Frequently Asked Questions:


I am new, where do I begin?

  • Congratulations! The best decision you've made this year. If you are a beginner, or it's been a while, please start with Gentle Yoga, Reset & Glow or Yin yoga before joining any Flow class. Also, sign up for Barre or Core class: an excellent way to build up your strength. Read the benefits of core classes here

  • If you have any health conditions, please clear with your doctor first, and research modifications. You are in charge of your health and wellbeing.

  • Remember: classes are for learning, every teacher will teach you something new.

  • Our 10-Day Trial (San Francisco residents only)  restarts /renews after 10 days so you can try more classes and find your rhythm before committing. If you do not wish to keep trying, cancel renewals by using your Mindbody account via any browser, not an App. Please read 'How Do I Cancel My Membership'. 

  • Our flexible month-to-month memberships activate on the purchase date (not on the 1st of the month), so you can jump-start your health anytime!

  • If you plan to visit 1-2 times a week, we recommend Light Glow Membership or 20 Classes pass, if more than 2x a week - Unlimited Membership. Pricing >


How do I sign up for class?


What do I bring/wear to class?


What kind of yoga do we teach?

  • We teach a great variety: well-aligned inspirational, challenging Vinyasa, Bhakti yoga, as well as Gentle Yin-Restorative yoga for deeper relaxation, stretching and healing. We believe that for optimal health we must practice both, power flow as well as yin & restorative yoga. 

  • Our teachers preserve spiritual yoga traditions and love sharing yoga philosophy and food for thought. The detailed description of each class & teacher in our class schedule.


What are Core & Cardio classes?

  • We offer Barre, Core, Kettlebell classes to make your hearts strong and body pain-free. Most of the back pain originates from weakened abs, gluteus and spine muscles. Our core program is designed to address them all.

  • Read benefits & contraindications for core classes here

  • Unique and effective, our Barre, Core, Kettlebells combine a core-controlled range of motion, weights and cardio, strengthening you from head to toe. 

  • Cardiovascular fitness promotes a stronger heart, positive mind, more stamina and energy and we all need that for balanced urban living.

  • Small group format allows for your feedback and personal attention. In 45min, you can burn over 600 calories. 

What if I Have a Previous Injury?

  • All injuries heal faster when your body is relaxed. Your immune system and your digestion work fully when you relieve stress with our mindful practices.

  • For that reason, we offer a variety of classes, plus Rejuvalight Therapy to speed up your recovery.

  • Classes we recommend attending: Meditation, Restorative & Nirda, BreathWork, Yin with Hot Stones. Check our schedule here.

How Do I Book Spa Treatment?

  • Booking online is as simple as booking your classes, using your Minbdody accounts. Create your account, save password & start booking massages, facials, classes - all in one place. You can modify/reschedule all of your reservations according to our cancellation policies. 

  • Please make sure to verify your appointment. After payment, double-check by clicking My Info - My Schedule that appointment has been booked.

  • You can reschedule your appointments within 24h using your Mindbody account by clicking My Info - My Schedule.

  • We ask you to prepay for your appointment when booking.  

  • Please opt-in for text & email notifications - they will help you remember and enjoy your appointment. Canceled within 24h period, or missed treatments are subject to 100% of the treatment fee.

  • We ask you to prepay for your appointment when booking.  

  • We use organic aromatherapy during the treatments to promote relaxation. 

  • Communication is important to our therapists - please don't hesitate to speak your needs for the best healing results.

  • You can leave a TIP using your credit card, just ask our receptionist upon your arrival.

  • Late Arrivals: please call us ASAP when running late. If there are clients scheduled after your treatment, late appointments will finish on scheduled time.

What if I miss my class?

  • Cancellation window closes 3 hours before all classes: please cancel your upcoming reservation using your account login My Info/ My Schedule

  • $11 Missed/late cancel fee occurs for Barre, Core or Kettlebell classes if you are on an unlimited pass.

  • Missed/late canceled class will result in your class pass loss when you have a limited package.


How do I cancel my membership?

  • Our $49 Trial membership renews continuously - every 10 days it will renew ($147/month). You can keep trying our classes until you figure out your best routine! Once you are ready to pick the right membership or pass, access weekend events, you can cancel the trial.

  • Canceling $49 Trial is as simple as canceling your Netflix: 1-2 days before 10 days run out, login to your schedule from any browser (not an app), click My Info tab, then Account, and on the bottom, you will see your Autopays. Click Terminate button. Just like Netflix, we do not handle Trials via email/phone.

  • Our Month-to-Month Memberships auto-renew continuously, on the same date. Cancelations are requested by email, 30 days before the next charge. Your final membership renewal fee will be charged within the 30 days from the date of your email. Please do tell us why you are canceling, and what you loved the most about Glow. Because we care!

  • When planning to travel, you may simply skip a full month of charges. Request to skip by  email , 30 days before the next charge.

  • All sales are final. No refunds allowed on used, unused, missed, canceled services, products, and memberships.


..more answers in our Policies:


- All classes require online registration. Register in advance, or simply on your way to a class using Mindbody App. 

- Glow Referral Perk: for each referred friend who becomes an easy-pay member, the referrer-member receives $30 off their next easy-pay charge. 

- Cancellation window closes 3h before all classes: 

-  Missed/late canceled classes will result in your class pass loss when you have a limited package.

- $11 Missed/late canceled Fee occurs for Barre, Core or Kettlebell classes. Please cancel 3+ hours ahead if you cannot make it.

- If we cancel the class that you have registered for within 24h before your reservation - your next class is on us!

- All one-on-one appointments and workshops missed/canceled within 24h period are subject to 100% apmt or workshop fee.

- Members can bring their guests at a discounted $15 rate, unlimited amount - bring them all!

- Packages & memberships cannot be shared.

- We do not extend or pause memberships and class packages expiration dates. Please be responsible for monitoring your accounts online. 

- We ask you to prepay for all appointments and classes when booking.

- All sales are final. No refunds allowed on used, missed, canceled and unused services, products and memberships.

- Please smile, make new friends and be responsible for your own belongings. We can not store yoga mats left behind - please pick them up within 24 hours.

Block of Washington Square Park,  Tony's Pizza,  Tacolicious and North Beach Restaurant. Click for mini-video of our location.

10 min walk from Fin. District - take a beautiful walk :)

MUNI STOP  45, 30, 8X, 41

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