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Thank you! Hope you have a peaceful day

About January Resolutions

Every New Year is sold as an opportunity to find 'the best version' of ourselves: create grand goals, take a month off drinking, lose 10 pounds, start a boot camp. The most harmful part of this mindset is that if we don't stick to our 'goal' we all of a sudden mark ourself as a failure, and quit all the effort. The fact is that even reaching 30% of our 'New Year Goals' would be an incredible achievement if only we could keep it for a lifetime. How can we better see the cause and effect of our actions, love ourselves enough to slow down, and make time for well-being in a much more kind and sustainable way? What about 20 minutes of workout instead of an hour, foam-rolling instead of jumping, sleeping more instead of working more, eating more veggies instead of cutting out pizza? A weekend croissant from Maison Nico, personally makes me feel very healthy. And, seeing that pastry' chef's 8-pack😛 inspires me to work out!


My invitation is to consider that winter is not the best time for drastic changes, but it's excellent for reflections and for planting seeds for new sprouts. All growth begins with nurturing the soil, developing new skills, and using all available tools. As humans, we can't develop ourselves without our tools at hand, without self-awareness.

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And, another key to this is to remember there is no such this as BEST SELF, this delusion leads to self-loathing and not accepting, not loving the ONE REAL SELF who might be having a hard time acting differently. In Yogic and Buddhist philosophy - there are no such things as 'other' selves. We act the way we learned to act depending on the circumstances we were exposed to. Taking an inventory of the tools we have acquired along the way, relying on the skills we have developed, the strengths we possess, the places that recharge us, and the people that inspire us, eventually we will be able to see and choose new ways of behaving differently.  We cannot possibly start acting in the new ways, while still believing and operating on the mindset we acquired 10+ years back. As Carl Jung said: 'Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life; worse still; we take this step with the false pre-assumption that our morning's truths and ideals will serve us as hitherto. What in the morning was true in the evening will become a lie'. 

So first, let's reflect on what we have developed thus far. 

Instead of New Year Resolutions, try my 5-Questions Reflections Process:

Take 1-2 hours to think about every question, write answers in the journal, discuss them with your loved ones, and don't rush through it. I am showing you my answers, please forgive me as they are very clunky and shortened. I intend to share here the simplicity of the process so you get the jist. 

1. What was my biggest challenge, disappointment, my pain this year?
    It's been a tough tough year missing my family, feeling guilty being so far away and not able to help, feeling pain from the continuing oppression, war, and violence against innocent people, and all the challenges and stresses of running a business. I’m so sick and tired of this never-ending violence that is somehow always initiated by men. WTF!! I invite you to acknowledge and make room for your pain. Feel it, share it, and make time for it. What is not felt and expressed is depressed. 💓 

2. What new skills, habits, and new ways of behaving did I cultivate this year?
    From my yogic perspective, growth is inevitable when we implement Yamas and Niyamas into our lives, but growth doesn’t mean that we have to change, it often means that we can see our ways of behaving and thinking more clearly, and become more compassionate towards those parts. I learned to voice my quirks like ‘Hey, I know I ask a million questions, so thank you for your patience with me. Or, I love being preachy, but feel free to take whatever resonates and do ignore the rest.’ This offered me so much space to be patient with others – I now certainly know it’s the most challenging thing for all of us to behave differently than we’re used to, especially when it’s reinforced by our unconscious belief thats somehow its ok to behave that way.
     As for 2023 habits, I’ve cemented my morning 25-minute self-care. This is the 3rd year (I’m so proud of us!) I haven’t skipped Pranayama, Gratitude, and Movement before I start my day. And, you’re welcome to join – I host those LIVE over Zoom (link in BIO)
    Professionally, I’ve gained new skills: completed a few trainings including Accessible Yoga, and Osteoporosis Care, talked about Sustainable Selfcare in front of hundreds of people at conferences. I taught 517 classes, and we took Glowgis to Alaska to see Northern Lights - its been a full and unforgettable year!😇🙏

3. What was the fuel, the source of my strength, inspiration and peace this year?
     I can’t really put it in words to describe the process of my heart, all I know is that somehow after my morning practice, tuning into breath and heartbeat, fog becomes less thick and obstacles turn into tasks to check off the list. Waking up scared of what the day will bring, and after my workout, I’m all strong ‘Bring it on!’. 🤜🏼🧞‍♀️🧝‍♀️🦹🏻‍♀️
    So many times I felt powerless, useless, disappointed with our violent men-run world, and certain that the struggles will never end. But, on my daily stroll, seeing the Bay Bridge, the sky-poking Coit Tower, smelling clean ocean air - my heart gets full: I am so frikking lucky to even be here, healthy, breathing, skedaddling to work to see the people I adore!
    Seeing our members overcome their family patterns and choosing health, showing up, falling, standing up, changing jobs, being brave, healing cancer, mending wounds, broken bones, and aching hearts. I bow, inspired.
    FaceTime with my parents as they tag-team wintering the garden, or hearing about mom’s recent mushroom-hunting trip with my lil nephew - those stories melt the worries. Seeing my boyfriend neatly watering his plants. Ahh, here you are, peace. Life is worth pulling all the efforts.

4. What places and experiences were meaningful to me this year?
    I’m always surprised by how much I forget, and reflecting on this question usually takes 2 parts. First, I think of my favorite regular places, take my office. I love being at Glow… it's bright and warm, smells so yummy and the best part, I get to see you come in🥰 my heart gets full watching you care about your strength and sanity, hearing your stories, worries, and aspirations. Golden.  
    I love my time at the Farmers Market, and I made a new friend with one farmer this year🥰One day I didn’t have cash, and after loading my bag on zucchinis realized cash only - he simply asked to bring him money next week. Now we know each other’s names and every weekend we joke about the variety of hats I wear😁. Growing up in an agricultural small town where we borrowed a cup of flour from a neighbor to save a trip to the store, it’s really meaningful to me to see the small-town friendliness in people.
    I also think of my quiet time on my yoga mat as another place I really cherish.
    Oh! We had an Alaska Retreat this year!! Northern lights, Hot Springs, Ice Sculptures, Appletinis in the glass made of ice. I frikking adore this kind of childish adventure, makes my little Natasha so happy 🥰Seeing Aurora appear in the sky.. heart skips a beat, especially seeing it on OUR continent, not going to Europe, being surprised by our own backyard. Simple Treasures. We’re going again, I want to show it to EVERYONE!!
     Mallorca, Portugal..was so lucky to visit this year. They were stunning and inspired a new dream, hear me out: how about slowly walking across those picturesque towns with fig and orange trees someday, for a week or two? Me, my feet, my thoughts and the sceneries? 😇🙌👏🏽

5. Final reflection, Day 5. Who are the people I’d love to continue developing deeper connections with in the years to come, and why? 💓

   With this final question, I’m inviting appreciation into my heart, taking time to feel the love for all beings I know, ones I lost along the way, and incredible humans I simply got disconnected from too. I send the warmest wishes to them: may you and your families be healthy, feel love, be safe, and have butterflies🦋🦋in your tummies for all the fascinating things you’re passionate about. May you find peace.

Once things are clear, try these on as well

3 Mindset Shifts for a LIFELONG Sustainable Workout Habit:


1. Identity. Start defining yourself as an active person who loves daily movement for energy and spunk😜 I know I feel more like myself when working out: it turbo charges my sense of humor, playfulness, creative problem solving, and seeing bigger picture.


2. Self-Love. Avoid self-loathing goals like ‘losing weight’ or focusing on body image. Try instead, ‘My body deserves to be the strongest, most flexible, and healthiest it can be.’👏🏽


3. Shift from ‘finding time for a workout’ to ‘making time for myself. Movement keeps me clearheaded and more effective’.🙌🥰 You may argue that self-loathing like ‘ I want to change how my body looks’ can motivate people to start working out, but trust me, this doesn’t last and often causes over-doing, injuries, and burnout.


Only LOVE can support you on the dark days and rainy days and the busy days to keep showing up, moving in any way you can, even for 20 minutes of breathing and stretching, to take care of your only home, your beautiful and fascinating human body💓.


Please listen to my Podcast Episode ‘Mindset Shift for Sustainable Fitness and Self Care’ on Apple Podcasts ‘Slow Down to Heal’ 

Wishing you a meaningful, brave, and healthy 2023, and beyond.

Natasha and Glowing Team