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Japa Niyama - Recitation of Mantras & Affirmations

There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - yogic take on human values and ethical practices that help us reach our full potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and to liberate us from the repetitive cycle of suffering. When we live in contradiction to the highest values, when we avoid taking the higher road -  we get stuck in a rat. 

This month we are implementing Japa Niyama - the daily practice of reciting special words to self-soothe, connect to our essence, and rewire unconscious patterns. This is where mala beads and rosary are getting handy, as well as spinning prayer wheels. Just like today, thousands of years ago people's lives were affected by negative thoughts and fears. This ancient practice of reciting affirming words is what the current science of psychology calls CBT - cognitive behavioral therapy, the process of replacing negative thoughts with more helpful thoughts. Repeating affirming words daily moves us toward our center, the part of us that is unaffected by the ups and downs of life.  Cultivating the understanding that ultimate reality exists as its own essential nature, and unaffected by all of the states of our consciousness, feelings, or emotions. It is where we land when we let go of all ideas of ourselves, labels, name, age, stories and connect to greater consciousness and bliss. It creates new pathways to expand our beliefs and help us rise above our pain. Japa has the purpose of promoting self-awareness and inner calm. With regular meditation and mantra practice, we also get to observe the inner workings of our mind, how we relate to situations, what drives our reactions, and which beliefs keep us in the estate of resistance, rumination, and worries. 


With regular practice, we start living from a constant place of awareness of our divine loving essence throughout the day. In this month of mantra-focused practice, we'll be trying out various mantras and affirmations and see which resonates with us most. 


3 Ways of Daily Japa Practice: 


  1. Before going to bed, and first thing as you wake up, repeat the words 'Thank You'  or 'Peace', or 'Clarity' 20 times as you're folding your fingers to count. Work towards 108 times, you can get mala beads to help you count. Alternatively, you can use Sanskrit vibrational words like Shanti (peace) or So Hum (I'm one with the Universe), Ong (Om), or any other. 

  2. Use affirming sentences during your daily meditation and asana practice, like My mind is clear. My body is healthy. My spirit is at peace. I am fearless and calm. I trust all is working out beautifully. I am part of the divine. It's easy for me to forgive and let go.  I am the force of goodness in the universe. 

  3. Find a song that uplifts your spirit and sing it daily: in the shower, on your walk, in the car, while playing an instrument. Singing is a traditional way to connect to our essential nature which is love. ​I have my own Mantras playlist I like to sing along to - and you can build one for yourself too. It could be as simple as '3 Little Birds' by Bob Marley 😊  or  I Will Survive by the incredible Gloria Gaynor

What other ways I did not mention but would be your recitation practice? Please share what works for you with us in classes! 

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Sending you gratitude, love, and peace

Natasha & Glowing Team

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Sending you love, health, and helpful self-discipline,


Natasha & Glowing Team

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