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Because our lives become more fast-paced and all fitness trends follow go-harder-faster philosophy, our overwhelmed minds, hormones, nervous systems, and our joints are really paying the toll.

Glow's founder Natasha has applied yogic principles of non-harming and self-awareness to create a thoughtful, sustainable program, a daily routine you can start today to set yourself up for pain-free healthy, and active lifestyle at any age. Having suffered from excruciating chronic neck pain in her 20's, she has committed to heal herself so she can enjoy exercising daily, cross-country skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and just feel good in her body. She has developed a holistic approach to building strength that matters without further compromising our joints, relieving tension-pain-inflammation, developing mental and hormonal balance, and harnessing sustainable energy so we can enjoy our life to the fullest. There must be a smarter way to work out: stressing less while accomplishing more. If you are a beginner yogi 20-70yo, please start with our 360°Core, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga classes. SCHEDULE a CALL with Natasha to figure out your best daily routine >



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Please enjoy our recorded program below, and if you live in San Francisco  -  join us in-studio today



Glow Yoga Classes


At Glow, we teach yoga as a holistic discipline, preserving the richness of its ancient philosophy. Our teaching style is educational, casual, and interactive: we love sharing our favorite mindfulness tools, spiritual and yogic wisdom to cultivate inner peace, self-discipline, and self-awareness. We offer a thoughtful variety of yoga classes: Strengthening Flow - Vinyasa, Gentle Beginner-Friendly Yoga, Yin-Restorative, Meditation & Breathwork. Our minimum recommendation is 3 classes a week. Join us for daily in-studio classes, or do 10-40min videos at home. 




360°Barre Classes


Glow Core program is our thoughtful solution to common back pain, knee pain, neck-shoulder pain, sciatica, injuries, and fatigue at any age. Our body deteriorates fast under constant stress paired with a limited range of daily motion, weakened abs, gluteus, and back muscles. Glow 360°Core is our signature class infused with Barre, Pilates, and Physical Therapy, designed to effectively increase muscle-bone density all way around our 360 joints.  Standing part of the class is done by the Barre, an effective way to strengthen without further stressing our joints. Mindful, precisely controlled movements sculpt the 360° of muscles all around our body for greater balance and stability. Always challenging, this fun class develops our mental focus and harnesses sustainable energy, helping us accomplish more in less time. For the best well-rounded routine please implement our next program too: Tension Relief w/Self Massage. 

Our minimum recommendation for 360°Barre classes is 3 times a week. Alternate days with yoga, or combine core + yoga into a single day. In-studio we host 40min Core classes often followed by 60min yoga. 


 Glow Core Training Benefits​​
  • 360 Degrees core strengthening

  • Cardiovascular endurance

  • Learn to move smarter and more effectively

  • Build strength around your spine and joints

  • Relieve back pain, restore postural alignment

  • Recovery from strain or injury

  • Improve balance, neuromuscular coordination

  • Enhance your performance at any sport

  • Mental health - endorphins heal our brain

  • All ages - no previous experience necessary



Tension & Pain Relief with Self-Massage


Who doesn't love a massage? And can we tell you that you should, and can have it weekly? Massage reduces cortisol and inflammation, increases oxytocin that restores our energy, quality sleep, immune system, and recovery. Massage therapy is the best natural pain relief treatment and is highly recommended for cancer recovery and prevention. Please take advantage of our Spa Membership to book an affordable monthly massage, and try our thoughtful video sequences using massage therapy TuneUp Balls and a foam roller at home for a feel-good stiffness-pain-inflammation relief in your entire body, and specific areas. We host an in-person Chill Yoga & TuneUp Massage class on Saturdays 10:30a >

If you are currently in pain, we recommend applying our Joint-Muscle Care Oil 2-3 times a day, book Red Light Therapy with Massage to reduce inflammation, and start your recovery. To prevent inflammation, our recommendation for myofascial tension release is once a week.