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Glow facials are not only great for the health of our skin, but also for our immune system by helping us slow down, reduce anxiety and create space for selfcare, self-soothing, and self-love. Our Wellness Spa is toxin- and artificial-fragrance-free, and we use only clean professional products made in California. Read our blog on why you too, shall stop using products with artificial fragrances today >


50min                                              $130* >

Glow Spa 60 Membership            $117  Click to read-buy >

70min                                               $150 >

Glow Spa 80 Membership            $140   Click to read-buy >

Vampire Facial PRP                        $800  ($600 May Photo Special) Click to book >

Glow Signature 70min Facial   $150 | spa'80 members $140 | we recommend you book this as the first facial treatment at Glow 

Your visit will start with a consultation, skin analysis, deep pore cleanse, and professional choice of Oxygen Glow Boost, skin-fitness facial massage, deep exfoliation, microcurrent, pore-minimizer, or any other targeted treatment, potent essential vitamin-antioxidant serum infusion, and a de-stressing neck-scalp massage. Schedule today to begin your holistic lifelong skincare.


Skin-Fitness Contouring Facial (celebrities' secret)  $130 |  members $117* 

An ultimate feel-good facial to plump up, energize your skin and eliminate tension around your neck, scalp, and jaw. There are over 50 muscles in the face and neck that hold our skin: some need to relax, and some need 300% more circulation and stimulation. We have designed a specific sequence, combining facial contouring massage, cupping, and lymphatic drainage. This facial concentrates on lifting muscles as well as easing lines and furrows, triggering collagen and elastin regeneration, promoting improved contour, even tone, and plumpness. This special facial reduces puffiness, decongests the face, and minimizes pores. Part of this facial is a scalp massage to stimulate hair growth and prevent tension headaches. You will notice the firmness and radiance after the first visit and your skin will be the happiest and strongest with a regular facial massage. 50min

Clearing Pore Minimizer  $130 | members $117*

Sunscreen, stress, and make-up make our skin clogged and dull. A dynamic facial for congested adult skin with a synergistic blend of active fruit enzymes to digest dead cells and renew your skin. Treatment includes thorough extractions, a cooling mask, and high-frequency to promote cellular repair, reduce inflammation, and minimize and tighten pores. 50min

Renew & Smooth Facial   $130 |  members $117*
This renewing treatment starts with an enzyme cleanse and custom peel to remove the dead layer of the skin. The potent diamond microdermabrasion treatment gently exfoliates & promotes new cell growth, decreases superficial hyperpigmentation, and evens out the skin's texture. Finished with a powerful antioxidant multivitamin Glow Oxygen Boost for the deepest nurture and regeneration. Watch this video to understand microdermabrasion. 50min

Vampire RPR Microneedling Facial   $800 | members $720* |  $600 Photo Special

Vampire facials consist of two treatment techniques: microneedling, a widely common form of anti-aging treatment, and the application of blood plasma to help your skin to re-surface and promote growth factors. Doctors are using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to repair injuries or damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, and skin. You can see Gwyneth Paltrow getting this PRP facial here >

Tracy will start things off by applying the numbing cream and collecting your blood: she is a medical esthetician with a blood drawing license and extensive experience working in the blood center. To separate the platelet-rich, skin-nourishing plasma, the blood is passed through a centrifuge and then applied to your skin. After the treatment, you’ll leave the platelet-rich plasma on your face for a full day - please do not wash your face next 24 hours as your skin starts to heal. 80min treatment 

During May & June, we're running a Case-Study promotion of $600 per session in exchange for before & 1-week after photos. Your photos will be made to look anonymous.

Brazilian + Brows Shape/Tint + Extras  $130  |  members $117

This 50min visit can be booked as its own and it is fully custom, where you can choose a few areas, depending on how much hair - and time is needed for everything. 

- Brazilian + Brow Shape/Tint, or
- Brazilian + Brow Shape + Full-face wax, or 
- Brazilian + Brow Shape + Full-face wax + underarm

Lash Lift or Brow Lamination  $130 | $117 members | both services  $180 | $162 members

In case nobody has told you today yet - you are beautiful. Lash lift and brow lamination is a playful long-term design for your natural hair, emphasizing your beauty, and making your individuality shine through. The treatment is very relaxing, a perfect TLC break in your week. It includes lash-brow tint, scalp massage, and an organic lash-brow growth oil for home care. Here you can see before-after lash-lift pictures.  

70min appointment​​ - please come in without make-up or mascara on. 

Lash Extensions  $130  | $117 for members |  with Brow Lamination $280  | $162 for members

TMJ - Jaw - Neck - Scalp Massage  $130 |  members $117*

Book this regular treatment to help alleviate jaw pain and stiffness, grinding teeth, difficulty opening the mouth, jaw popping, clicking, locking, often headaches, facial pain, swelling, ear ringing, and neck-shoulder pain. For the ultimate relaxation, we included neck and scalp massage. 50min

Brow Microblading + Shading Ombré   $750 |  members $675

Eye Liner Top $300 | All Touch Ups $130

Schedule a semi-permanent makeup appointment to enhance your brow shape and density with Burmaa, Glow Brow Doctor. Burma has years of Microblading experience and PhiBrow certification. She uses feather strokes + ombré shading techniques to design the most natural brows that will emphasize your beauty. See her work here > A Facetime consultation is scheduled after yo book the procedure. 2.5h appointment.

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Glow Foot Wrap*  softens, exfoliates & rehydrates our feet with glycolic & hyaluronic acid, green tea, and Devil's Claw Root Extracts -  $30

  • Add 15min Facial Cupping -  $30*

  • Add Full Body Red Light     - $40

  • Add Lash Lift To Any Facial   - $110 (extra 50 min)

  • Full Leg Wax,  or Back or Chest Wax - $100

  • Add Brow Tint/Shape + Full Face Wax - $60

  • Add Brow Tint/Shape - $40

  • Add Lip & Chin  Wax or Underarm - $30

  • Add Bikini Wax or Half Arm Wax  - $40

*  Yoga Membership holders get a 10% off all spa bookings automatically during the payment

*  Payment is applied during your booking. Tipping is available via CC or Venmo

*  One complimentary Red Light session included in the 1st month of Spa Memberships

*  Glow Foot Wrap is included in Glow Spa Memberships

*  Please come in without make-up or mascara on

*  Please stop using Retinol & Vitamin A topical products at least 5 days before any facial

*  Plan not to exercise or sweat 24 hours after your facial 

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