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  • I am new to Glow, what should I know?
    - We're here to make your workouts so enjoyable, you'll ditch Netflix for Move-Fix. Holistic Yoga, Core Strength, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Inflammation Relief, and Massage are our secret sauce. Less screen time, more 'me' time. Book your visit this week, and get ready to glow 😇 - Our mission is clear: to help you feel your absolute best today, right within the rhythms of your everyday life. You don't have to only rely on vacation for fulfillment and joy. Visit us daily to cleanse your mind, unleash your body, refuel your heart and find inner calm🌿 - Begin with our $49 1-Week Trial! Your 7 days of selfcare will start on your first reservation, and end with a $20 Glow Gift Card if you complete 5+ classes. Chat with us when you do - we'll add $20 to your account. The example of 7 calendar days: Mon-Sun, or Tue-Mon etc. You can earn $20 Gift Card every single month with our Selfcare Rewards, see below🌟 - Online reservations are a must (no surprise guests allowed). Please plan to show up 5 minutes early because we do not let late-comers in and there is a $10 fee for late-cancellations and no-shows. - To book or cancel your visit, use the yellow Sign In button above. And for a quicker fix, go for the 'Mindbody App' on your Iphone > Android > - Please subscribe to Glow Yoga Podcast 'Slow Down to Heal' for the latest research and personal stories on Anxiety Relief, Gut Health, Holistic Skin Care, Healthy Relationships, Smarter Time Management, Better Sleep, and more. - VISIT GLOW VIRTUALLY
  • Are Classes Beginner-Friendly?
    - If you are a beginner yogi 15-85yo, please start with these classes: Yin Yoga, 360°Barre, Myofascial Stretch & Rollout, SoundBath, Meditation, Restorative Yoga & Reiki classes. You may progress to 'Glow Flow' class after a couple of weeks of taking all other classes, if you like. - To increase muscle-bone density, we recommend our resistance-based 360°Barre classes. They are a safer and much needed Weight Training option for people of all ages and levels. - Craving deep stretches? Our Yin Yoga, and Myofascial Stretch & Rollout classes address your chronic tension, flexibility and range of motion. These classes feel like Spa Day, and are also excellent for beginners, pregnant students and all special conditions. - Glow is a SAFE wellness club: Skeletally Appropriate For Everyone. We welcome people of all ages because strengthening paired with tension and stress release is key for feeling best in our body. - Glow massages & facials are essential pleasure-driven stress-eliminating care: circulation is key to cellular renewal, healing pain, and inflammation. - Glow Flow is a heated strengthening Vinyasa yoga class. Before coming to Glow Flow, please watch 'Starting with Glow Flow: Modifications' video.
  • What Kind of Yoga Do We Teach?
    - We teach trauma-sensitive yoga, embracing the timeless 8 Limbs and philosophy. Yoga reminds us that the purpose of our life is only fulfilled in the NOW. We don't need to travel to 'find' ourselves, we simply need to stay connected to our presence, our loving awareness to live a purposeful life. Each month, we dive deep into a unique topic which you can see in our Blog. - We offer Yoga classes for all our moods: Glow Flow (strengthening heated Vinyasa yoga), Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama+Meditation, Chakra Meditation and SoundBath Meditation. You may click on any class on Schedule to read its full description. - If you're craving more inner peace, sense of fulfillment and mental clarity, Meditation & Pranayama classes will be your perfect launching pad to Yoga. - Craving deep stretches? Our Yin Yoga, and Myofascial Stretch & Rollout classes address your chronic tension, flexibility and range of motion. These classes feel like a Spa Day, and are also excellent for beginners, pregnant students and all special conditions. - We love sharing mindfulness and yogic wisdom in a friendly and interactive way to help you connect to your inner peace, self-discipline, and self-awareness. Start by connecting to your presence from home - sign up for our Online Courses. - Please listen to our Podcast 'What Yoga Is (and Isn't)'. - Before coming to Glow Flow, please watch our 'Starting with Glow Flow: Modifications' video. - Class temperature🌡️ is set at 74°F, feels like a perfect summer day. During the heat waves, we put on the AC ❄️ to keep you comfortable and cool like a cucumber.
  • What are 360°Barre classes?
    - To increase muscle-bone density, make our resistance-based 360°Barre classes to your weekly routine. They are a safer and much needed Weight Training option for people of all ages and levels. - Glow 360°Barre is a fiery 🔥 40-minute adventure! Our signature class mixes Pilates, Barre, and Resistance to boost your muscle-bone density in all 360 joints. Whether you're 15 or 85, this mindful core workout is like the magic potion for preventing and rehabbing all chronic pain. Embrace the burn and glow on 💪. - Our 360°Barre is 50% standing resistance Barre, 50% Pilates mat. This unique combo helps you build muscles without giving your joints a reason to complain. This class is a thoughtful solution to common back pain, knee pain, neck-shoulders pain, sciatica, injuries, and fatigue. Consider it your personal love note to your future, wiser self. - We recommend attending it 3 times a week to become your strongest self in the shortest time. - No need to bring a Mat for this class. But grippy socks are required - pick them up here, $9
  • What are Meditation & Pranayama classes?
    - Meditation and Pranayama make 2 of 8 Parts of Yoga and essential practices for self-study and self-awareness. In medicine they're called Mental Hygiene, or Stress Reducing Mindfulness. Daily Mindfulness practice is a missing key to a wide-spread anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, conflict and burnout. In our classes we teach you a toolbox of techniques to soothe your nervous system to activate a peaceful 😌 parasympathetic state and connect to your peaceful presence. If you're craving more inner peace, sense of fulfillment and mental clarity, these classes make a perfect launching pad. - WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS are our Meditation Days. On Wednesdays at 11:11a is Chakras Meditation, 5:30p Pranayama+Meditation. On Fridays, 1p is Pranayama+Meditation, and 5:30p SoundBath Meditation. You may click on any class in our Schedule to read about each class. The more we practice - the more clarity we will experience in our lives. - Restorative Yoga+Reiki Touch class on weekends is another great option to meditation. Class always begins with Pranayama, and every pose lasts about 15 minutes, giving you a perfect time slot to recite offered mantras, or focus on your breathing.
  • What Do I Need to Bring?
    - A yoga mat to yoga class (not needed for Barre). Buy a yoga mat at Glow, $45, or rent $5 > - Glow Members may bring a fresh Yoga Mat Towel to cover our mat and rent our Mat for free. - Grippy Socks are REQUIRED for 360°Barre class. Pick them up at Glow > - You may buy accessories, clothing, selfcare gifts, Dermalogica skincare at our online Shop >​ - NOT TO BRING: single use plastic water bottles and cups. We have a water cooler: you don't need to bring your bottle. Please join us in eliminating plastic bottle waste. Glow is s Zero Trash studio. - LOST ITEMS. We donate all yoga mats and water bottles left behind daily - please pick them up within 24 hours.
  • Glow Selfcare Rewards?
    - Our mission is clear: to help you feel your absolute best today, right within the rhythms of your everyday life. You don't have to wait until vacation to recharge. Join us every day to unplug from your screens, connect to your body, unwind your mind . 🌿 - Take 5+ in-studio classes and/or Spa visits within your $49 1 Week Trial to earn a $20 Glow Gift Card. To receive your Gift, please send us a Chat note once you completed 5 classes. $20 Gift can be rewarded once in 30 calendar days. - All unlimited members automatically enroll in Glow Selfcare Rewards to receive a $20 Glow Monthly Gift Card upon completing 12+ in-person classes and/or Spa visits in a calendar month. - It's easy to get rewarded! Some complementary classes are like peanut butter and jelly, scheduled back-to-back: 360°Barre and Yoga, 360°Barre and Myofascial Rollout, and on Fridays, after decadent 4:20p Yin Yoga goes 'Inner Bliss' SoundBath at 5:30p. Stick around for both classes to keep your stress and screen-time down for the day 📵 . - To see and use your Glow Account $ Balance, please use the yellow Sign In button above via Browser, not an App. - The Selfcare Rewards accumulate and don't expire. Your $ balance can be used towards any future service and retail.
  • What is The Best Membership for Me?
    - We hope you plan to visit twice a week and more: Unlimited Glow $149 > will be your smartest choice. If you're more of a 'few times a month' kinda person, $89 Light Glow Membership, or 20 Classes Pack $500 > with a year expiration is the most flexible bet. - Please note that we have highly complimentary classes, like peanut butter and jelly, scheduled back-to back: Barre and Yoga, Barre and Myofascial Rollout, or Yoga and Meditation. Get an Unlimited Pass and stick around for both classes to keep your stress and screen-time down for the day📵 - We have $11 Community Classes Twice a Week: 7a Sunrise Flow on Tuesdays, and 5:30p Meditation+Pranayama on Wednesdays. - Seniors 70+, local restaurant-retail staff, and public school teachers' get 20% off our Unlimited Class Memberships and 20 Classes Pack. Please send us a CHAT note to set that up. - If you're stressed and tired, regular Spa Treatments is by far the best solution. $149 Spa Membership > will help you stay relaxed without breaking a bank. - For speedy recovery with Unlimited Red Light try our 2 Weeks Unlimited Red Light $200 >, or $380 1 Month of Unlimited Red Light+Classes > - There is a $50 enrollment fee for a $149 Unlimited and $89 Light Glow memberships. In case of membership cancellation for any reason, the enrollment fee will be required to restart the membership.
  • 5 Things We Ask of You: Glow Etiquette
    We reserve the right to refuse the services to anyone who does not align with our 5 Values: 1. Ahimsa: being respectful of our business policies, our members, and our staff 2. Asteya: never stealing others' peace by arriving 5 minutes before class, staying for Savasana, and by not bringing the Phones inside the classroom 3. Saucha: cleanliness. I leave no spots or trash behind. I never bring single-use plastic bottles. And I take shoes off, including inside bathrooms 4. Santosha: peaceful presence. Use a quiet, zen voice in the reception. Your Phone on Silence & Away from sight 5. Svadyaya: self-study and growth mindset. Openness to learn new ways of being, behaving, and caring for yourself and others
  • How To Book, Modify, and See My Reservations
    - All classes and spa visits require online reservations with payment via Sign In button above, or for fast fix: Mindbody App iPhone > Android > - You can cancel reservations according to our cancellation policies via our Class Schedule page, via Mindbody App, or Sign In button above: 2h before classes, 24h before events, 48h before spa visits, and 7 days before private events. Late fees are: $10 Missed/late cancel fee occurs for all classes, 100% events, $20 for Red Light, $60 for Spa appointments, 50% for private events. All treatments canceled/rescheduled within 48h period or missed are subject to a $60 fee. Please submit a $60 fee here to reschedule/cancel your appointment within 48h. A prepaid appointment will be saved for future use - simply log in to your account to rebook. ​ - Under My Info > Account you can see available passes, expiration dates, purchase history, and Autopay Contracts. - Schedule Tab lets you see - cancel - reschedule. - Purchases and Visits Tabs will show your past activity. - Choose 'Forgot Password' if you cannot log in. Please do not create a duplicate account as your pass will not work. - To pay with a Gift Card🎁 or account balance please use Sign In button above only, not an App. - Accounts tip: please always OPT-IN for notifications, and add your cell phone to get wait-list texts.
  • How To Book a Spa Treatment?
    - To book a relaxing Spa treatment, simply visit our Spa Page >, where you'll find a decadent array of services to choose from. We'll ask you to prepay for your appointment when booking. - Use the same Account Login as you use for classes. And, if you've never been to Glow, you will create your account, save your password & start booking massages, facials, and classes - all in one place. You will be able to modify/reschedule all of your reservations according to our cancellation policies: 48h for Spa appointments. $60 fee for late-canceled/rescheduled within 48h. The prepaid appointment will be saved for future use - simply log in to your account to rebook. 24h for Red Light appointments. $20 fee for late-cancel or no-show. - To Modify or Cancel your appointment early, login your Account using Mindbody App, or via our Spa Page, and head to My Info/My Schedule > - To pay with a gift card🎁 or account credit: please use yellow 'Sign In' button above only. - Please make sure to verify you finished booking your appointment. After payment, double-check by clicking My Info/My Schedule that the appointment has been booked. - Please listen to our Podcast Episode 'Demystifying Inflammation & Chronic Pain' > - Our Wellness Spa is toxin-artificial-fragrance-free, and we use clean & active professional products by Dermalogica Dermal Institute made in California. Please listen to Glow Podcast about Skincare for Graceful aging > - We use organic aromatherapy during the treatments to promote relaxation. - Communication is important to our therapists - please don't hesitate to speak about your needs for the best healing results. - You can leave a TIP using your credit card, just ask our receptionist upon your arrival. - Late Arrivals: please notify us when running late to make sure the therapist knows. Late appointments will still finish at a scheduled time to be considerate to the neighbor scheduled after you.
  • How To Book for My Guest?
    - We hope you start including your favorite people into your weekly selfcare routine and finally solve your social life vs healthy life dilemma. - THURSDAYS SOCIALS: Until November 28, all our Unlimited Members are encouraged to bring +1 complimentary to classes on Thursdays. To book a complimentary Thursday guest class please follow these 2 Steps: 1. Reserve your own class online, then email us the class date/time, and guest's name/phone/email 2. Please ask your guest to arrive 10 minutes early so we can help them with getting situated etc * Limited to 1 complimentary class per guest, but the amount of guests is unlimited * The offer is valid for ALL classes on Thursdays only * Your guest cannot be a recent (within 3 months) or a current package holder/member - To reserve a regular class or an appointment for your GUEST by clicking yellow Sign In button only - choose 'Sign Up Now', and then choose 'Reserve For Someone Else'. - Glow Members can reserve a regular class for any number of guests at $20 rate. Please send us a CHAT note to request the promocode. The promocode does not apply to any workshops or special events.
  • How To Cancel My Membership?​
    - First things first: please find the terms of your Autopay Agreement by heading to your Mindbody Account via Browser, not an app. Our staff can not see any more information than you can see in your Account. - Login, and head to ‘My Info/ Account’. To read your Autopay Agreement (if any), scroll down for Autopay Contacts. All Your digitally signed Autopay Contracts are saved there. If you do not see Autopay there - your pass does not auto-renew. - Memberships cannot be paused. While traveling, or not feeling your best, we recommend you to continue your selfcare with our daily Live Zoom 25min Mini-Workouts at 7:30a. - After the minimum commitment stated in your Agreement, our memberships require a 30-day cancellation email before your next charge: we do not take any cancellation requests via phone or in person. Please use our email to schedule your cancellation a minimum of 30 days ahead of your next renewal. Please note that you will have to pay $50 enrollment fee to restart your membership after cancellation. - Please be conscious and kind, read carefully the legal contract agreements your enter anywhere, manage your accounts mindfully, and take responsibility for your part: do no harm, earn positive karma. Our website does not allow any purchases without you accepting the agreement. You may contact us to reactivate, or re-gift your 100% Unused Membership via Web Chat. - All sales are final. No refunds are allowed on used, unused, missed canceled services, products, and memberships.
  • What if I Have Chronic Pain, Expecting a Baby, or Feel Fatigue?
    - Nothing blooms year-round: a nurturing weekly routine is key to the optimal immune system, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. No matter what season you are going through - Glow is a perfect place to start feeling better. We recover best when our mind is calm, when we’re in a parasympathetic tone: our peaceful state. - To support your wellbeing, we recommend the following weekly routine for all special conditions: Meditation & SoundBaths, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga +Reiki, Myofascial Stretch & Rollout, anti-inflammatory Red Light Therapy, and Spa treatments to release stress and mental overwhelm. - Massage therapy is the best natural pain relief treatment and is even recommended as a post-cancer recovery. For pre-natal massage please book with Lovelyn or Tankut. Please take advantage of our Spa Membership to book an affordable monthly massage, and Sign Up for Myofascial Tension Relief Class on Saturdays 10:30a > - Slow pace Yin Yoga yoga is excellent for pregnancy and other special conditions. Please see this Article on Pregnancy Modifications and watch a Pregnancy Yoga Youtube Playlist we put together for each trimester to see what poses are recommended and which ones to avoid.
  • What Are Glow Hygiene Rituals?
    - Glow is known for our zen ambiance and comfortable social distancing in classes. Top-notch hygiene and cleanliness are co-created with our members. - To use our Yoga Mats - please place a clean Mat Towel on top of our yoga mat to keep mat clean. We sell mats $40, Mat Towel $30, and Rent Yoga Mat+Mat Towel $5.​ - We're a shoe-free minimum-waste studio. No shoes inside - even the bathrooms - we take them off as we enter. No single-use plastic bottles are allowed inside. Bring only reusable bottles or nothing - we have a water cooler with paper cups. - Our powerful HVAC is bringing fresh outside air in, plus we open our windows to continually ventilate the rooms. - Our team and members stay home with any cold-flu symptoms. Running nose - sore throat - coughing - please rest and heal first. - We disinfect door handles, water dispensers, and all touch surfaces with anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial solutions. Our floor cleaning solution has always been anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.​ - We laundry our yoga straps, bolsters, straps, and blankets regularly. ​ - We offer Glow On-Demand, and you can join our Livestream Zoom classes daily at 7:30a safely from home when not feeling well and during travel.
  • Can I Order Products Online?​
    - All personal care products we sell online can be ordered for a free pick-up, $6 Shipping, and Free Shipping $40+ > - Please use our CHAT for any questions and recommendations. - No returns/refunds on our personal care products or services.


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