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Slow Down To Heal: Glow Podcast

Thank you! Hope you have a peaceful day

With the widespread anxiety, anger, insomnia, fatigue, and fast-paced fitness frenzy I want to honor the sacredness of slowing down. The podcast's mission is to share easy practices and lifehacks with our team & beyond: breathwork, meditation, mindset, self-awareness you can do while listening! Our mission is to empower all to daily non-negotiable selfcare that feels good. My wish for all is a pain-free meaningful life. Always-be-strengthening is my motto, and you'll never hear me talk about weight loss. What we ought to lose are our outdated coping patterns and beliefs that make us feel righteous and upset. Healing is an application of loving & care to all the places that hurt.

I am very grateful for your support in co-creating our sweet inspiring community of Glow. Join us to develop sustainable and joyful selfcare for life'.

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'Slow Down To Heal' Podcast

'Slow Down To Heal' Podcast

'Slow Down To Heal' Podcast