What Is Restless Leg Syndrome and How to Fix It?

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This particular class about Restless Leg Syndrome I created at a friend's request. While doing my research, I discovered that RLS affects 10% of adults and is classified as a sleep disorder. Troubled sleep deteriorates our brain and the most importantly our immune system which is so vital today! This common condition causes fatigue and affects mood, concentration, performance, and personal relationships. This class outlines a few simple techniques to balance our nervous system and restore dopamine, as well as a sequence of exercises with self-massage to improve circulation and neuromuscular health. Speaking of much-needed massage for all of us, we are hosting TuneUp Therapy Balls every Friday at 1pm


The Relieve & Repair Oil I used in the class to reduce tension and inflammation can be purchased here. I am a proud maker of this magical healing product 😊    > 


If you suffer from sleeping issues or RLS, please also try these recorded videos sequences: 

-  Gentle, Yin Yoga for Shoulders and Hamstrings Tension that helps with RLS, as well as common legs, shoulders, back tension on Yoga Channel >

-  Breathwork Practice for Restful Sleep to help our mind settle down into a deep rest on Mental Hygiene Channel >

I would also love to feature a few live upcoming workshops with my favorite local Medical Qi Gong teacher Eli Cohen 

Qi Gong for Lung Protection, Sleep, Immune Health and more >


To spread more consciousness and self-awareness, please hear out what Aiyisha has to say about racism from a lens of yogic philosophy and her own experience, and take a moment to think about: what is spiritual bypassing? How can we promote peace, love, and compassion towards one another?  How can we support and encourage more yoga teachers of color? Diversity is NATURE, no one life form is identical, not even one tree leaf on all trees in the world is the same. We are here to protect and cherish life in all forms, speak up for those who have no voice. Until all of us acknowledge and embody this truth - the country is not going to change. Our hearts are where the change begins. Let's not forget what yoga is all about.

Thank you for taking responsibility for your own wellness and consciousness - this is a courageous act by which you are making our whole community healthier and more aware. And thank you for your support! 


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