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Neck-Shoulders Tension Release with Foam Roller 20min
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Are you having challenges with finding time for your fitness? You tried to restart your workouts over and over, but somehow they cannot stick to your weekly schedule long-term. You are not doing anything wrong - you just haven't found what your body loves. I would love to invite you to create a joyful non-negotiable daily workout routine that your mind & body will actually crave. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s (like myself), or in your 80s - Glow Program is for all ages. We have 8 unique signature classes on our weekly in-studio schedule to help you build strength with low joint impact, improve your mobility, and release chronic tension, anxiety, and mental overwhelm.


If you can't come to class - join us from home! Every morning I alternate my favorite techniques for movement, strength, mobility, mindfulness, and tension release using resistance tools, foam roller, and massage therapy balls to make us feel rewarded and cared for. Not only you'll feel much stronger and mentally lighter, but you'll also finally rid of any settled chronic tension.


I believe in morning magic 🔮 we take time for selfcare before the world hijacks our attention. My coaching is focused on establishing a daily morning routine to stay on top of our fitness, connect with ourselves, generate sustainable energy to be more alert, improve our focus and wakefulness to savor what we have. Would you like a commitment-support group you can rely on to be there with you every morning rain or shine? If you do - join! These Zoom classes are on our daily schedule - simply sign up and begin. And, if you'd like to work out on your own time - use our recorded classes here.

Weekly Zoom Schedule (PST):


We do a different sequence every day - let's be real, we are not the same person on Friday then we're on Monday:

Mondays & Wednesdays 7:30a-7:55a: Standing resistance 360Barre training set with a chair, energizing breathwork. Building back muscles, glutes, legs, arms.

Tuesdays & Saturdays 7:30a-7:55a: 360Barre Mat, pilates mat resistance core set, energizing breathwork.

Thursdays & Fridays 7:30a-7:55a: Recovery days, soothing breathwork, deep stretches, twists, tension release around neck-shoulders, hamstrings, lower back, and hips using a foam roller and TuneUp massage balls.


Our Home Mini-Workouts include 5-10min sets of: 


✅ Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga, Qi-Gong

✅ Resistance Strength Training

✅ Stretching

✅ Tension Rollout using Massage Tools


Things to order within a week of starting:


1. Pilates resistance set >

2. Arms-Shoulders Band  (Red or green) > 

3. Foam roller 18in >

4. Tension-inflammation Relief Set with Massage Balls >

5. Morning Reflections Book by Mark Nepo (paperback) > 

6. David Tanis 'Market Cooking Recipes and Revelations' > 


Fees: 1 Month is $180, and $480 3-Month special >. That includes all in-studio classes if you live nearby. With this daily workout routine, you will become stronger without ever going to the gym! 



What is included with this Program:


- Daily Live Coaching + Glow in-studio classes (if you live in the city or come to visit)

- Access to Glow-On-Demand Studio >

- 10% off Massages & Facials at Glow Wellness Spa, discounted weekend events

- Flexibility, youmay cancel anytime 


You can schedule private remote coaching with me or our team, a private group event, and I can present at your upcoming event, or a conference (virtual or in-person).  See details of group events we can help you organize > 


Wishing you a healthy, peaceful, and inspiring 2023. Thank you for taking loving care of what you've been given as a gift.





Please listen to Glow Podcast  'Slow Down to Heal >


Try my New Book 'Breathwork Exercises for The Anxious Mind >