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MATI NIYAMA: Self-Reflection

There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - yogic take on human values and ethical practices that help us reach our full potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and to liberate us from the repetitive cycle of suffering. When we live in contradiction to our values, when we avoid taking the higher road -  we get stuck in a rat.

This month we are implementing self-research into our life, Mati - a daily practice of reflecting, pondering, and self-inquiry to learn about our values and unconscious patterns.


Do you value success, but put in a bare minimum effort? Do you value kindness, but act judgmental towards others? Do you value nature preservation, but purchase plastic daily? Do you value intimacy, but avoid transparencyDo you value your health, but drink soda, or spend hours on the screens?


With regular self-inquiry practice, we get to observe our own behavior and how it compares to our values, what makes us anxious and reactive, the inner workings of our mind, how we relate to situations, and which beliefs keep us in the estate of resistance, rumination, and worries. Our beliefs and behavior either support our well-being and help us move forward in life, or prevent us from achieving our goals. By practicing self-reflection we dig deeper into our patterns and compare them with our values in order to clean up our plate. 


5 Ways of implementing Self-Inquiry on a daily basis:

1.  Ask yourself daily: Which one of my values did I live by today? Which challenge did I overcome today? Did anything make me feel upset or defensive?

2.  Meditate daily, even if it's only 5 minutes with a goal to tune out the outside data flood so you can glimpse inwards and find the answers to the questions above.  

3. Take yoga classes to create space for self-exploration, see what is going on within, what you need to let go of, and what to lean into to find your inner calm.

4.  Journal before bed about your day on your lows and highs of the day, and answer the questions from the 1st point. Take walks to think about any of your challenges. Do not hesitate to ask for help to guide you out of repetitive patterns.

5.  Read a particular book or listen to a podcast on the quality you want to develop, the challenges you are facing, or an aspect that you want to improve within yourself, and contemplate as you read.


In what ways can you self-reflect this month?

Take a Course: Self-Awareness, BreathWork, Meditation

Take a Course: Self-Awareness, BreathWork, Meditation

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  1. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (constantly, on repeat  - it's a lifelong reminder) >

  2. The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. I read it in print in the mornings -contemplative meditations to start my day with >

  3. The Spiritual Psychology teacher Michelle Chalfant's Adult Chair Podcast >

  4. Weekly recordings from the Spirit Rock The Heart Wisdom Podcast of Jack Kornfield >

  5. Adyashanti recordings - he has many recorded sanghas I like listening to on my walks >

Every 2 weeks join The Journal Time we lead to support the community on this self-awareness journeyJournaling is a part of yoga called svadhyaya, self-study, an incredible tool for processing our life experiences and for closing the gap between our values and our actions. Join us in-person or via Zoom >



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