Secrets to Self-Discipline - Tapas Niyama

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There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - daily values and practices from ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts that help us reach our full potential in personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and liberate us from mental, spiritual, and physical suffering.  This month we are diving deep into our human aspect of self-motivation, self-discipline, and self-regulation. 


I look at self-discipline as a lesson that some of us have been exampled during our developmental period, and some of us have not. Regardless of whether we were taught it or not, self-discipline is a noble practice, it is our birthright, the fundamental tool we can use to achieve wellbeing, fully develop our abilities, and share all of our given gifts. The best news of all, self-discipline is a practice we can adapt and implement at any age! If we haven't learned something decades ago, a better way is always possible today.

5 Steps to Embody Self-Discipline

1. Decide to Grow up. If we have not been modeled self-discipline at the early stage of development, we have to consciously choose to implement it going forward. While there is nothing we can do with our PAST habits and experiences, today, as adults and we have ALL the power to pursue our development, to 'wisely parent' ourselves. As the first step to embody this life-changing value, we have to make a firm decision to grow into our best version of ourselves.


2. Let go of the past habits, forgive yourself and your past. We have to forgive ourselves for buying into the misbelief that we aren't capable of making self-honoring choices. Self-forgiveness is key. It was not our fault that we haven't learned self-regulation in our childhood.


3. Mental hygiene. If we have more self-doubting thoughts than self-empowering thoughts at any given moment, procrastination becomes a life-saver. Why do it if I can't?  When self-doubting thoughts are more common than self-empowering, procrastination is a solution for keeping things as we believe them to be. Thoughts, if not tempered, can put us into prison. There will never be a new routine possible, unless we clean up our mental mess. In yogic texts, it's often translated as 'burning in the fire' all the outdated garbage (pardon my language) that holds us back.


Mental hygiene is meditation, breathwork, journaling, neutrally observing our mental patterns. We build the awareness of all the self-critical thoughts that disempower us, and we mark those thoughts as untrue, we ignore them so they eventually lose their power to sabotage us. Disempowering thoughts sound like: 'I cannot stick to a workout routine', 'I always quit', 'I am not good at remembering names', 'I am not good at...' 'Yoga is not for me',  'It's hard to find a partner',  'I am not an early bird,  'I am too old for xyz', 'I am too short/tall/uncoordinated/unbalanced/weak',   'I'm not educated enough', 'I don't like snow',  'I am afraid of mosquitos',  'I cannot quit xyz',  'Learning languages is hard',  'I'm not creative' .. etcetra.  I can prove to you all those thoughts are untrue by a fact that there are at least 100 million people (and I'm being conservative) who are less educated than you, shorter, older, you name it who have accomplished whatever it is you tell yourself you can't.  We either think that we can, or we think we aren't capable - choose wiser.

So, step 2 is to catalog our repetitive self-doubting thoughts, put that useless archive into a fire, and watch our hearts Glow up with what's possible.


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4. Take the 'mind's I' out  - and put your heart in. Take your self-doubting self out of the equation and think bigger, open your heart, commit to your growth and wellbeing as your responsibility for the greater good. When we think beyond our isolated self, we ignite our heart, and when our heart is in it, we flood with courage, inspiration, and drive. Our gifts need to be shared, our wellbeing contributes to the health of our community, and our story deserves to be told. Know that your self-discipline will make this world a better place.


5. Together we GLOW - together we take action. We are social beings and we mirror, lead by example, and inspire each other. Find a community that supports your growth, or reach out to a friend who is on the path you'd like to take, and simply tag along! When we surround ourselves with people who are self-aware, people who prioritize wellbeing and continuous learning, we are on a road to grace. Step 5 is to sign up for any group class, group coaching, support group and open your heart to the continuous learning and growing available for you to experience the richness life has to offer.  This month our teachers will be exploring the Tapas, looking at different angles of fostering self-discipline, and truthfully looking at our habits of procrastination, the limiting beliefs that block us from taking full advantage of our wellbeing. 

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