Neck Pain Relief - The Best 5 Tools to Prevent and Fix Neck Pain

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Today, nobody is immune to neck pain - people as young as teenagers are affected by this common condition. According to PubMed, neck pain affects about two-thirds of people. Neck pain can range from a mild, dull, annoying ache to persistent, severe, disabling pain.


My history of chronic neck pain was the purpose of founding Glow Yoga & Wellness 11 years ago. Even though I haven't been in an accident and was lucky to avoid any injuries, by the age of 27 I was in severe pain every day which had gone up to 10 out of 10. The cause of my excruciating daily neck pain was the improper daily posture - staring down at the computer and my phone (see the damaging effects of that in the video below). I have tried at least 4 different chiropractors, did 4 X-Rays to diagnose it, and spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic treatments, neck braces, and all kinds of funny-looking neck contortion devices without any success.


I am grateful to have finally found a chiropractor who had empowered me to daily self-care, gave me simple strengthening tools, made me take yoga classes twice a week, book regular massages and I can humbly say that today, as I am turning 40, I have healed my pain. What I've learned is that no matter what the cause is for our neck pain - the solutions are quite simple, but here is the catch. The cure to neck pain lays in our own responsibility, it's what we do after visiting the doctor's office. The secret to healing our neck pain, and in fact, back pain, and any joint pain are in our daily activities.


As I am keeping up with daily strengthening, yoga, regular massages, using the cooling oil when inflammation builds up - my neck pain is no longer part of my life. And not having daily pain is truly life-changing, friends.

Please check out my videos below explaining the reasons behind the current neck pain pandemic, learn what toned neck-throat muscles have to do with better sleep, snoring, memory, and a healthier brain. We strengthen our necks in 360°Core and Yoga classes every day. Please remember it is DOING that makes a difference - not knowing 😁  Try the daily home sequences below - simple stretches, specific yoga sequences, daily tools you can do at your desk, and manual tension relief using massage therapy balls. I am the testament that chronic neck pain can be healed applying the 5 steps I mentioned above and using the thoughtful sequences we have recorded for our Neck-Shoulders Tension & Pain Relief Channel below.

5 Daily Steps for Neck Pain Relief:


1. Cooling down the inflammation, using the gel ice pads or Cooling Muscle-Joint Care Oil

2. Strengthening of the surrounding muscles: neck, shoulders, upper body. Low impact, resistance training daily

3. Mindful daily stretches and yoga at least twice a week

4. Massage, any manual tension release, and blood flow stimulation 

5. Practicing proper postural alignment throughout the day, by not letting our head tilt forward

Please try the 5 Daily Stretches below with Alexa, our massage therapist, and repeat them every day to prevent and relieve neck pain and tension. If you feel that tension is becoming chronic, I recommend applying the cooling Muscle-Joint Care Oil 3-4 times a day - it conveniently replaces ice packs and prevents inflammation buildup. And, please check our Pain Relief Channel that has home care sequences to relieve tension and pain in our back, knees, hips, and other specific areas of the body. 

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Thank you for reading, and for choosing to honor and take loving care of what you have been given as a gift. Sending you love, please do not give up. Healing is the application of love and care in all the places that hurt. 


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