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All Your Questions Answered:

I am new to yoga, where do I begin?

Glow Etiquette

We reserve the right to refuse the services to anyone who does not align with our 5 Values:

  1.   Ahimsa: being respectful of our business policies, our members, and our staff

  2.   Asteya: never stealing others' peace by arriving 5 minutes before class, and by not bringing the Phones inside classroom

  3.   Saucha: cleanliness. I leave no spots or trash behind. I never bring single-use plastic bottles. And take shoes off, including inside bathrooms

  4.   Santosha: peaceful presence. Use a quiet, zen voice in the reception. Your Phone on Silence & Away from sight

  5.   Svadyaya: self-study and growth mindset. Openness to learn new ways of being, behaving, and caring for yourself and others

Does Glow have classes for all ages?​​​

  • No matter what age we are - daily strengthening paired with tension & stress release is essential for feeling good in our body. 

  • If you are a beginner 15-85yo, please start with our 360°Barre, Yin Yoga, Deep Stretch & Rollout classes.  We recommend 360°Barre classes 3X a week to become your strongest self in the shortest time. Our Fridays' 4:20p Yin Yoga and Saturdays' 10:30a Deep Stretch & Rollout are absolute must for all to release chronic tension and are excellent for pregnant students.

  • Glow massages & facials are essential pleasure-driven stress-eliminating care: circulation is key to cellular renewal, healing pain, and inflammation.

  • Our Daily Class Schedule contains class descriptions, benefits, and what to bring, simply click on any class name.

What do I bring/wear to class?

  • Bring a yoga mat to yoga classes (not needed for Barre). Buy a toxin-free yoga mat at Glow, $42, or $5 rentals >

  • To 360°Barre classes please wear grippy socks. Pick them up at Glow >

  • Arrival: 5 minutes before class to set up - we lock the doors when class begins. Missed reservations are non-refundable.

  • Wear stretchy light clothes - our yoga room is heated to 74F. We don't heat the room for 360°Barre classes.

  • Our Daily Class Schedule contains class descriptions, benefits, and what to bring, simply click on any class name. 

  • Glow is a Zero Trash & Zero Plastic Bottles studio. Please do not bring or leave any cups & bottles here.

  • We have a water cooler. Please join us in eliminating plastic waste with reusable bottles.

  • You may shop for yoga accessories, selfcare gifts, and Dermalogica skincare at the studio. Check our online shop >

  • Please smile, make new friends, and be responsible for your own belongings.

  • We can't store yoga mats left behind - please pick them up within 24 hours.

What kind of yoga do we teach?

  • At Glow, we teach yoga for all ages as a holistic 8-Limb practice, preserving the richness of its ancient philosophy. Every month we focus on a particular subject which you can see in our Blog. We offer a thoughtful variety of classes: Flow (Strengthening Vinyasa), as well as Yin-Restorative, Meditation, SoundBaths, Breathwork, Deep Stretch & Massage classes.

  • Our teaching style is educational, casual, and interactive: we love sharing our favorite mindfulness tools, spiritual and yogic wisdom to cultivate inner peace, self-discipline, and self-awareness. Try all of our classes On-Demand 24/7 > 

  • Our yoga room is heated to 74F, and we turn the AC ❄️ on in 80F+ weather to keep you comfortable. We don't heat the room for 360°Barre classes.

  • If you are a beginner or it's been a while, please watch our 'Starting with Glow Flow: Modifications' video.

What are 360°Barre classes?​​​

  • Glow 360°Barre is our signature class infused with Barre, Pilates, and Physical Therapy to effectively increase muscle-bone density all way around our 360 joints. Whether you are 15 or 85 - mindful resistance-based strengthening is the only way to prevent and rehab all chronic pain. 

  • Our 360°Barre is 50% standing, 50% mat, a smart way to strengthen without further stressing your joints - it's like a love letter to your older self! The standing part of the class is done by the Barre and is designed to build your balance.

  • Glow 360°Barre program is our thoughtful solution to common back pain, knee pain, neck-shoulders pain, sciatica, injuries, and fatigue. Read more here >

  • We recommend taking it 3 times a week to become your strongest self in the shortest time at any age.

  • Our Daily Class Schedule has detailed information on every class - what to expect and what to bring. 

What if I'm Expecting a Baby, Have Chronic Pain, or Often Feel Tired?

  • No matter what season you are going through - Glow is a perfect place to start feeling better. Our immune system is most optimal when our mind is calm, when we’re in a parasympathetic tone: our peaceful state. At Glow, we’re all about slowing down with mindful classes for body AND mental health, anti-inflammatory Red Light Therapy, and Wellness Spa treatments >

  • We recommend the following weekly routine for all special conditions: weekly Chakra Meditation & SoundBaths, Yin Yoga w/Hot Stones on Fridays, Restorative +Reiki Sat-Sun, Stretch & Rollout on Saturdays, 360°Barre classes daily, and a monthly Spa Treatment to release stress and mental overwhelm.

  • The truth is that holistic yoga is excellent for pregnancy and other special conditions. Please see this Article on Pregnancy Modifications and watch a YouTube Pregnancy Yoga Playlist we put together for each trimester to see what poses are recommended and which ones to avoid. If your doctor has cleared you for exercise - you can come to any class at Glow, and if not yet - weekly Meditation, Soundbaths, Restorative+Reiki, Paint Classes & Spa.

  • Massage therapy is the best natural pain relief treatment and is even recommended as a post-cancer recovery. For pre-natal massage please book with Lovelyn or Tankut. Please take advantage of our Spa Membership to book an affordable monthly massage, and try our thoughtful video sequences using massage therapy balls and a foam roller at home >

  • Nothing blooms year-round: creating a nurturing routine is key to the optimal immune system, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

How To Book, Modify Classes & Appointments

How Do I Book Spa Treatments?

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How do I cancel my membership?

How do I use Gift Card or Glow Account Credit?

  • To see your balance and use it  - please log in to a Full Mindbody Version via any browser.

  • Glow Selfcare Rewards do not expire and accumulate. You can use them for any services and products.

Can I order products online?

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