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There are dozens of Books about Breathwork, and after reading most of them, one thing is crystal clear: to achieve life-changing results we simply need to do it. In this book, I distilled 10 breathing and concentration-building exercises to seamlessly implement into your daily routine and start you on a journey of mastering your mind.


A few years ago, during the Pandemic as my business was sinking, and the news was nothing but terror, my daily workouts were not sufficient to offload the weight of the anxiety and insomnia my mind and body were experiencing. I leaned into Meditation, only to find that with my elevated heart rate and blood pressure, it was a real struggle to be still. Breathwork for me was a game-changer.  This is why in the ancient spiritual tradition of Yoga, Buddhism, Christianity and many others, breathwork including singing, is an essential part of connecting to the greater source of wisdom and peace.  Pranayama (Breathwork), Dharana (Concentration) and Dhyana (Meditation) are 3 foundational parts of the Eight Limb’s Holistic Yoga Practice I study and teach.



With the widespread anxiety, anger, fatigue, insomnia, and fast-paced fitness frenzy, my mission is to spread the sacredness of slowing down. Today, every 3rd adult in the US is experiencing anxiety, and the rate of self-medicating, and addiction to prescription drugs is only growing. Without a well-behaved mind, we can feel scattered and out of control, negative, and powerless.  Excellent for all ages with no contraindications as a gentle, trauma-informed daily self-soothing self-care.


Exercises in this book are best for:


  • Down-regulating our nervous system
  • Reducing anxiety & panic attacks
  • Building concentration and focus
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Getting to know our mental patterns and emotional triggers
  • Reducing blood pressure, cortisol levels, and inflammation


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Breathwork Book for The Anxious Mind. Written by Natasha

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