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How to Relieve Back Pain? What causes chronic back pain?

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Unfortunately, we are not taught preventative selfcare in schools. Low back pain is the second most common cause of disability in the U.S.  If you know anyone who struggles, please send them the link to this page with our videos below on how to treat their back pain for long-term prevention. While doctors can prescribe us painkillers and rest, the actual rehabilitation is left to our own devices. The best news is that the pain is not a life sentence, and our body responds incredibly well to the techniques we offer in our care routine. We can release tension, reduce inflammation and learn about our body through the practice of yoga, self-massage, and building strength that matters. The more research we did on massage therapy, the more we recommend using it as a monthly essential medicine with our Spa Membership.  If you are currently under stress and haven't worked out in a while, I recommend scheduling 2 massages 2 weeks in a row and continuing your health maintenance with a monthly massage. We now have daily availability and even added a fully-clothed deep tissue massage Tui Na. 


In this Podcast Episode, I address one of the most dangerous and life-altering subjects: chronic inflammation, which may or may not come with chronic pain. 




  1.  Unbalanced core strength: not all 360° of the torso, shoulders, and hip muscles are evenly strong. 

  2.  Immobile lifestyle, improper posture, repetitive strain load, and all accidental injuries.

  3.  Mental stress and unmanaged anxiety are the major cause of low back pain regardless of any injuries. Stress release tools like Yin yoga, massage, breathwork, and meditation are proven to effectively treat low back pain. 


Massage improves lymph-blood circulation and metabolism, eliminates dead, damaged cells and toxins, and speeds up all recovery. Regular massage is even more important for people who do not work out as poor circulation fuels all dis-ease. Massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases oxytocin which restores our energy, quality of sleep, immune system, digestion, and fertility. Massage therapy is the best natural pain relief treatment and is even recommended for cancer recovery.

Besides our CBD Massage, Cupping, and other integrative bodywork appointments, every Saturday at 10:30a we teach Gentle Yoga Class with Massage Therapy Balls for more area-specific tension release. An incredible class both for mental and physical stress reduction. And, Glow Yin yoga on Friday nights comes with longer-held feel-good stretches, promoting parasympathetic response, stress release, and ultimate relaxation.





1.  Integrative core strengthening  - try our Barre-Core program in-person or on-demand

2.  Taking slower-pace yoga and meditation, regular massage with cupping, Join our Myofascial Stretch & Rollout classes 10:30a on Saturdays where we use TuneUp Massage Balls and Foam Rollers.

3.  Inflammation relief: Red Light Therapy, applying anti-inflammatory ointments like our Muscle & Joint Care Roll-Onand eating anti-inflammatory colorful foods


Our 360°Barre classes are our thoughtful solution to back pain at any age. Our body deteriorates fast under constant stress paired with a limited range of daily motion, weakened abs, gluteus, and back muscles. Glow 360°Barre is infused with Pilates, Physical Therapy, Barre, and Resistance training and is designed to increase muscle-bone density, cardiovascular endurance, and core strength at any age. Mindful of joints, precisely controlled movements sculpt the 360° of muscles around our torso, hips, legs, and arms. Always challenging, this short and effective class boosts mental focus and creates sustainable energy helping us accomplish more in less time. To start feeling better we recommend taking 2-3 weekly in-person classes or simply doing the 10-30min classes from home via our Glow-On-Demand.


Why Do Hip Flexors Also Need Strengthening?


First, there are 11 muscles that work together to move & stabilize our legs, hips, knees, and spine. They are: Psoas Major, Iliacus, Tensor fasciae latae, Sartorius, Rectus femoris, Gluteus medius (anterior fibers), Gluteus minimus, Adductor longus (assists), Pectineus (assists), Adductor brevis (assists), Adductor magnus (assists).  Whenever we experience tight back or hips  - it's a sign that our posture and our habits turn on our body's protective response.  Weak muscles create instability, overuse, compensation, inflammation, and pain. Join our classes to learn & strengthen your hips so that we can prevent and overcome and pain in our back, knees, and hips themselves. 


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Back Health Channel

Back Health Channel
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In our self-massage Channel below, we have put together many thoughtful sequences of deep stretches and myofascial release using the therapy balls and a foam roller. We can heal physical, and also emotional pain with regular deep tissue work.


If you are currently in pain, we recommend applying our Joint-Muscle Pain Relief Oil 2-3 times a day, book Red Light Photobiomodulation Therapy with your Massage to reduce inflammation to start your recovery. Our recommendation for self-massage is once a week. You can create a weekly roll-out routine when you catch up on your favorite show. 




- melt away stress and anxieties

- unburden areas of high tension, revive overworked muscles

- release knots and trigger points

- improves lymph-blood circulation and metabolism

- speeds up renewal and recovery

- tune in to your parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest/digest/repair/reproduce” state

- increase mobility and flexibility

- help reduce inflammation all throughout your body

- improve your sleep, prevent migraines, and more


Why massage is even more important for people who don't workout daily:


1. Circulation = Healthy Immune System. Poor circulation fuels all dis-ease. Professional massage improves lymph-blood circulation to eliminate dead, damaged cells and toxins and distribute nutrients to speed up all renewal and recovery.

2. Pain, Hormones, Digestion, Mental Health, Fertility. Massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases oxytocin which restores the quality of sleep, digestion, and fertility. Massage has recently received empirical support for facilitating growth, reducing pain, increasing alertness, diminishing depression, and enhancing immune function and has become a part of cancer recovery treatment. 



60min                                                                           $130*

80min                                                                           $160

80min w/Glow Spa Membership                             $150 >

120min                                                                         $240

60min massage +Red Light  (80min visit)               $180

80min massage +Red Light  (100min visit)             $210

80min Facial+FIR Body Wrap/Scrub                        $280

80min Massage+Lymphatic Scrub + Red Light      $280

2h Breath-Focused Bodywork w/Tankut                 $350

30min Cupping Appointment                                   $90

Add Glow Foot Wrap*                                                $30


Custom CBD Massage - all of our treatments are fully custom and our therapists combine deep tissue, sports, relaxation, cupping, tui na, hot stones, myofascial, TMJ Jaw massage, neuromuscular techniques, and red light therapy. Natural nourishing CBD oil is included in all treatments, and we incorporate our anti-inflammatory Joint-Muscle Care Oil for the most congested areas.  Nora, Linda, Lovelyn, Tankut, and Natalia are available for booking every day.





Whether you are 25 or 85 - we got you > 




The products to enhance your healing:


- Yoga TuneUp Therapy Balls >

- Tension, Pain & Inflammation Relief Roll-On by Inhale Nature >




Like Mind Like Body, a podcast by Curable: the team of doctors and scientists on managing and healing 'invisible' chronic pain


Thank you for taking responsibility for your own wellness - this is a courageous act by which you are making our whole community healthier. And thank you for your support! 


Sending you ♥๏ธand a healthy strong back,


Natasha and the Glowing Team