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Our mind can be our greatest friend or the worst enemy. Without self-awareness and daily mental hygiene, all our worries and fears can take hostage of our lives and keep us in a loop of suffering. When we repeat new thoughts daily - our brain creates new synopses, the proteins that make our memory and form our beliefs and drive emotions, and actions. 


  • The set includes 7 coaster cards with over 35 Affirmations, 5+ for every Chakra - an energy center that corresponds with our glands,  hormones, and ways we relate to the world and ourselves.
  • Every coaster holds transformative affirmations, repeating which will help you see, and clear what's not real, to move things through and out. 
  • Whether you are going through changes, experience a sense of lack or a loss, or simply feeling overwhelmed and unproductive  -  life never stops giving us things to process.
  • Use these cards to tap into the power of awareness,  let things be seen, known, and cleared to feel safe, grounded, and powerful again.
  • How to use: pick one that speaks to you the most, close your eyes, breathe slowly into that part of your body, imagine the color, and repeat that affirmation 7 times, on the inhales. On the exhales you let go of the worries, and negative thoughts. 


These 7 Affirmation Cards are designed by Roxanne & Natasha and born out of our Chakra Meditation practice to help us stay strong and balanced during the COVID pandemic, giving us the inner power to overcome the anxiety from the never-ending changes. 


These cards can be served as coasters - keep them on your desk and rotate as needed. 


Please join our in-person weekly Self-Awareness Practice: The Journey Through Chakras every Wednesday 11:11a followed by Gentle Yoga  - both led by Roxanne. Book here > 



Original Art by Roxanne & Natasha

Daily Affirmation Cards - Chakra Coasters

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