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Glow Red Light Therapy is a relaxing holistic anti-inflammatory photobiomodulation treatment we hope everyone can add to their regular wellness routine. Great therapy for all inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, pain, tension, and eczema. Red Light photobiomodulation is known to help with low energy, depression, hormonal imbalances, and insomnia. The mitochondria of our cells thrive on red and near-infrared light, boosting ATP to fuel cellular renewal and repair. It works amazingly well to speed up scar healing after surgery or chemotherapy. Glow full-body professional Red Light capsule uses 220V power to produce a potent output of 633-800nm light, energizing our cells' regeneration. Contains no UVA or UVB.
It is a 30-minute appointment with no direct contact with our staff. During the session, you can choose to play relaxing music or guided meditation. The light session is 20 minutes.


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New Client Special: 2 Sessions $90 (1 mo exp)

​1 session $55 | 4 - $200 | 10 - $400 | 20 - $640 (no exp)

Add Dermalogica Pro Light Energy Face Mask - $20

Try it complimentary with Glow Spa Membership $145 >

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Red Light Therapy

PriceFrom $55.00
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