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Glow's Mission is to reduce stress, pain, and suffering via holistic physical and spiritual disciplines. Join our wellness community to learn and develop long-term self-care practices for graceful aging. 

Thanksgiving Note from Natasha

Thank you for making me feel that I am not alone in this new country I made home. For all of your support of mission 'Glow', and for your acceptance of our efforts to inspire conscious living, I am forever grateful.

Please join us this Holiday: 

Facials are available on Friday & Sunday >


Thursday >

7:45a Barre inside, and free via Livestream!

8:30a Yoga Livestream from Mt Shasta  by Aiyisha

9:30a Neck-Shoulders Tension Rollout Livestream

3:30p Yoga for Kids 5+ Livestream by Anita

Friday > 

9:30a Yoga Outdoors Sydney Walton Sq

12p Conscious Living Self Study Livestream

4p Low Back-Glutes Rollout Livestream

Saturday >

9:30a Barre Outdoors Sydney Walton Sq

10:30a Yoga Outdoors Sydney Walton Sq

Sunday >

10a Core Outdoors Washington Sq Park by Emily

10:30a Yoga inside & Livestream by Erika 

Sending you lots of LOVE. You are a magnificent being capable of the most inspiring things. Never forget that.

Natasha and Glowing Team



Glow Happy Hour Paint Class 'The Colors of Change' 

December 12 Saturday 12p >

Thank you for visiting us! Your today's participation in our thoughtful and relevant selfcare practices is the only way to sustain your wellness community through COVID.. read full Blog >

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