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In a world that's moving faster and faster, our minds, hormones, nervous systems, and joints are taking a toll. It's time to hit the brakes, infuse holistic care into our fitness routines, and let our bodies refuel and thrive.

Natasha, the founder of Glow, draws from yogic principles of non-harming and self-awareness. Having battled neck arthritis pain in her 20s, she has developed a holistic approach blending Eastern and Western science to building strength while prioritizing joint health, relieving tension, pain, and inflammation, fostering mental and hormonal balance, and cultivating a peaceful presence for a fulfilling life. 

There is a smarter way to stay fit: stressing less while accomplishing more. If you are a beginner, please start with our Daily 25-Minute Program A, Tension Relief Course, Yin Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation, 360°Core, and progress to Glow Flow and Arm Balances. SCHEDULE A CALL with Natasha to figure out your best daily routine.


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Home Morning Workouts: Program A


Program A Includes:

✅ Breathwork, Mindfulness, Gratitude Practice

✅ Yoga, Simple Stretches

✅ Resistance Core Strength Training, Heavy Weight Training, Low Joint Impact

✅ Myofascial Tension Rollout using Massage Tools


Are you still struggling to fit in daily workouts? Making exercise stick in your schedule is like trying to keep a cat in a bath. You're not at fault—perhaps you've yet to discover what truly resonates with your body, and let's be honest, with your full schedule. I get it.  My 25-minute daily program is built to solve these problems! For the last 3 years, I have kept up with my morning workouts and I was NEVER alone - with a group of Glowgis we showed on our rain or shine, in the dark winter mornings and hot and lazy summers. The way I feel before and after these 25 minutes blows my mind every day still. Before the world even wakes up, we get to clear overwhelm, relax our tension, strengthen our body, and feel those muscles sore the next day! My favorite part, not gonna lie :) 

The Glow Home Workout Program A is a recording from our daily Morning Live Sessions, and it contains all the tools that have supported and continue to hold me today physically, and spiritually. Now, in my forties, I'm delighted to say that I'm living pain-free and exercising daily! I feel grateful I get to enjoy moving freely today, and I know it's not true for many people.

In a world filled with widespread anxiety, ADD, insomnia, fatigue, and chronic pain, I stand behind the healing powers of DOING our part. 

My heart's mission is to ignite a spark within you for daily self-care that's doable, yet challenging, effective, and fulfilling!


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Yoga Courses


At Glow, we teach trauma-sensitive holistic yoga, embracing the timeless 8 Limbs and philosophy. Yoga reminds us that the purpose of our life is only fulfilled in the NOW. We don't need to travel to 'find' ourselves, we simply need to stay connected to our presence, our loving awareness to live a purposeful life. Our teaching style is educational, casual, and interactive: we love sharing our favorite mindfulness tools, pranayama, and