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Huta Niyama - Leaning Into Rituals

There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - yogic take on human values and ethical practices that help us reach our full potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and to liberate us from the repetitive cycle of suffering. When we live in contradiction to the highest values, when we avoid taking the higher road -  we can get stuck in a rat. 


This month we are diving deeper into developing a daily practice of connecting to our inner spirit, our inner wisdom, and the greater wellbeing.

Just like many traditions offer spiritual rituals to light a candle, practice prayers, fast, go on a month-long walk, or spend time in silence, we too can create a ritual that works for us to remember our spirit, our humility, and our reverence for all life. 
You might wonder, what does spirituality even mean?  Spiritual practice is simply the time we are aware of our self, our aches, hopes, our actions, our beliefs, our appreciation. It is the time we spend in contemplation, understanding, and awe. Today, while our life is full of distractions, and celebrity - influences, it is so easy to forget our own inner depth, our beautiful and fascinating essence. To help us remember our own uniqueness, ingenuity and beauty, I invite you to develop a self-honoring ritual you can look forward to every day. While the ancient rituals of sacrifice may not be applicable today, how can we still connect to our presence daily that works for us? 

5 Ideas For Developing Daily Spiritual Rituals: 

1. If you love morning tea like myself - wake up early and sit quietly with your favorite cup, think of a few things you are grateful for, watch the sunrise for 10 minutes, and enjoy your own special company. To make it extra mindful - burn a little sage or sprinkle cinnamon into your drink, soak into your senses as you enjoy your meditative quiet time. To connect with myself, I do morning breathwork and self care routine before I begin all daily projects. 

2. A daily ritual of keeping things neat: placing all items I use back in their places, cleaning all dishes, and wiping the surrounding surfaces once I'm done. Every act of beautifying my environment is my daily spiritual ritual, my time to connect to inner calm and wisdom. I have amazing insights and remember sweet or funny moments of my week during cleaning! I love the old Buddhist saying: whenever you have a free minute - sweep the sidewalk. 

3. At night - we can light a candle, play soothing music that invites a contemplative mindset, spray lavender mist, take a long shower, or fill up a bath - that could be our ritual of connecting to ourselves, quiet time to listen to the insight. 

4. Getting into bed at night - read a few pages of any contemplative book. Or, open your journal and write a few moments of the day you're grateful for, And maybe a lesson or two too.  Before falling asleep, I like to recite a prayer for everyone's well-being. 

5. A daily visit to the church of your choice. For me, it's a yoga studio, a quiet walk on the waterfront, weekly Chakras Meditation with Roxanne, on a long hike.

What could be your ritual to honor your spirit, and connect to yourself, your insight? To check on your inner weather? To connect to your heart, grace, and wisdom? 

I am looking forward to seeing you in classes this month where together we will continue to cultivate the ritual of coming to our mats.  Please join our classes this month  - we'll be looking at Huta from different angles.

Sending so much love. Let's be courageous to look at what attitude limit our well-being, connections, and success in every area of this fascinating human experience ❤️❤️❤️

Natasha & Glowing Team 

The material on my blog cannot be shared or quoted without my reference. Thank you for reading!



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Sending you love, health, and helpful self-discipline,


Natasha & Glowing Team

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