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Every month I get receipt requests from some of our lucky members whose employers' wellness programs reimburse the cost of our membership. A week ago, one member shared that she submitted her Yoga Membership expenses directly to her Health Insurance because her doctor recommended it for chronic pain. I was so excited to see such a life-changing move in our healthcare, and I hope that maybe some of you can also benefit from her experience. She forwarded me her doctor's yoga prescription letter, which inspired this article. I think it's worth trying - we can't benefit if we do not put in the effort, agree? 😉

Today, with a greater understanding of the comprehensive mental and physical benefits of yoga, many employers' plans offer wellness programs that include coverage for yoga memberships as part of preventive care or health improvement initiatives. In my personal experience, it was yoga and resistance training that healed my neck arthritis pain, not the doctor's prescribed painkillers, and I am looking forward to the time when insurance companies invest in and encourage people's daily mindfulness and strengthening routines.

To figure out how to include yoga in your health insurance benefits, consider the following:

  1. Take Advantage of Your Employer-Sponsored Plans: Most employers provide health insurance plans that include wellness benefits covering yoga or fitness memberships. Check with your employer's HR department or review the plan details to see if yoga is part of the covered benefits.

  2. Look Into Individual or Family Plans: When exploring individual or family health insurance plans, look for wellness or preventive care benefits that might include coverage for yoga classes. Review plan documents or contact insurance providers directly to inquire about specific wellness benefits related to yoga.

  3. Ask for Doctors' recommendations for your Chronic Pain, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Depression.  Even if the insurance plan doesn't directly cover the cost of a yoga membership, most plans today offer wellness benefits or reimbursements for certain health-related expenses, including yoga. Patients can then submit documentation for reimbursement, such as the doctor's recommendation with a receipt.

Take a  look at our client's doctor's recommendation note that qualified her for Glow Membership Health Insurance Reimbursement:


From Doctor X.

Doctor's Address

December 20, 2023

Please allow my patient _______ to apply the following to his/her/their FSA/HSA Account:  Yoga Classes as part of their chronic back pain and weight loss management program. This expense qualifies for HSA and FSA reimbursement as a medical expense under IRS Publication 969 (for FSAs and HSA)  and IRS Publication 502 (Medical and Dental Expenses). ICD 10 diagnoses E66.9, M54.50


I encourage you to openly talk to your doctors, never minimize the seriousness of your stress, sleeping challenges, or aches, and work together on the possibility of a health-insurance-backed solution to create sustainable self-care for mental overwhelm, chronic tension, and mindful strengthening. Please do not give up: what we will do today and every day will affect how we'll feel 10 years from now. 

Please see our Articles on Back Pain, Neck Pain, Inflammation, and Anxiety.

Sending you love, health, and peace,


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