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We are continuing the challenge in September. - please join in! Join for 12+ in-person classes and a month (Spa visits count too) to receive a $20 gift card towards massage, membership, or to pay forward for a friend. We recommend taking 2 classes in a row - our 40min 360°Barre is usually followed by 60min Glow Flow, and on Fridays, we have 4:20p Yin Yoga followed by 5:40p Restorative SoundBath - a great way to retreat yourself for 2 hours. 

October Winners:

Alex L.

Carissa P.

Desseel D.

Julie G.

Katherine N.

Kaysee M.

Kevin Z.

Marcella C. 

Molly H.

Sonja K. 

Stephanie A.

Talar D.

Glow November Curriculum

for Physical & Spiritual Growth

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Puja Niyama - Reverence, Daily Spiritual Rituals

There are 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas - daily values and practices from ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts that help us reach our full potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and to liberate us from mental, spiritual, and physical suffering.  This month join us in aligning our moment-to-moment living with the value of Puja - the daily reverence for the greater consciousness, and life itself. Often we forget to appreciate our things and get lost in work and worries until life shakes us up by the loss of our health or something-someone dear. This daily practice of Puja helps us stay in the flow of abundance and love, and soak in all our blessings today, right now. When we connect to the greater consciousness daily using our gratitude, meditation practice, or prayer - we tap into the limitless wisdom and creativity to take care of what we have been given, overcome any roadblocks, and create a fulfilling life for the greatest good of all. 

5 Ideas on Implementing Puja Niyama

1. Adopt daily breathwork & meditation practice to connect with the greater consciousness - the open space of abundance, wisdom, and bliss

2. Build a 'shrine' in your home that you can tend to for daily gratitude practice to expand your love, courage, and all life's blessings. It could be a statue of a goddess who inspires you, a picture of a person who taught you love, a candle you can light up, or a little essential oil spray - any ritual that will bring you to connect to your spirit, your loving heart

3. Make a habit before getting out of bed, and before falling asleep to name 3 smallest things you are grateful for

4. Take loving care of your plants, pets, and family, pick up any waste you see in your neighborhood, make conscious buying decisions, stop using single use-plastics -  live moment to moment in a state of reverence for nature, and all living things

5. Hang a painting with inspiring words in your home to remind you to be grateful and stay connected to life's blessings

Take time this month to contemplate this beautiful reverence practice - see how you can embed it in your daily life to expand your growth, success and stay connected to your loving essence.

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Sending you gratitude, love and peace

Natasha & Glowing Team

Glow Northern Lights: Breathwork Retreat 

March 1-5 2023

Join a trip toward your North Star: awaken your courageous heart, your ancestral roots of the explorer.


What is your North Star? Is it showing up as your best self? Is it making your life an example to your children? Empowering others? Overcoming adversity? Is it keeping an open heart for all life's adventures?


We'll enjoy a few Bucket List adventures together: dog sledding, soaking in the Hot Springs surrounded by snow, marveling at the stunning ice sculptures, and drinking hot chocolate under the Northern Lights.


The purpose of this retreat is to make lifelong memories, reconnect to our inner child, our loving, fearless soul, and expand our AWE-reness.


During this retreat, we'll dive into the Breathwork Module of Glow Yoga Teacher Training led by Natasha & Katrina.  You will learn different types of breathwork and how to use breathwork to enhance your self-awareness,  improve your meditation and concentration, balance your energy, and your ability to self-soothe, and self-regulate. Breathwork is one of the 8 fundamental pillars of yoga practice. 


If you'd like to receive 30 Hour Training certificate, you'll need to complete the Required Reading, 5h of teaching, and pass the Pranayama Module test within the 2 months after the retreat.


Early Bird Reservations:

shared room $1,777, and goes up $200 after November 14th

single room $2,111 and goes up$200 after November 14th

Breathwork Training ($450 value) is included in this retreat

Arrivals: March 1, Wednesday to Fairbanks, Alaska. Most flights leave SFO after 5p land around midnight - a great chance to see the Northern Lights during the landing! Flights are not included.

Included: 4 nights accommodation, home-made GF vegetarian meals, ground transportation to the day trips, Glow Yoga Training Breathwork Module.





  1. Adyashanti recordings - he has many recorded sanghas I buy to listen to on my walks >

  2. The Unthererted Soul by Michael Singer (constantly, on repeat  - it's a lifelong reminder) >

  3. The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. I read it in print at night and in the mornings - life contemplations to start or finish a day with >

  4. The Spiritual Psychology teacher Michelle Chalfant's Adult Chair Podcast >

  5. Weekly recordings from the Spirit Rock The Heart Wisdom Podcast of Jack Kornfield >



Every 2 weeks join The Journal Time Katrina is leading to support the community on this self-awareness journey. Journaling is a part of yoga called svadhyaya, self-study, an incredible tool for processing our life experiences and for closing the gap between our values and our actions. Join us in person or via Zoom >



Please take a look at our current in-person schedule of yoga, meditation, soundbaths for self-awareness, and 360Barre classes > 



Your life is now. Here. In stunning Bay Area. Make it more meaningful, enjoy it, and do something different. We are bringing a variety of holistic leaders and healers to educate, unwind, nurture our spirit and entertain our curiosity every weekend > 

Glow Podcast is LIVE 'Slow Down To Heal'

With the widespread anxiety, anger, insomnia, fatigue and fast-paced fitness frenzy I want to honor the sacredness of slowing down. The podcast's mission is to share easy practices and lifehacks with our team & beyond: breathwork, meditation, mindset, self-awareness, mindful strengthening, and bodywork you can do while listening! Our mission is to empower all to daily non-negotiable selfcare that feels good. My wish for all is a pain-free meaningful life. Always-be-strengthening is my motto, and you'll never hear me talk about weight loss. What we ought to lose are our outdated coping patterns and beliefs that make us feel righteous and upset. Healing is an application of loving & care to all the places that hurt.

I am very grateful for your support in co-creating our sweet inspiring community of Glow. Join us to develop sustainable and joyful selfcare for life'.

You can subscribe to Glow Apple Podcast here >

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