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Corparate Yoga & Wellness Programs
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Adding an engaging wellness program to your conference, or your quarterly special team gatherings can elevate your brand's long-term vision, loyalty, and well-being of the people you serve.

Today, Employees' Health Insurance offers incredible discounts for added wellness programs. We can help you add a high-participation rate quality wellness program with non-intimidating fitness classes that will not only save you over 10% on  Insurance costs, but also enhance the team's alliance, and work satisfaction, and prevent costly sick days and burnouts.


As we got used to working from home, many companies today face challenges in collaborative efforts, in persuading their teams to come back to the office. Incorporating self-care components into a workweek can be your reconnective platform. Capture your team's attention by offering an in-office event that nobody wants to miss.

We've built a team of wellness educators to inspire people of all ages to practice sustainable feel-good self-care. 

Office Wellness Individual Session Pricing:


We offer different contract pricing for events over 60ppl, conferences, regular weekly and monthly in-office, and Live coaching and classes. 

Office Yoga, Chair Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, MBSR -  $300/h*

'Prevent Back Pain' Pilates-Based Core Strengthening Classes - $300/h

Myofascial Massage - Deep Tension Release Class - $350/h

Yin Yoga with Hot Stones + SoundBath - $350/h

'Stretches for Stiff People' - $300/h

'Preventing Tech Neck with Massage Balls' - $350/h

Restorative Yoga & Massage - $800/h with 2 teachers

SoundBath Meditation 'Inner Bliss' - $600/h

Painting 🎨 for Stress Release - $600/90min, and $45/pp over 13 people

Custom Self-Care Talks at your Events - $1,200+

Wine or Sake tasting with a Somm -$900/h

*prices are the same for shorter, 30-45 minute class

- we are insured and accommodate all levels and all ages.

Event Props: You may order reasonably priced props (under $15 per person) for event giveaways here. For the best hygiene practices, we do not provide yoga mats and other props for the events.

Off-site events: you are welcome to bring your team to our location - our space is absolutely beautiful with skylights and 20ft ceilings and can accommodate up to 24ppl. We are a 15-minute walk away from FiDi, by Washington Square Park.

Small Teams: you may reserve up to 8 spots in our public group classes. 

Space Rental: you may book our classroom for your use.

Glow Classroom Availability for In-Person Events:

Weekdays 8a-11a, 1p-5p, Sat 12p-7p, Sun 12:30p-3:30p

Location: 1548 Stockton Street

Parking: North Beach Garage 735 Vallejo St ($5/h)

Payment is required to book.

Cancellation Policy:  10 days. You may reschedule for an additional $60 fee 

Refunds: 3% transaction fee will be applied to all refunds. There are no refunds for late cancellations.


Use our Chat to ask us any questions - let's plan your event!


With LOVE,


Glowing Team

  •   Highly engaging, educational sustainable, and feel-good fitness for all ages and skills

  •   Flexible and Accessible: Livestream and in-person options

  •   Mindfulness for mental clarity and productivity: burnout prevention

  •   Tension Release and chronic pain rehabilitation: sick day reduction

  •   Low joint impact fitness for core strength, stability, and mobility



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