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Welcome to Glow Spa – where radiant skin meets holistic wellness. We merge Eastern and Western modalities for the most therapeutic self-care. Book a regular treatment to slow down, decompress, and create a routine for self-soothing and self-love. Our Wellness Spa is toxin- artificial-fragrance-free, and we use clean and active professional products by Dermalogica Dermal Institute made in California. Please listen to/read our Podcast 'Skin Care Routine for Graceful Aging'


Enzyme Cleansing - Customized Exfoliant - Cryo Contouring - Deeply Hydrating Masque - LED Light Therapy* - Oxygen Vitamin Infusion

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Glow Signature Facial

$180 | members $162 | $160 w/Glow Spa Membership

Begin your lifelong holistic skincare routine. Your visit will include a professional choice of peel, extractions, diamond microdermabrasion, or facial massage, depending on your skin's needs on the day of your visit. This relaxing facial includes a de-stressing neck and scalp massage. Schedule today to begin your holistic lifelong skincare. 70min

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Glow Acne Skin Treatment

$250 | members $225

Decongest, smooth, and soothe. Includes extractions, dermaplaning, peel, diamond microdermabrasion, Blue-Red light, and High Frequency to calm the pores. 80min

'Skin Fitness' Facial Massage

$180 | members $162* | $160 w/Glow Spa Membership

A workout for your skin - pure bliss for you.  Glow original treatment, face-neck-scalp massage with cupping. Boost lymphatic drainage, collagen, and elastin synthesis, reduce puffiness, and tighten the pores. Finished with a scalp massage to stimulate hair growth and prevent tension headaches. You will notice the firmness and radiance after the first visit and your skin will be the happiest and strongest with regular visits. Please note this facial is not recommended for acne-prone skin. 70min

Buccal Facial Sculpt

$300 | members $270

A special treatment with buccal lifting massage, intra-oral massage, microcurrent, and facial cupping. Benefits include sculpting, lifting, definition, softening of fine lines and wrinkles, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, deep relaxation of the facial muscles and TMJ, stimulation of collagen and elastin, smooth and supple skin, AND the release of stored emotions. 70min

Dermaplaning Facial    

$200 |  members $180

Our signature deep exfoliation treatment sheds dead layers of skin, brightens complexion to reveal your beauty, and help your skin with nutrient absorption. 70min


Micro Channeling Facial 

$250 | members $225 |  as an add-on to any facial $110

Micro channeling is an anti-aging treatment using the microneedling pen that has shown great results for smoothing acne scars, minimizing pores, and promoting collagen and elastin synthesis making the skin smoother, fresher, and more uniform in color. Great treatment for hyperpigmented skin. 70min

Zen Radiance Duo: Full Body + Facial Massage

$300 | members $270

Our most decadent treatment combines a customized full-body custom massage to melt away tension and a rejuvenating facial, neck, and scalp massage for a radiant glow. Surrender to tranquility, erase stress, and revitalize your entire being. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and renewal with Zen Radiance Duo.  100min

Lymphatic Rejuvenation Duo: FIR Body Wrap with a Facial

$300 | members $270 | with Brow Tint $330

The full-body 'lovebalm' exfoliates, stimulates and rejuvenates from head to toe. The full-body renewal begins with a dry lymphatic scrub to shed dead skin and stimulate cellular recovery followed by a Heated Far Infrared Body Wrap to reduce pain, tension, inflammation, and even cellulite. While enjoying the healing benefits of FIR wrap, your face is treated to Glow Facial massage with a nourishing mask, and a cooling contouring cryo rolls. 90min

*LED Light Therapy with Dermalogica Light Energy Mask

included with all Glow Facials 

Light Energy Masque by Dermalogica works together with facial Red Light to amplify its effects and improve the health of our skin.  Packed with botanical lipids of aloe, algae, and lindera root to provide cells with energy, hydration, and building materials to generate new cells, and calm inflammation and redness. 

*  Yoga Membership holders get 10% off ALL spa automatically during the booking

*  Please combine 2-3 waxing services if you want to book an appointment without a facial

*  Payment is applied during your booking. Tipping is available via CC or Venmo

*  Please come in without makeup or mascara on

*  Please stop using Retinol & Vitamin A topical products at least 5 days before any facial

*  Plan not to exercise or sweat 24 hours after your facial 

maria mameesh skin master


Maria's unique approach lies in holistic and corrective treatments, seamlessly blending her love for cutting-edge technology, the latest skincare products, and her love for skin health. 

Maria's dedication to continuing skincare education includes Eastern and Western techniques like Buccal facial massage, microchanneling, and dermaplaning, seamlessly merging holistic beauty with modern advancements. She is a seasoned skincare expert with over two decades of experience in prestigious spas like SOHO House, Four Seasons, and TRU Spa in New York and San Francisco.


Maria's expertise extends beyond skincare; she's a Reiki practitioner infusing healing energy into her facials. Nestled in North Beach, she practices yoga at Glow and brings her radiating warmth, caring energy, and compassion wherever she goes.

Red Light Therapy dermalogica mask
PNF stretch san francisco



Hard wax is used for all your sensitive areas, and soft wax for any intricate places for the most detailed attention.

  • Brazilian - $80+* | 6 for $390

  • Repeat Brazilian 3-4 weeks - $75+

  • Full Leg WaxBack or Chest Wax - $100

  • Brazilian + Full Leg - $160  | Half Leg - $50

  • Underarm Wax - $30*

  • Lip & Chin  Wax - $30*

  • Bikini - $40* | extended $55

  • Half Arm - $30* | full arm $50

  • Brow Tint or Brow Shape  - $30*

  • Brow Tint+Shape - $40*

  • Full Face Wax - $60* | +tint $80



Bodywork is an effective pain treatment and is recommended for all conditions including cancer. Schedule your visit to boost lymph-blood circulation and metabolism, clear out damaged cells & toxins, and speed up repair processes. Circulation = Health. Our relaxing treatments help reduce cortisol and increase oxytocin restoring our energy, quality of sleep, immune system, digestion, and fertility. Please don't wait - the time to care for you is NOW.


60min massage or PNF                                            $145*

60min PNF Bodywork                                               $145

60min massage with cupping                                  $170

60min massage +Red Light  (80min visit)              $195

80min massage                                                          $180

80min massage  Glow Spa Membership               $160

80min massage with cupping                                  $200

80min massage with Dry Lymphatic Scrub           $200

80min massage +Red Light  (100min visit)            $230

80min massage with Honey Thigh Treatment      $220

80min massage+Lymphatic Scrub+Red Light       $280

2h massage                                                                 $280

80min massage + Unlt Classes + Red Light           $450

50min Honey Thigh Massage                                   $150

Add 30min Honey Thigh Treatment                        $80


acupuncture 1st session 60min                              $160

45min acupuncture                                                   $130

5 45min acupuncture sessions                                $600

30min cupping 'fix-me-up' visit                                $90

facial massage

70min 'Skin Fitness' Facial Massage                       $180

80min FIR Body Wrap/Scrub + Facial Massage     $300

Zen Radiance: Body+Facial Massage 100m           $300

70min Buccal Facial Massage                                  $300

See All Our Bodywork Treatments >

Full Body Glow Red Light Therapy is a relaxing holistic anti-inflammatory photobiomodulation treatment we hope everyone can add to their regular wellness routine. Great therapy for all inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, pain, tension, and eczema. Red Light photobiomodulation is known to help with low energy, depression, hormonal imbalances, and insomnia. The mitochondria of our cells thrive on red and near-infrared light, boosting ATP to fuel cellular renewal and repair. It works amazingly well to speed up scar healing after surgery or chemotherapy. Glow full-body professional Red Light capsule uses 220V power to produce a potent output of 633-800nm light, energizing our cells' healing and regeneration.  Contains no UVA or UVB. 20min, $50 as an addition to any treatment | $60 booked separately |  more pricing options & the science

Honey Thigh Massage is an intensive honey-pulling technique with cupping, an ancient Eastern modality to boost blood & lymph circulation to refresh and plump up our legs. Instead of gliding, the palmar surface of the hands of the therapist pulls up on the tissues. A deeply stimulating and warming fascia treatment smooths out the subcutaneous fat-fascial-matrix, reduces the appearance of the 'orange-peel', tones, and nourishes the skin. Incredible for cellulite, piriformis syndrome, and sciatica pain. We sit too much - let's love on our cushions. 50min $150,  $80 30min addition to any massage.

Red Light Therapy Glow san francisco.JPG
pain relief ointment
honey thigh massage

best massage san francisco

Glow Wellness Spa Policies


We ask you to book a minimum of 2 days ahead and cannot guarantee same-day appointments. Please do request to book online, and reach us via Chat to see what is available the same day. 

To book a session using a Gift Card - please head here >

All of your Questions are answered on our FAQ Page.

Booking online is easy, using Minbdody accounts. Create your account, save password & start booking massages, facials, classes - all in one place. You can modify/reschedule all of your reservations according to our cancellation policies. 

We ask you to prepay for your appointment when booking. We do not accept SpaFinder Cards.

All treatments canceled/rescheduled within 48h period or missed are subject to a $50 fee. Please submit a $50 fee here to reschedule/cancel your appointment within 48h. A prepaid appointment will be saved for future use - simply log in to your account to rebook. 

Please opt-in to email and text notifications - they will help you remember and enjoy your appointment.

Every membership has its own agreement that you digitally read-sign during the purchase. You can find your agreement under Glow Mindbody account/My Info/Autopays.

Our Spa Memberships have 2-month commitment and require 30 days advance email cancellation request to cancel after that.
Once a Spa Member, every mo
nth you can book a custom 80min Massage, or Our Signature Facial, 'Skin Fitness' Facial, and enjoy our classes for $20.

Unused spa membership treatments roll over for an extra 30 days and can be gifted.

Communication is important to our therapists - please don't hesitate to speak about your needs for the best results.

You can leave a TIP using your credit card, just ask our receptionist upon your arrival.

No refunds are allowed for unused, used, late canceled, or missed services.

Late Arrivals: In order for us to provide the best customer service experience to all of our clients, all appointments will still be finished on time.

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