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Breathing Exercises for Energy & Focus

You may listen to my Podcast Episode on Breathwork Science & Vagus Nerve here >

About 6 years back, after I turn 35, I started to notice my energy level begin to diminish. The mornings became a drag, and I knew right away that I had to step up and do something different to keep my familiar self rising and shining.  I've always been an early bird - my highest, most positive energy was there for me as soon as I woke up, helping me feel inspired, motivated, and excited about what life has there for me today. 


I did my research and dove into morning energizing breathwork practices. In a matter of days, I was able to feel the difference! I brought myself back, waking up smiling, ready to tackle whatever day has in store.  I started teaching weekly Breathwork classes at Glow 3 years back, and have developed my own techniques that are effective, fun, and easy to follow.


My Breathwork practice has also saved my mental health from sinking into anxiety during the pandemic. I had to lean into them a few times a day to overcome the stress of closing Glow, nightly horror dreams, and all of the fears of the unknown.  

Breathing exercises strengthen our vascular system, nasal muscles, lungs, and diaphragm, which improves our breathing capacity, lowers our blood pressure, and balances our brain and the energy we have to focus. I believe that 5 minute morning breathwork should be more essential than brushing our teeth.


Please try all of the techniques I share in my channel below,  and try practicing - one in the morning and one at night. The energizing breathwork in the mornings, and calming in the evening to improve the quality of our sleep for recovery. Calming afternoon breathwork increases our capacity to regenerate and repair.


Please share this page with friends, and neighbors. Take care everyone and may the world recover from this soon. Chat if you need anything - here for you,



and our incredible caring wellness-nerdy team

Glow Breathwork for Energy & Mental Boost

Glow Breathwork for Energy & Mental Boost

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Is Your Breathing Optimal?

Did you know that most of us breathe incorrectly? Simply check yourself by taking a big breath right now. Did you lift your chest? There! Including you! This shallow vertical breath is responsible for our low energy, weakened immunity, neck pain, as well as emotional & mental drainage. What if I tell you that our habitual chest breathing directly contributes to hormonal over-drive, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, extra weight, unhealthy digestion, raised heartbeat and blood pressure, restless sleep, and unconscious long-term stress? 


I have been researching why we all breathe improperly using our chest, neck, and shoulders instead of our diaphragm and with the results of my findings, I have developed a series of BreathWork classes to re-learn the better, smarter, deeper way of breathing. Simply knowing about proper breath is not enough: our primary breathing muscles are very weak today and need to be strengthened with regular exercises, like any other muscle. That is why a weekly class is an absolute must for re-wiring of our unhealthy breathing patterns, kind of a breath workout! The only way to overcome the chest-breathing habits is to actually practice! Watch my video with one simple exercise you can do right now. 


Our whole nation is depleted energetically, mentally, and spiritually - dependency on coffee and substances is the new norm. I would like to offer you a better way to refuel, by tapping into the power of our breath. Yes, breath is more effective than coffee.  Many therapies use the breath to release anxieties and ailments, relax our nervous system to promote rest and repair. Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful gateway to our self-awareness and our body's natural healing resources.​

Glow BreathWork channel below is designed to decongest emotional-mental energy and release the long-term stress in our physical body. Learning to breathe properly and with purpose will help you sleep better, cope with stress, and have more stamina and energy throughout the day. I encourage you to always practice deep, belly breathing in all of our yoga and meditation classes. 

We put together a variety of breathing exercises, some with gentle movement, some with sound. You can learn more nourishing ways to be with yourselves and others, give yourself permission to be in the present, see what arises, which patterns persist. You will have an opportunity to consciously release limiting beliefs and habits that keep you in the cycle of suffering. All healing begins with clarity.

Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team