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Corparate Wellness Programs

Office buildings, residential buildings, conferences: added self-care program elevates your long-term brand vision and the well-being of the people you serve. 


And, if your company is currently facing challenges in collaborative efforts, or in persuading the team to return to the office - incorporating a wellness component into their workday can be a highly compelling reason to return. As we work from home, it's easy to lose track of work / self-care boundaries. Adding a yoga or meditation class to your office schedule will enhance collaboration, foster loyalty, and increase overall life satisfaction among your team - everyone appreciates a quality break. Our research has shown that a 'carrot' approach works: capture your team by offering an in-office wellness event that they won't want to miss.

We built a team of wellness leaders and educators to inspire people of all ages to practice yoga and mindfulness for mental health and quality of life.

Corporate Wellness Pricing:

Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation -  $300/h

Low Impact Pilates-Based Core Strengthening Classes - $300/h

Myofascial Tension Relief and Rollout - $350/h

SoundBath 'Inner Bliss' - $600/h

Chair Massage - $350/h

Self-care & Wellness Talks at your Events - $1,200+

Painting 🎨 as Stress Reduction - $600/h

Wine tasting with a Somm -$900/h

- we offer different contract pricing for conferences and larger events, regular weekly/monthly in-office and Zoom classes. 

- we are insured and provide COI per request.

- we accommodate all levels and all ages.

- for 60+ people attendance we recommend booking 2 instructors per movement class to offer more personal attention to all attendees.

Event Props: We will point you to where to order reasonably priced props (under $20 per person) for your events & giveaways. We do not provide yoga mats and other props for the events. 

Off-site events: you are welcome to bring your team to our location - our space is absolutely beautiful with skylights and 20ft ceilings and can accommodate up to 25ppl. We are a 15-minute walk away from FiDi, by Washington square park.

Small Teams: you may reserve up to 8 spots in our public group classes. 

Space Rental: you may book our classroom for your own use.

Glow Classroom availability for events:

All weekdays 8a-11a, 1p-4p, 7p-8:30p on Fri, Sat 1:30p-7p, Sun 1:30p-3:30p

Location: 1548 Stockton Street

Parking: North Beach Garage 735 Vallejo St ($5/h)

Payment is required to book.

Cancellation Policy:  10 days. You may reschedule for an additional $60 fee > 

Refunds: 3% transaction fee will be applied to all refunds. There are no refunds for late cancellations.


Use our Chat to ask us any questions - let's plan your event!


With LOVE,


Glowing Team

  •   Holistic health education for lifelong preventative feel-good selfcare

  •   Mindfulness education for mental & emotional calm

  •   Tension Release for preventing chronic pain

  •   Low joint impact fitness for core strength, stability, and mobility

  •   Focus on active graceful aging and burnout prevention



Yoga is not a sport - one cannot be 'good at it'. It's a lifelong selfcare, expanding our physical and mental reach in all aspects of life. - Natasha, Glow



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