does both: properly prepares us for, and advances our yoga practice. It encompasses Five foundational parts of the Eight Limbs' holistic yoga practice we study and teach at Glow: mastering our breathing, concentration, awareness of the senses, meditation, and bliss: Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. Intentional breathwork centers us and connects our hearts, mind, and body with greater consciousness.

Join us to dive deeper into your yoga practice, become a more equipped yoga teacher, or simply re-energize your daily practice. This training is for all levels with no previous experience is necessary.  To put it all into practice, our Meditation+Kayaking Retreat is the following weekend has one room left.


- Respiratory, Cardio, and Vascular Anatomy

- Nervous System Function and Anatomy

- Pranayama Lineages and Adaptations to Contemporary Lifestyle

- The Most Effective Pranayama Techniques for Specific Goals

- Benefits and Contraindications of Specific Breathing Exercises

- Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises from Beginners to Advance Practitioners

- Sequencing, Pace, and Cueing Classes

- Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

- Ethical Commitment, and Code of Conduct

- Self-Awareness and Self-Reflection as Foundation of Practice

$450 Per Module.

June 17Sign Up > 


360°Barre Teacher Training

Sequence A. July 8 12p-6p. Sign Up > 


To receive a Teaching Certificate, a participant will need to assign 5 hours to teaching practice, complete required reading and submit a video teaching a class. 


  • Acquire a lifelong sustainable resistance-based strengthening routine to maintain bone and muscle density

  • Add an exciting variety of core, back, and glutes strengthening moves to your toolbox

  • Learn a mindful workout sequence for all ages and abilities

  • Understand the functional anatomy of breathing, posture, and movement for pain prevention and rehabilitation

  • Sequencing, Pace, and Cueing Classes

  • Develop precision and focus on controlling your breath, body, and mind

  • Become a fitness instructor to grow your leadership, community-building, and communication skills

  • Appreciate and honor different fitness abilities using the appropriate challenge level for continuing progress


$450 Per Module. $405 (10% off) with advance reservations that close 30 days before the training.

July 8Sign Up > 

Pre/Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Oct  14 & 21 12p-4p.  Sign Up >


In Pre/Post Natal Module You Will Learn:

- The Benefits of Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

- Ethical Commitment, and Code of Conduct
- The Importance of Safe Sequencing, Pace & Space
- Prenatal Breathwork & Meditation
- Mindfulness in Pregnancy and Childbirth

- Self-Awareness and Self-Reflection as Foundation of Practice
- Changes and Modifications in Asana During Every Trimester

- Functional Anatomy and Body Alignment

- Spinning Babies Technique

- Postnatal Yoga Sequencing and Changes in the Body
- Asana for Recovery After Birth

$450 Per Module. $405 (10% off) with advance reservations that close 30 days before the training.

October 14 & 21 12-4p. Sign Up > 

Join the training and make selfcare a daily habit

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  •   Holistic health education in a supportive community

  •   Reducing suffering through physical & spiritual disciplines

  •   Mindset development for lifelong preventative feel-good selfcare

  •   Inclusivity, body positivity, longevity, and graceful aging

  •   Yoga as a lifelong 8-limbed path to wellness and self-awareness

  •   Chronic pain rehabilitation & prevention

  •   Mindful core strength training for all ages

  •   Low joint impact fitness training for joints' strength & stability

  •   Spirituality for mental & emotional health

  •   Bodywork and Skin Care as Essential Selfcare

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