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What Is Red Light Therapy, How Does It Work and How Much Does It Cost?

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Glow Red Light Therapy is a holistic anti-inflammatory photobiomodulation therapy for all inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, pain, tension, and eczema. Red Light photobiomodulation is also known to help with low energy, depression, hormonal imbalances, and insomnia. The mitochondria of our cells thrive on red and near-infrared light with a wavelength of 633-900nm. Red light contains no UVA or UVB: the wavelength of 633-900nm delivers energy to our cells to stimulate regeneration and repair. 

It is a 30-minute appointment with no direct contact with our staff. During the session, you can choose to play relaxing music or guided meditation. 

Glow Red Light Pricing


1 Session $60 | 10 for $500  (12mo expiration)

2-Weeks Health Boost: Unlimited Red Light $220 

we recommend at least 3 weekly visits during the Boost

60min Massage + Red Light $195

Try a complimentary session with Glow Spa Membership $160 >


reservations >

Taking our mental and physical health to heart I am working on reopening Glow mindfully this fall.   We could not wait to reopen our Red Light Therapy. The majority of our Rejuvalight clients come to heal painful and inflammatory conditions, pain, injuries, depression, low energy, and fatigue. There is so much suffering going on that is out of our control - I know that at least we can do something to take care, and heal ourselves. 

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'Mechanisms of the Anti-inflammatory Effects of Photobiomodulation'


Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology studied Photobiomodulation (PBM), red and near-infrared light, and its ability to stimulate healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. One of the most reproducible effects of PBM is an overall reduction in inflammation, which is particularly important for disorders of the joints, traumatic injuries, lung disorders, and, in the brain. PBM has been shown to reduce markers of M1 phenotype in activated macrophages. PBM can reduce inflammation in the brain, abdominal fat, wounds, lungs, spinal cord. Read more >

'Mechanisms and Pathways of Pain Photobiomodulation'

Department of Anesthesiology, College of Medicine, University of Arizona reviewed a growing body of evidence that supports the modulation of pain by light exposure. As such, phototherapy is being increasingly utilized for the management of a variety of pain conditions. Read more >

Recent Clinical Study - Red Light Improves Declining Eyesight


The Institute of Ophthalmology of the University of London has recently proved that red light improves the declining eyesight for individuals over 40. Just 3 minutes of red light of 670nm a day for 2 weeks showed significant improvement. Read the complete study published 6.29.20 here > 


Pain and Inflammation Management​


The red light spectrum has amazing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities. People with arthritis, joint, and all chronic pain, injuries, MS, fibromyalgia are excellent candidates for this integrative treatment. Red light is successfully used for inflammatory conditions like bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, and pain control for low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis & golfer’s elbow, post-herpetic neuralgia, and more. Light therapy is a safe alternative to any medications for pain management.

Immune Support, Reduced Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Red light therapy has been shown to positively affect skin cells through the regeneration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and modulation of immune cells (including mast cells, neutrophils, and macrophages) all found within skin tissue.

Research done by NASA in conjunction with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital has shown that red light technology can successfully reduce symptoms experienced by cancer patients, including painful side effects caused by radiation or chemotherapy. 

NASA tested whether red light could treat oral mucositis in cancer patients, a very common and painful side effect of chemotherapy and radiation, and concluded that 96 percent of patients experienced an improvement in pain as a result of the red light treatment. Researchers stated, “The red light device was well tolerated with no adverse effects to bone marrow and stem cell transplant patients….The red light device can provide cost-effective therapy” 

Similar red light technology is also now being utilized for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors, slow-healing wounds or infections, diabetic skin ulcers, and serious burns.

Reduced Depression, Insomnia, and Fatigue. Energy Management


Red light has been shown to be naturally energizing and correlated with improved moods by increasing self-confidence, positivity, joyfulness, laughter, mindfulness, awareness, and sensory stimulation. While results vary from patient to patient, there’s a reason to believe that red light has mental and emotional perks in addition to physical benefits.


Medical studies have found that red light’s benefits the quality of our sleep by increasing serum melatonin levels. Red light can help us sleep better while delivering other physical benefits, such as stimulating energy production in cells. Another peer-reviewed study demonstrated that red light therapy increases physical and mental energy and endurance. The red light stabilizes the nervous system, and allergies, and even proved to be effective for seasonally affected disorders improving your mood, insomnia, and depression.

and more studies on our Red Light Therapy page >

Seeing the constantly climbing levels of our common anxiety and fatigue I am reminding all of us how invaluable yoga is for our mental health. Having a regular practice of taking conscious breaths, nurturing our body, mind, and soul, paying attention to our inner world, to the silent presence are natural ways out of suffering. The rate of reactivity, irritability, depression, over-medicating in our society is out of control, and that is why we are here -  to support the mental and emotional health of our community.  Please take a look at our Mental Hygiene Channel with Breathwork, Meditation, and Yin yoga classes for bulletproof stress and anxiety help from home. Please reach out, do not give up, we can do whole a lot for our health by learning to slow down.

Sending you ♥️ from North Beach San Francisco,​


Natasha and Glowing Team

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