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SoundBath is a powerful meditative experience, a passive way to restore and harmonize the energies of our body: physical, mental, and emotional. With anxiety, insomnia, and depression levels on the rise, we hope all of us can use sound meditation as a  regular weekly selfcare. 


During Glow SoundBath you are offered to lie down in a supported restorative pose with yoga bolsters and blankets..and as you rest, powerful raw organic sound vibrations shower you from head to toe.


The founder Natasha comes from a classical piano background, weaving her own melodies into a hypnotizing musical flow.  You are led through a sound journey with a few instruments following one another, washing away your mental chatter, soothing your brain with alpha-theta brain waves, and moving you to a healing parasympathetic state.


With regular practice people experience beautiful colorful visions, reaching a deep state of internal exploration, relaxation, and serenity.

Upcoming SoundBaths


Every Friday

Choose one of our Friday classes, or enjoy both to clear out inner webs to begin your weekend in ZEN. 

4:20p Yin Yoga with Hot Stones >

5:40p Restorative SoundBath (5:30p arrival) >

Spooky SoundBath for HALLOWEEN

Friday, October 28 6p with Caitlin & Marco. Book >

(5:45p arrival)

Thursday, Nov 3:

1p-1:55p Restorative Mid-Day SoundBath. Book >

What to expect from 4:20p Yin class: You are guided through a variety of seated & reclined poses held 5-10 minutes to bring flexibility, mobility, relaxation, self-awareness, and calm. If we could recommend ONE yoga class a week to everyone, Glow Yin would be it. This internal and meditative practice is a special treat for all. Come to unwind from the long week, stretch out, slow down and prepare for a restful weekend.


Private Events:  3-20ppl for $300, for 1-2 people $200 inside Glow.  Chat with us to schedule - we're happy to host your sweet relaxation experience 💜 For more Group Wellness Events we can help you host, click here >

Pricing: $40 each class, $45 w/mat rental. $110 Glow Membership, $500 20 classes with no expiration, and more packages here >

If you are new: attend both evening classes with our $49 1st Week Trial, or $69 1-Week Trial with unlimited mat rental.

Reservations: Required ahead. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the event to set up. We lock the doors once the experience begins

Location: 1548 Stockton Street

Parking: North Beach Garage 735 Vallejo St ($5/h)

Bring: yoga mat, or borrow ours $5, $20 unlimited

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation window for group classes 2h, for private events - 4 days. No refunds for missed/late canceled services.  


With LOVE,


Glowing Team

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Yoga is not a sport - one cannot be 'good at it'. It's a lifelong selfcare, expanding our physical and mental reach in all aspects of life. - Natasha, Glow



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