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Skiing at 101? Meet George Jedenoff - our neighbor from the East Bay

Thank you! Hope you have a peaceful day

I have learned about George this year when I stayed at a friends Tim & Tiffan Roberts' house in Salt Lake City. I saw George  Jenedoff's book on their coffee table and was amazing by this 100 skier from Orinda.. and um... he wrote a book 2 years ago when he was 101 years old! Today George is 104, still exercises daily, drives, skis, Zooms, and plays an iPhone like a generation Z.  Working our keeps him sharp as a nail, I saw him present for the steel industry conference via zoom during a pandemic. If you didn't know that about me - it has been my goal to be able to cross-country ski when I'm 100 years old, that is why I strengthen my core and practice yoga every day. In his book, George is describing his daily workout, and it truly sounded like a combination of our 360° Barre classes & Yoga stretches :) Tim, the videographer met George on the slopes over a decade ago and started these video interviews I have compiled in the playlist for us. The interviews start when George was 95 and go on every year from there. In the playlist below your will also see my other ageless sheroes, Tao Porchon-Lynch giving a TED talk at the age of 96, and our yoga & meditation teacher Roxanne who is 69.  Tim has recently completed a documentary about George that will be screened this year at the Wasatch film festival. George is still alive and well, and I saw him giving a professional steel industry interview at 103 years old via zoom.

'Exercise has to be a daily habit. You cannot call it an activity that you will get to at some point. You gotta make up your mind and discipline yourself to do what you know you must do.' - George Jedenoff. 

This month's Glow class curriculum, Calm Constancy is inspired by George. No matter what we are looking to achieve - the only way to get there is determination and consistency. Please join our daily classes where all our teachers will be sharing this value and how to implement it into our lives. If your schedule doesn't allow you a daily class or you've moved away from Glow - please join my daily 20-minute strengthening classes I host via Zoom >

Often, when we are impatient to see the results as fast as we falsely desire, we sell out of the stock market, we quit our fitness dreams, music lessons, language school, education, relationships... you name it. Running Glow now for 11 years I've been so lucky to witness our members getting stronger and more graceful as they move from their 30s to 40s, from 50s to 60s, and from 60s to 70s. Perseverance and a decade of regular practice made them superhuman; by our regulars, I am inspired every day! One of the best things I see is that our students seem to have an immense amount of positive energy, and keep climbing new heights in their lives with wisdom and gratitude. The slow and steady does it. Life is a heck of a journey friends, and yoga gives us the attentiveness we need to truly master it.

Thank you for watching, and for choosing to honor and take loving care of what you have been given as a gift. Sending you love, please do not give up. 

Natasha  & Glowing Team 🌱✨

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