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Dana Niyama - How Giving Are We?

There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - yogic take on human values and ethical practices that help us reach our full potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and to liberate us from the repetitive cycle of suffering. Yoga philosophy gives us the angles to look at our own behavior, so we can understand our actions, reactions, and beliefs. When we live in contradiction to the highest values, when we avoid taking the higher road -  we get stuck in a rat. 


This month join us in aligning our moment-to-moment living with the value of Dana - giving and generosity, which are not as straightforward as we think.


I vividly remember the moment my mind was blown by this wisdom from my psychology classes: 

whenever we FEEL like we are not receiving enough, it only means that we are not GIVING enough.


The monthly contemplations are:

- Are we truly sharing from the heart, or are we expecting tit for tat?

- Are we giving our love and kindness to all?

- Are we aware of what truly needs to be given?

- Do we fearfully 'filter' ourselves and our gifts with the world?

- Are we forGIVING or do we keep the score and blame?

Even when you as a client come to a store, or a student coming to a yoga studio - instead of what is here for me, try this on: How can I give the best of myself today? How can I improve everyone's luck by simply being here? Am I acting forgiving or righteous? That's the sauce!


The universal flow of love works in a simple way: we have to give from the heart without fear. This daily practice of Dana helps us stay in the flow of abundance and love, creating a community that shares and thrives together. When we share from the heart, whether it's knowledge, a listening ear, or material things, we tap into limitless abundance and magic, creating a fulfilling life for the greatest good of all.

5 Ideas on Implementing Dana Niyama

1. Create a daily mindfulness practice to connect with an open space of abundance and peace. We can't give anything good when feeling closed and overwhelmed.

2. Before starting your day, tell yourself: My contribution matters, the way I show up in my community matters, and I will put my whole heart into whatever I need to accomplish today.

3. Make a daily habit to name the 3 smallest things you are grateful for. We only can give sincerely from a gratitude mindset.

4. Take loving care of your plants, pets, and family, and ask your loved ones: What do you need? How can I support you today?

5. Let go of your belongings with ease: declutter often, and forgive instantly when you lose something, or something is taken against your will. Clearing out is key to receiving. 

Take time this month to contemplate this beautiful practice - see how you can embed it in your daily life to expand your abundance and loving essence.

The material on my blog cannot be shared or quoted without my permission. Thank you for reading!




  1. Adyashanti recordings - he has many recorded sanghas I like listening to on my walks >

  2. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (constantly, on repeat  - it's a lifelong reminder) >

  3. The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. I read it in print in the mornings -contemplative meditations to start my day with >

  4. Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition. by Christopher Wallis >

  5. The Spiritual Psychology teacher Michelle Chalfant's Adult Chair Podcast >

  6. Weekly recordings from the Spirit Rock The Heart Wisdom Podcast of Jack Kornfield >



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Sending you love, health and peace,

Natasha & Glowing Team

Sending you gratitude, love and peace

Natasha & Glowing Team

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