We are open for current and new SPA MEMBERS (we are accepting new members) - you can now book a massage,  Rejuvalight, waxing, lash lift - only services that can allow for keeping a mask on. No facials yet.  Please join us this week for a much needed TLC.

 We are so grateful for your support, for not canceling your Memberships during SIP. Your kindness truly matters to the health of ours and other small businesses. Per your request, we can extend any unused sessions from March, and you may book them as gifts for friends or neighbors - we all will need extra physical touch and care after the isolation.

Also, please try our Virtual Channel 'Bodywork with Therapy Balls' and more on  Virtual Studio to nurture and heal our body and release stress from home. Spa Members can take our online classes complimentary. Simply create your new login here.


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Professional bodywork reduces stress and pain, improves circulation and metabolism, breaks down toxins, and promotes healing.
All of our treatments are fully custom and therapists work with patients for a long-term pain-free life. Glow's mission is graceful aging. Our treatments are very personalized where therapists blend a variety of massage techniques as Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Swedish, Neuromuscular, Sports, Shiatsu, and incorporate aromatherapy to achieve the most therapeutic results - please communicate your long terms goals. We use organic nourishing Coconut Oil for our massages.


GLOW SPA MEMBERSHIP $108 -  over $170 value of wellness services.

With this special monthly membership, you can book discounted $15 classes, and choose between massage, facial, or waxing every month: let our staff take good care of your body, skin, and mind. Read more & buy >


Glow Spa Membership Includes:

- 1 Complimentary Rejuvalight the 1st month ($55)

- 60 Minute Massage + Organic Coconut Foot Wrap ($150 value), or
- Custom 50min Facial  + Organic Coconut Foot Wrap ($160 value), or - currently unavailable for booking

- Lash Lift + Brow Shape/Tint ($130 value), or

- Brazilian + Brow Shape/Tint ($115 value)

- 10% off all additional services

- $15 special rate for all classes 

Massage and Cupping Rates:


60 minute  $120   

80 minute  $150 

60 minute massage  + Rejuvalight          $160

80 minute massage + Rejuvalight           $190

20-minute cupping added to massage   $40

Use CBD lotion for your massage           $10

Add Full Body Rejuvalight to any massage or facial - $40 (1 complimentary session 1st month of Spa Membership)

All Membership holders get 10% discount on all spa services.

Payment is applied during your booking online.  You can leave a tip using your credit card or Venmo.

Chronic Pain Patients: we recommend a daily application of Inflammation Relief Oil available at Glow or online $32 >


Deep Tissue Massage is designed to target chronic tension and a limited range of motion. Moderate to deep pressure is used to help alleviate pain, loosen the muscle tissues and reduce stress.

Cupping Therapy is a deep layered myofascial tissue release using soft and hard cups to create negative 'suction up' stimulation of tissues, fluids, and flow of energy through your muscles. The opposite of 'pushing in' stimulation of a massage. It feels incredible! Treatment helps with all pain, inflammation, blood flow, lymphatic flow, nerve transmission, congestion. Cups can also be applied to stimulate and revive the energy flow alongside your spine (chakras). Cupping can be added to any massage or booked as its own 60 or 80-minute treatment. 

Relaxation Massage is a classic Swedish massage eases muscle tension, stimulates the skin and soothes the nervous system, activating many health benefits.

Neuromuscular Massage - Pain Management is a specialized form of deep tissue massage in which pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the body. This is a highly effective treatment for clients with chronic pain. These areas of strain are called trigger points and are the cause of painful symptoms. 

Prenatal Massage is a perfect treatment for the mother-to-be after the 1st trimester. A gentle massage that provides relaxation, reduces neck and back tension, relieves stress on weight-bearing joints and helps to reduce edema.

Massage with Rejuvalight is an ultimate healing treatment that starts with full-body Rejuvalight, followed by 60min or 80min custom massage with our amazing therapists. Please let us know when you arrive about any current issues, tension/pain, and what you prefer the therapist to help you with.  Glow ReJuvalight is a 20-minute full-body Red Light treatment that improves skin tone, blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, tension and reduces inflammation. . Great therapy for pain, arthritis, and all inflammatory conditions. Read more here

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$50 | $100 |  $150


$200 for $190


Current and New Spa Members are welcome to book these waxing options as a monthly treatment:​

- Lash Lift + Brow Shape/Tint ($139 value), or

- Brazilian + Brow Shape/Tint ($115 value)

- 10% off all additional waxing services

Lash Lift                $99       |    add Brow Shape +Tint  $139

In case nobody told you today yet - you are beautiful. Lash Lift is simply a permanent curl of your natural lashes, which makes your soul shine even more. During the treatment, we place a cooling Vitamin C under-eye mask to depuff and brighten your skin. Here you can see before-after lash-lift pictures. No high maintenance, no stress,  and you can still wear mascara over them for an even more dramatic look if you like.  50min appointment​​

  • Brazilian & Brow Shape +Tint - $115

  • Full Leg Wax - $100

  • Brazilian Wax- $75*

  • Add Brow Shape +Tint - $40*,      +Lash Tint - $55*

  • Add Brow Shape or Tint - $30*

  • Brow + Lash Tint - $40*

  • Add Lip & Chin  Wax, or another facial area - $30*

  • Add Bikini Wax - $40*

  • Add Half Arm Wax  - $40*

  • Add Underarm Wax - $30*

  • Add Feet Softening Organic Coconut Wrap - $30 

  • Add Full Body Rejuvalight - $40

* To book this waxing service without a facial please combine at least 3 services

We use the natural hard waxes from Italy for all your sensitive areas to guarantee comfort and pleasant experience.

GLOW FACIALS​​ (currently unavailable for bookings)

Glow Signature - Initiation Facial   $150 | this is the first treatment we recommend you book at Glow to begin your skin care regimen 

Your facial will start with a consultation, skin analysis, deep pore cleanse, and professional choice between Oxygen rejuvenation, or cellular activating High Frequency, renewing Microdermabrasion, toning Microcurrent, or any other targeted treatment. Followed by a potent anti-aging masque and a de-stressing shoulder massage. Schedule today to begin your intelligent preventative skincare. 70min


Glow Oxygen Facial                           $130  |   spa members rate $108

Boost your Glow by infusing your skin with essential vitamins and antioxidants. The treatment is performed with an airbrush-like wand to apply oxygen and anti-aging serums, stimulating collagen production, nourishing, and enhancing the health of our skin. 50min

Diamond Microdermabrasion      $130  |  spa members rate $108
This renewing treatment starts with skin analysis and thorough nourishing enzyme cleanse, light extractions and lactic peel to remove the superficial dead layer of the skin. The potent diamond microdermabrasion treatment gently exfoliates your skin and promotes new cell growth. It is performed to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, diminish fine lines and to even out skin's texture. Finished with a powerful multivitamin, anti-oxidant or collagen masque to provide the deepest nurture and regeneration of your skin cells. It cannot be scheduled if you are using retinoids creams such as Retin-A. Watch this video to understand the microdermabrasion. 50min


Clearing High-Frequency Facial   $130  | spa members rate $108
A dynamic facial for acne-prone skin utilizing a synergistic blend of active fruit enzymes to digest dead cells, loosen impactions and refine pores. Treatment includes thorough extractions and clearing masque, high-frequency to promote cell regeneration, reduce inflammation, and bring our that healthy Glow. To make acne treatments last we recommend you to follow our daily product application regimen. 50min


Microcurrent Facial Lift     $130  |  spa members rate $109  [Watch Preview]
Microcurrent offers a genuine pain-free alternative to facial surgery. At Glow, we believe that our body is precious: there are over 30 muscles in the face and neck, that hold our skin and need to get toned just like other muscles we strengthen in our weekly fitness classes. Microcurrent applies gentle electric stimulation on face and neck that "irons out" wrinkles, triggers cell production, creating collagen and elastin, promoting protein synthesis. It also increases lymphatic drainage which means reduced puffiness. You will notice the firmness and radiance after the first treatment through regular sessions are needed for muscles to get strong. "It's like a little workout for your face,"  Jennifer Aniston said in an interview with InStyle magazine. Treatment includes deep pore enzyme cleanse and multivitamin masque. 50min


Neck Tone-Up [Watch Preview]    5 treatments $350  addition to any facial  $30

Microcurrent (read above) is used to tone and reawaken the muscles and skin of our neck. It's the most relaxing workout ever - kick back and enjoy! Schedule in series, just like a personal training - results are best with regular visits. Microcurrent is known to promote the flow of fluids, support lymphatic drainage, reduce congestion, tension and headaches.  35min

Facial Cupping to Lift & Tone  [Watch Preview]   addition to any facial  $30

Our skin therapist uses small and soft moving cups to work on deeper layers of the skin and muscles. This treatment reduces puffiness, drains lymph with toxins out, lifts the cheeks, increases blood flow, and stimulates collagen cell production on the deeper layers of the epidermis. Treatment is recommended every 3-4 weeks for healthy Glow. 

Glow Wellness Spa Policies

​We cannot guarantee same-day appointments, please book ahead online, or call us to book (we will take your information over the phone including the payment)

Booking online is easy, using Minbdody accounts. Create your account, save password & start booking massages, facials, classes - all in one place. You can modify/reschedule all of your reservations according to our cancellation policies. 

All treatments canceled/rescheduled within 48h period or missed are subject to a $45 cancelation fee. Prepaid appointments are saved for future use. 

Please do not opt-out from email and text notifications - they will help you remember and enjoy your appointment.

Every membership has its own agreement that you digitally read-sign during the purchase. You can find your agreement under your Glow Mindbody account/My Info/Autopays and read the terms on how to cancel.

Our Spa Memberships have 2 months' commitment and require 30 days email notice to cancel after memberships@glowyogasf.com 
Once a Spa Member, every month you can book a choice of custom treatment: 60min Massage or cupping, 50min Facial, Lash Lift, or Brazilian with Brow Shape

Unused spa membership treatments and classes rollover for an extra 30 days, and can be gifted.

We ask you to prepay for your appointment when booking. We do not accept SpaFinder Gift Cards.

We use organic aromatherapy during the treatment to promote relaxation. Please notify us prior to treatment if you are allergic to lavender essential oil. 

Communication is important to our therapists - please don't hesitate to speak your needs for the best results.

You can leave a TIP using your credit card, just ask our receptionist upon your arrival.

No refunds allowed for unused, used, late canceled or missed services.

Late Arrivals: In order for us to provide the best customer service experience to all of our clients, all appointments will still finish on time.