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Asteya Yama - Not Stealing Peace

There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - daily values and practices from ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts that help us reach our full potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and to liberate us from mental, spiritual, and physical suffering.  This month join us in aligning our moment-to-moment living with the value of Asteya.

When I think of stealing in our day-to-day life I think of us stealing time and stealing inner peace. We spend years creating something - and someone can choose an easy path and take it away. While we can replace things, we can make more money, we can never replace our time. There are so many ways we are not treating time as a precious and finite resource as it is. We worry about things that are out of our control, we waste it on excessive entertainment, on not believing in ourselves, on not appreciating what we have. 

I want to dive in deep about time because I see there is a lot of time management advice out there, and while they are all valid and helpful when implemented, they do not address the bigger picture and the why we want to get more organized. The why behind us needing better time management is either we don’t have time for our health & fitness, or we feel overwhelmed with piling up unfinished projects, or we have lost touch with our heart all of which cause physical and mental breakdowns. The lack of time management skills directly affects our wellbeing: when we are in a chronic state of catching up, our work & family need us 24/7, we think this load might be just temporary and we persist to crank them up..then years fly by but our busy-ness seem to never change, and our wellbeing, out fit body, our hobbies and our inner spark become a distant memory.  If we do not learn how to harness and manage our time today, we can blink and 10 years will pass without us getting any closer to the way we wanted to feel.

Please listen to my Podcast: The Best Sustainable Time Management System > where I share Secret to Getting Things done and the 5 Steps to become a Time & Concentration Master. We‘ll learn a smarter, more mindful use of our finite and precious time, the importance of a routine, ways to lifehack our schedule to prevent a burnout, loss of zest, and propel us towards the vision we have for our life.  

5 Asteya Habits to Develop:

1. We give ourselves extra 15 minutes to get places, so we're not stealing others' (and our own) inner peace

2. We do not steal silence - we do not talk excessively, or create noise pollution. In conversation, we create a balance between our talking and our listening to give others a chance to share

3. We never take what is not freely given: physical items, people's time, people's rights, attention, admiration

4. We build our self-worth by taking action on our visions for the greater good of all. We heal our shopping and hoarding addictions

5. Practice gratitude and giving every day to enjoy, appreciate and share what we have, instead of building up our sense of lack. We open the door of abundance the more we give


What does not stealing peace & time from yourself mean to you? 

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Sending you zen, inside and out

Natasha & Glowing Team


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