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How to host Unique Private Holiday Party or a Corporate Wellness Event

Thank you! Hope you have a peaceful day

A few weeks back I got an interesting call from a friend asking me to host a class for her group of friends at Glow. She said that over the pandemic they have developed much deeper relationships by sharing monthly wellness experiences instead of going out to dinners as they used to. Last week I was also asked to host a corporate SoundBath to help rebuild its team spirit: it was so sweet to see them reconnect in a peaceful holistic environment.

As we slowly come out of our nests, I invite you too, to host more meaningful gatherings that contribute to everyone's well-being. It is time for us to play a part in balancing our work, social life, and health. Would you like to lead a meaningful unique gathering for your community? YOU can be that conscious leader, a wellness advocate your group deserves. 


We'd be honored to help you host a special wellness party: inside Glow, at our sister-event space Tantara SF,  in a quiet Sydney Walton Square, at your location, or via Zoom. Glow space is absolutely beautiful with skylights and 20ft ceilings and can accommodate up to 24ppl. There is a better way of relating, coworking, connecting, and co-creating a healthier social environment going forward. 


The availability is Fridays 7p-8:30p, Sat-Sun 12-7:30p, on weekdays 1p-4p. Private activity is 60min + 30min of socializing after:

  1. Soundbath - $300

  2. Yin Yoga with Hot Stones - $300

  3. Add Extra 90 Minutes of Studio Use Time to Your Private Activity for Champagne/Socializing - $200

  4. Rent Our Space without an activity - $200/h

  5. Painting Class - $500

  6. Restorative Yoga & Massage - $800

  7. Candle-Making Class - $800

  8. Yoga, Tension relief using foam-rollers & massage therapy balls, kids yoga,  360Barre+Pilates - $300,

  9. Blind-wine tasting with a Somm -$600

  10. Anything else you can think of: we have an incredible team of wellness leaders and coaches

To host a wellness activity at your location - the cost of the activity above, plus an extra $100

For presenting at your public event or conference - please contact me using our chat. 

To book:  use our Chat to brainstorm and ask us any questions and pay the fees here >

You may RENT one of our spaces: 

1. Glow Zen Room - accommodated up to 30 people, we have a projector for rent if needed 

2. Tantara SF accommodates up to 10 people - a beautiful private event space nestled between North Beach & Nob Hill. You may contact Tankut via 415.548.3301 with availability & questions about Tantara. Book/pay here >


Use Chat now to ask any questions and brainstorm. 

Thank you for reading, and for choosing to honor and take loving care of what you have been given as a gift. Sending you love, please do not give up. Healing is the application of love and care in all the places that hurt. 


Natasha 🌱✨

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