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SIDDHANTA SRAVANA NIYAMA: Listening to the Spiritual Teachings

There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - yogic take on human values and ethical practices that help us reach our full potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and to liberate us from the repetitive cycle of suffering. When we live in contradiction to the highest values, when we avoid taking the higher road -  we get stuck in a rat. 


This month we are finding the ways and the best resources to implement a daily dose of spiritual teachings to help us self-soothe and self-regulate, protecting our inner peace and effectiveness.


In my yoga practice, Siddhanta Sravana is one of the most cherished moments of my day. I love listening to spiritual teachings whenever I am by myself and free of work or chores. I definitely replaced watching TV with Siddhanta Sravana, and I find listening to the teachings both fascinating and useful. I find a lot of answers to my daily challenges in Vedic and Buddhist philosophies. The fun thing about this Niyama is that it doesn't specify whom you must listen to. There is no dogma in Yogic philosophy - it's about finding a teacher that soothes your disturbances, helps you understand yourself and others, be responsible for your actions and remember that life is a mystery. Below you will find my favorite resources, and I am excited to take this month's classes and see whom our teachers love listening to! 


How can we make this Niyama part of your daily life?



1. Joining yoga classes - spiritual teachings are part of our every class. This month our teachers will be sharing their favorite spiritual authors and sources in every class. 

2. During the commute, or even better, a dedicated daily walk to listen to recorded teachings and contemplate on from audiobooks, podcasts, and lectures (below are my 5 favorites)

3. Open my favorite book once I wake up or before you go to bed. I have many books that have a format with 1-2 page teachings, and great bite-size contemplations for daily practice.  My Must-Read Books  >

Take a Course: Self-Awareness, BreathWork, Meditation

Take a Course: Self-Awareness, BreathWork, Meditation

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  1. Adyashanti recordings - he has many recorded sanghas I like listening to on my walks >

  2. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (constantly, on repeat  - it's a lifelong reminder) >

  3. The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. I read it in print in the mornings - contemplative meditations to start my day with >

  4. The Spiritual Psychology teacher Michelle Chalfant's Adult Chair Podcast >

  5. Weekly recordings from the Spirit Rock The Heart Wisdom Podcast of Jack Kornfield >

Every 2 weeks join The Journal Time Katrina is leading to support the community on this self-awareness journey. Journaling is a part of yoga called svadhyaya, self-study, an incredible tool for processing our life experiences and for closing the gap between our values and our actions. Join us in-person or via Zoom >


Join our daily in-person and Livestream classes starting January 2nd. 

If you are planning on coming 2+ times a week, please sign up as an Unlimited Member, and if less than twice a week - 5+ Membership.



Please take a look at our current in-person curriculum of yoga and 360 Core classes, and try any class from home > 



Your life is now. Here. In the city. Make it more meaningful, enjoy it, do something different. We are bringing a variety of holistic leaders and healers to educate, unwind, nurture our spirit and entertain our curiosity every weekend > 


Dates are Flexible: February 28-March 6. 


Let's move to North Lake Tahoe for a week! With new work-from-home flexibility, I invite you to rethink your life for 2022 and beyond. Would you want a life that includes a daily self-care routine with breathwork, meditation, and an exercise that fills your life with joy, energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm? Makes you feel driven? A life of adventures and breakthroughs?

Use this week to create space for inner growth, play, and wellbeing WHILE building the life you want. Let's enjoy the winter in a slower, less adrenaline-focused, more zen, and playful way. After this week you will have a new daily selfcare routine that honors who you are and makes you feel strong and empowered, and you will know how to cross-country ski!


Daily activities offered in the retreat:

✅ Daily Sunrise Breathwork and Meditation

✅ Yoga on the beach
✅ Mindset and Patterns Training with Journaling work on Self-Sabotage and Limiting Beliefs
✅ 3+ Hours of Daily Movement
✅ SoundBaths and Restorative Practices
✅ Cross-country ski lessons

✅ 16-Hour Intermittent Fasting (optional)
✅ Natural Hot Springs day visit (bring a swimsuit)

✅ Complimentary 60 Min Massage at the house (by Tankut)
✅ Painting Class
✅ Exploring Tahoe resorts, spas, and a dining scene :)

Arrivals: Thursday, March 3 The price of the retreat is the same whether you come Monday or any day that week.

Departing Tahoe: following Sunday after brunch

Location: Retreat is in North Lake Tahoe, across the beach in Incline Village. Once reserved, you will receive an email with a list of what to bring.


$1400 two-person shared room (one or 2 beds)

$700 one-person in a shared room (2 beds)

$850 one-person private room

This is a small-group experience (about 10 people, while the property can accommodate 16). Digital vaccine poof is required and we will provide the rapid tests.

Sign Up >

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Sending you love, health, and helpful self-discipline,


Natasha & Glowing Team