Its Mine & Glow's Birthday Wish!

March 22 2020

My heart is reaching out to all of our community. Our local service industry is suffering - including Glow. My life's work, Glow Wellness is in a bind: we have an incredible healing team whose livelihood completely depends on scheduled appointments, and today, for my birthday I am reaching out to treat yourself and help us during this quarantine. You can check our services here, and buy a gift card or a 2-visit offer. We will be thrilled to help you feel and look GLOWING after sheltering, caving and couching time :)   And, please, support your hair-dressers, nail salons and others by purchasing their gift cards too - your local service businesses fully depend on your participation - an organic flow of love exchange where we help each other thrive.

$199  2 Custom Facials  or  2 60min Massages

Save $40. No expiration. See our Spa services

Prepaid Gift Cards  - no expiration

$150 for $145

$200 for $190

Use it for yourself or someone else's Birthday: choice of spa treatment, classes, Dermalogica skincare, or Glow-Getter retail.

$$ Donation - Goes Directly to Our Staff

$$ choose any amount

Together, we will make it through!

March 2020

     My heart is reaching out to all of our community. Together, let's choose to stay strong and support each other. Today we are presented with an opportunity to remember how important our health is, and how essential local businesses are to our lives. Please support Glow during this outbreak by not canceling your memberships, by taking our online classes (check current Mindbody schedule) and purchase one of our specials below: your participation today will help us stay in business after March. Local businesses fully depend on your participation - an organic flow of love exchange where we help each other thrive. I trust that you care about your health, the health of our city and the diversity of small businesses in our neighborhoods. Think about other local business you'd like to help survive beyond these challenging weeks - our health depends on you.

    Here's is how you can help Glow, and your neighborhood thrive: buy a pass of classes or a Gift Card for future facial, massage or upcoming Birthday gift.  Please lean in today and join so our teachers and I can keep serving you unmatching healthy services for many more years to come! Any previously purchased sessions that have expiration dates will be extended to use after the outbreak.

    Glow is not a gym, and not a regular yoga studio. Glow is a school of wellness, where we acquire tools for long-term health. Our variety of yoga and fitness classes focus on physical and spiritual development to help us see a bigger picture, be more effective in life and not get stuck in our jobs, media noise and 'trends'. The range of our offerings is designed to include absolutely everybody. Burn your extra energy, tone up your body, or clear mental clutter, recover from pain, emotional or physical fatigue: we have a daily class to serve all needs. Our Core program is designed to rehabilitate and strengthen, and our weekend wellness is to educate and help us live free of stress, pain and unconscious patterns.  Enjoy a regular massage, facial and Rejuvalight with our holistic therapists. Your direct participation allows us to serve these unmatching healthy services in our neighborhood.

    Please share this with your neighbors, friends in the neighborhood. Take care everyone and may the world recover from this soon. Send us an email if you need help with anything - we are here for you.

$450 30 Classes Special - no expiration

Read our FAQ to see what class us best for you >

- yoga, barre, meditation, breathwork, core, kettlebells

Get the pass and take your time! We are happy to see you at Glow whenever you can make time for selfcare. 

$89 Glow 5+ Pass or any other Membership

Perfect for once-twice a week selfcare. $17.8/class plus $15 all additional classes. Read our FAQ to see what class is best for you >

- if you purchase before this weekend, we will rollover your first 2 months of unused classes for an extra 90 days

- additional classes & weekend wellness events $15

- $15 guests, complimentary guests on Thur & Fridays 5:20p

- monthly autopay, no commitment, flexible activation date

- 10% off Glow Spa treatment

$450 for 20 Rejuvalight Sessions - no expiration

use promocode 'localbusiness'. Read about Rejuvalight

$1,100 10 Months of Unlimited Classes (save $400)

Read our FAQ to see what class us best for you >

- yoga, barre, meditation, breathwork, core, kettlebells

- flexible activation date: on 1st reservation or email us for a specific date

Current Safety Practices at Glow: 

Please follow CDC's advice on getting through COVID-19.  See all the current measures we take at Glow to continuously destroy all viruses. I recommend you stay home if you are worried, have any symptoms or traveled abroad within the last 2 weeks - your responsibility saves lives. Support your immunity by taking hot baths, drinking lots of water, eating colorful foods, going on walks, adding probiotics and minimizing stress. Read my April 2019 Blog on Parasympathetic Nervous system. Our digestion is responsible for 80% of our immunity as most pathogens get caught in our nose - mouth and get swallowed. Keep your nose and mouth moist. When our stomach's acidity is balanced - it kills all the harmful things we swallow.  Our digestive acidity depends on our stress and on what we eat! If you haven't recently traveled overseas and free of symptoms - please come learn about healthy digestion with Monica Floeck. She hosts the Ayurvedic talks at Glow every month - come in April if not feeling well or shoot her an email - she consults over the phone. Look at our stress-relieving weekend events.


If you've been a member of Glow, you know that we always practice strict hygiene and cleanliness. Today we have implemented even more measures to make sure that all viruses are continuously destroyed within our walls: 


1. We will move all of our classes online when necessary so you can continue your wellness from home. Movement and mindfulness are essential for our immunity and inner peace. You will see online classes on our regular Mindbody schedule. Any of your previously purchased sessions with expiration dates will be extended to use after the outbreak.

2. As soon as you enter Glow, going forward - please wash your hands for 20+ seconds, count it out loud.

3. Please stay home if you have any cold-flu symptoms or traveled abroad last 2 weeks. Your responsibility saves lives.

4. Our powerful HVAC is constantly bringing fresh outside air in, plus we open our windows to ventilate the rooms all the time. 


5. Please use your own mat, or bring a Mat Towel to fully cover our mats going forward. We have mat towels for sale. 


6. We are disinfecting all door handles, water dispensers and all touch-surfaces throughout a day with professional anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial solutions. Our floor cleaning solution has always been anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

7. We have cut down our schedule to a very minimum to provide a safe place for selfcare  - please make sure to register before attending.

8. We regularly laundry our bolsters, straps, and blankets in hot water and they will be available for use after the outbreak. 

9. We have plenty of concentrated anti-viral cleaning formula - if you need it, please email us and bring a spray bottle. I am happy to give you some to go.



and our incredible caring wellness-nerdy team

The Inevitable Pain: 3 Causes and Ways To Prevent

February 2020

There is nothing worse than daily pain - it comes with emotional distress, reactivity, weak immunity and loss of drive. What is interesting is that most of the pain is caused by 3 factors, and it is our awareness and a life-long practice will help us manage and prevent them. My heart goes to all of you in pain, I've definitely lived through it, you are not alone:

1. Pain from illness, viruses, bacteria & toxins is pretty much inevitable, especially when we ignore daily selfcare, quality rest, mental hygiene, and clean food. Scientific studies credit stress and lifestyle to 90% of all diseases today - stress hormones shut down our immune system and the hormones that repair and eliminate waste from our bodies. Our brains keep stress hormones high because they are over-worked, over-stimulated with phones and city life. To turn the immunity and repair on, we need to add smarter routines, yin, stretchy classes to our week, meditation, regular self-massage, long baths, quiet days in nature, reduce screentime, and the toxicity of our households. The keys to prevention and healing are strong immunity, a peaceful state of mind and a nurturing environment.


2. Unfortunately, every body someday will experience pain from an injury, joint overuse, bad posture, accident, faster sports, heavyweights, chronic tension.  The tension we ignore eventually turns into an injury, inflammation, strain, or arthritis. To prevent and relieve tension buildup, all yoga is great. Remember smarter, not faster. In some of our yoga classes, we use fun little therapy TuneUp balls to add more precise muscle release work, plus once a month we hold a 90min Deep Myofascial Tissue Rollout, every 1st Sunday at 11am. Coming up this Sunday! >         Watch the video to see a few ways of using TuneUp Balls


3. Lastly, there is a chronic pain related to our fascinating nervous system and the mind, the 'physically invisible causes'. Some are autoimmunity disorders, TMS, Fibromyalgia, some back pain, sciatica and more. This pain requires a lot of testing to exclude toxicity and neurological viruses, as well as a team of holistic mind-body doctors to help us heal the ecosystem of the mind. If you want to learn more about long-lasting chronic pain, I have added a Podcast 'Like Mind Like Body' in February Resources below, where brilliant scientists, therapists and doctors are still discovering the incredible human mind, and the invisible causes of pain. The best news that yoga, meditation, and myofascial work are common treatments for pain management. And, if you are curious about Somatic Psychotherapy, please sign up for the upcoming talks led by Aiyisha Castillo, one of our teachers on staff. You can take her yoga classes on Mondays 12p, Wednesdays 6:15p and Fridays 5:20p. The 1st workshop is scheduled for February 22nd. Read more > 

Benefits of our slower yoga classes, meditation and myofascial release:

- boosts immunity and balances hormones to allow repair

- relieves and prevents chronic pain

- somatic-emotional healing of trauma, anger, anxieties, restlessness, and stress

- self-awareness, body-awareness and inner peace


If you are currently in pain, my heart goes to you. You are not alone.

Here are a few products to help:

Order by clicking below 

1. Pain, Inflammation, Tension, Arthritis Relief Rub by Inhale Nature > 

2. Curable App - chronic pain management designed by doctors and scientists >

3. Plantar Fasciitis Kit for all foot pain by Toes & Soles Footcare > 

4. Bunion Pain Relief by Toes & Soles Footcare >
5. Deep Tissue Release TuneUp Balls by TuneUp Fitness and Jill Miller >

Glow-Getters' February Books and Other Education:

I will be sending you monthly recommendations for the books I'm reading and other sources I found helpful for inner peace, emotional and overall health. Simply click on each to order:

- The Yamas & Niyamas: simple yet profound little book to help you move through life with grace and courage

- Loneliness Companion: full of wisdom and tools, by our local family-relationships therapist, founder of Evolve Therapy

- Dark Waters Movie: exposing the health lawsuits and the toxicity  practices of Teflon products, a must

- Like Mind Like Body, a podcast by Curable: the team of doctors and scientists on managing and healing 'invisible' chronic pain

Don't forget to check our amazing lineup of educational and relaxing weekend wellness events, we would love to help you recharge, boost your immunity and reconnect with your inner peace. 

24 Hour Promotion: $10 OFF

Unlimited 3 Months Of Glow - $380

includes complimentary/discounted weekend events

please use promocode 'painfree'  valid for 24h


Wishing you a meaningful, courageous and healthy 2020, and beyond.

Natasha and Glowing Team

What can 'New Me' actually mean?

January 2020

This beautiful number 2020 can be an opportunity to upgrade ourselves: a chance to live more courageously and benefit from our growth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us, we are the way we learned to be and should only be proud of where we are today. But life is not staying still and we are supposed to evolve with it. While time is shifting even the most iconic landscapes on the planet, our inner architecture needs the flexibility to allow our growth and bloom of our ever-changing body, lifestyle and the environment. Just like the trees are not afraid of dropping their leaves and being vulnerably naked to only bear juicy fruit next season, we must release the ways we used to cope, the defenses we hid behind and patterns we adopted to feel in control and dysfunctionally 'strong'.  The winter is not the best time for drastic changes, but its best for shedding stale arrangements. We cannot possibly believe that some opinions acquired 10+ years back could do us any good in 2020. As Carl Jung said: 'Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life; worse still; we take this step with the false preassumption that our morning's truths and ideals will serve us as hitherto. What in the morning was true in the evening will become a lie'.

I have been redesigning a few ways of living myself, honoring and appreciating all I used be. They've brought me here - I'm definitely work in progress, always learning and moving forward. For instance:

- Does not making enough of time in the morning and feeling rushed serve me well?

- Does playing 'agreeable', not advocating for myself, and being shy help me today?

- Do my current habits make my body stay strong and healthy as I age?

- Does my daily routine give my heart and soul the fuel that they need to stay optimistic and kind?

- Which people add wellness into my life, and which ones tend to choose the opposite?

- What TV/Media worries me, and which am I inspired by?

- Where do I go refill my energy and strength to face life's challenges, and where do I go to escape? 

- Are my choices with politics/money/consumption aligned with the greater good of all, or am I acting on what is decided by the media, my parents or my fears? 

- Do the foods I am used to eating provide the nutrients that my body actually needs? .....


I would love to hear from you: share any breakthroughs in your reflections of the past decade, and especially any lifehacks you've figured out how to live with more wellness and purpose in mind. I am happy to send you the 'Glow Reflection List' with questions to reflect on in 2019 based on which I held a class on last week, just ask! 


Don't forget to check our amazing lineup of educational and relaxing weekend wellness events and come visit, we would love to see you!  


Wishing you a meaningful, brave and healthy 2020, and beyond.

Natasha and Glowing Team

24 Hour Promotion: $20 OFF

For those of you who'd like to add more mindfulness, wellness and movement in the new year, please use this promocode 'healthy2020'  valid for 24 hours. If you do not live close by - please check our amazing lineup of educational and relaxing weekend wellness events and visit us, we would love to see you!


Click to Buy: 


Unlimited Glow Membership


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You are a vital part of the greater good

Holidays 2019

Diane was living on the streets of San Francisco for 30 years.  That is until North Beach Citizens helped her turn her life around. Diane is now in permanent housing, successfully treating her addiction, and in a work training program. There are more people like Diane suffering on the streets this holiday season and as a community with very small acts of kindness, we all can help one person at a time. With the opioid crisis and fundamentally broken pro-profit insurance-run healthcare, it is truly up to us to keep ourselves and our community safe and healthy. 
Every Sunday at 1pm we are hosting a fundraising yoga class ($15) taught by our dedicated yogini and a local small business owner Mary Nguyen. NorthBeachCitizens is a group of people like you who help 400 homeless and low-income residents find & stay in housing & rebuild their lives. 100% of your donation will go to helping people like Diane as other donors have covered the organization's operational costs. Please sign up for Sunday class, or simply
 make a $10 - $20 charitable donation to North Beach Citizens via Facebook here



I am now thinking about January's class schedule and definitely need to know your availability!


Lauren Cohen is back from traveling with Yoga Journal, and is teaching Thursday nights Candlelight Flow at 6:30p.

Plus, please welcome 2 more amazing teachers joining our team: 

Charlotte Vetter (Tuesday 6:15p & 7:30p), and Marianne Velonis (Wednesdays 6:30a Sunrise Practice), both are very experienced, knowledgeable and caring yogis we can learn from a lot. Come to practice this week, and help us make them feel at home.


To reduce your Holiday stress we are running Glow Gift Card Specials, available until December 10th.

Buy today and conveniently schedule for Holiday delivery! While buying, you can choose Christmas or Hanukkah eCard too:)

$90 for $100 - great for 60min massage

$135 for $150 -  great for 80min massage or Signature facial



The best-priced membership for busy people to maintain a healthy mind and body once-twice a week with yoga, meditation, barre, core, and kettlebell classes.

No commitment, cancel anytime. Read more here >

Monthly Massage or Facial with Bonuses, 1 free class & $15 all additional classes. Read more

notice new Friday Meditation classes, Happy Hour Flow and more
Happy Hour Flow Thursdays & Fridays 5:20pm: members can invite a friend for free.




Saturday, December 14 12pm



Saturday, December 14th at 2:00pm



Saturday, December 21st at 1:30pm



Sunday, January 5 11am


Saturday, January 11 at 2:00pm



Saturday, January 18 1pm



Saturday, January 25 1pm



February 14-16 in Bodega Bay 


Wednesdays 6:15pm Flow 
Thursdays 5:20pm Happy Hour Flow

Thank you for your continuous selfcare and participation in your community. You are in fact a vital part of the greater good!

Natasha & Glowing Team


Do not limit yourself: you can choose any of our conversation-starting designs, and order it in your favorite style of clothing for men, women, and babies, do not forget to add a new sassy makeup bag, iPhone case, water bottle and many other useful gifts from you - to you.

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Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 10.51.23

Your Job Is Not Your Purpose

October 2019

Have you ever thought of your purpose? It's a big question many of us struggle with while we spend our life chasing for something. The misunderstanding is that we think our purpose is found in the perfect job, secretly longing for the most ‘contributing’ position, making a profound change in the world, constantly seeking something better, bigger, more ‘meaningful’. I am here to remind us: the chase for anything will not bring us the fulfillment that we seek. 
What if there was no such thing as 'a job'? What is the purpose of the rest of life on our planet? We are here to walk the Earth with compassionate footprints, and our purpose is fulfilled in the smallest DAILY acts. The choices we make daily either align or not with our purpose: the way we relate to ourselves and each other, and the way we treat our planet either align or not with our purpose. The products we buy, the companies we support, the shows we watch, the people we spend time with - all those daily actions either make us feel fulfilled, or more separated, unable and small. 
When you offer away whatever you have today, in any form - you are living your purpose. When you clean your parents' house and your surroundings - you are living your purpose. When you choose not to buy a plastic water bottle - you are living your purpose. When you learn how to love and heal yourself - you are living your purpose. When you see others with the eyes of compassion - you are living your purpose. When you choose not to add to a negative conversation - you are living your purpose. Our daily actions that align with our core values fill our cups of fulfillment. Its a path of 'being' - being more peaceful, being with nature, being kind, being generous, being open, being with yourself and others, being courageous. I hope this reminder helps you stop the chase and start enjoying your life now, being aligned with your values which I know is what the world needs today. 

Stop the Chase and Refuel Your Soul

Speaking of the chase and burnout, I am hosting my next Meditation & Books Retreat in 2 weeks, October 11-13 in the redwoods on a shore of Russian River at a beautiful property and all possible comforts to reset, remember our purpose and refill our cups.  Read more and book >


notice new Conscious Entrepreneurship classes, Breathwork, Happy Hour Unwind etc
Happy Hour Unwind on Thursdays & Fridays - members can invite a friend for free.

Sunday, October 20 11am


Saturday, November 2 at 2pm, plus more weekends events being added every week


Wednesdays 6:15pm Flow 
Thursdays 5:20pm Happy Hour Unwind

Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team




Activate Your Feet - Unleash Your Body

July 2019

Our feet are some of the most used and abused parts of our body. They carry us through life, absorb shock, distribute our weight, and adapt to surface changes when walking, running, & climbing. After years of teaching yoga to thousands of people, I have noticed that most of us have incredibly weak feet, ankles, and frozen toes. Just like Acme bread turns stale on the next day, our feet become immobile and rigid wearing shoes most of our life. This immobility is widespread and unfortunately contributes to many injuries, falls, chronic back, hip, knee pain. Lack of foot strength and flexibility contribute to fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and many other foot conditions. While knee and hip surgeries have been skyrocketing, most doctors would agree that the only way to prevent the surgery is to keep your body stable by making your feet strong.

Each foot is made up of 28 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments, all of which work together to provide support, balance, and mobility. The only way to strengthen and reclaim the mobility of our feet is to perform focused barefoot exercises and stretches on a regular basis. The great news is that all our classes at Glow are barefoot, helping strengthen, stretch, prevent deterioration and undo the damages the shoes cause. In the video below, Jordan shares one simple way to activate your feet and toes at home. She also mentions an interesting fact: when your pinky toes are inactive - some of your leg muscles are inactive too. Using our toes turns on the vital supportive muscles in our legs, meaning that our balance and strength completely depend on the use of all of our toes. I find it fascinating; our body is intelligent in so many ways. Please remember, that knowing about it is not enough: transformation comes from regular practice. 


7 Lifehacks for Your Feet To Unleash Your Body's Potential:

1. Avoid wearing any pointing shoes, and shoes with the hard inflexible sole on a daily basis. 

2. In yoga classes, please pay closer attention to your feet: stretch your toes and press all of them into the floor in every standing pose, use them!

3. The best way to strengthen your feet are in one-legged poses: Half Moon, Warrior 3, Standing Splits, Tree Pose. While your standing foot is getting super strong, don't forget to flex or point your lifted foot, and stretch its toes; you can activate all 100 of your foot's muscles while it's free of shoes.

4. Take a weekly Barre class: with a lot of attention paid to feet and toes, there are many opportunities to activate and strengthen.

5. Join our Yin classes to release all tension and myofascial congestion in legs & throughout your body. Long holds in Yin classes restore your posture, release long-term damage and stress. 

6. Join our weekend Myofascial Roll & Release workshops, where we explore our body and use tools like Therapy Balls to get deeper into the tissues.

7. Watch Jordan's video for self-care at home, and create a new habit of stretching and flexing your toes for one minute after you take your shoes off.


Tuesday 8am -      BreathWork with Natasha

Tuesday 7:30pm - Yoga Nirda with Cianne

Wednesday 8am - Barre with Natasha

Thursday 8am -     Kettlebells with Christina

Friday 11:20am -    BreathWork with Natasha

Sunday 8:30am -    Pilates Core with Kurt

Sunday 6:30pm -    Yin with Hot Stones with Glow Yin Masters


This Sunday, July 7th 12pm: Yoga Outside! At North Beach Farmers Market with our amazing Kimm Ropicky, benefitting North Beach Neighbors. First 20 people arrived will get a complimentary pass to Glow Yoga. You can read about who North Beach Neighbors are, and join their membership to participate in improving our neighborhood

Yoga Nidra - Sunday, July 7th at 3:30pm Restore the balance of your mental & emotional health through guided relaxation, visualization, breathwork and meditation in Yoga Nidra with Cianne Le Chat. All healing begins with your mind. This class is now on schedule every Tuesday at 7:30pm. 

Katrina Baccetti is holding Afternoon of Bliss, Deep Tissue Release with CBD oil on Saturday, July 13, with therapy balls, and longer yin stretches to unbind and heal your aches.

Demystifying the Bandhas: Accessing the Core Body in Yoga with Allison Marshall, July 14th Sunday 1-3pm. Deep dive into the vital practice of the banhdas through discussion, anatomy, and asana practice. Learn how using your core improves your breath, concentration, and energy. Great for new, experienced practitioners and yoga teachers alike!

Weekend in Tahoe during Wanderlust July 18-21. We've reserved a house near Squaw Valley, and have room for 2 more people at Glow's house, $300 for the weekend lodging. Your Wanderlust attendance is not required to enjoy the summer in the Mountains!

California Soul: Bodega Bay Retreat August August 23-25. 
Think meditation, breathwork, yin, writing, reading & kayaking.

Facial Cupping and Body Cupping is available with all of our Spa treatments. Watch the videos and read more here.

Congratulations to our June Glow-Getters!

Everyone mentioned below took over 14 classes last month, prioritizing 14 of 720 hours of June to their health. I hope you join them in July!

Please enjoy your $10 gift card, and keep it up - collect your gifts and book yourself much deserved massage! Thank you for inspiring us.

Mona Al-Shaalan, Stacey Balter, Olivia Brown, Marcella Comparini, Marjorie Cook, Roxanne Davis, Cathy Early, Sara Grossman, Patrice Ignacio, Naomi Kristen, Reagan Page, Sheralyn Sadie, Carina Webster.

Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team

How Come Nobody Taught Us About Breath? 

June 2019

Did you know that most of us breathe incorrectly? Simply check yourself by taking a big breath right now. Did you lift your chest? There! Including you! This shallow vertical breath is responsible for our low energy, weakened immunity, neck pain, as well as emotional & mental drainage. What if I tell you that our habitual chest breathing directly contributes to hormonal over-drive, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, extra weight, unhealthy digestion, raised heartbeat and blood pressure, restless sleep, and unconscious long-term stress? 


I have been researching why we all breathe improperly using our chest, neck, and shoulders instead of our diaphragm and with the results of my findings, I have developed a series of BreathWork classes to re-learn the better, smarter, deeper way of breathing. Simply knowing about proper breath is not enough: our primary breathing muscles are very weak today and need to be strengthened with the regular exercise, like any other muscles. That is why a weekly class is an absolute must for re-wiring of our unhealthy breathing patterns, kind of a breath workout! The only way to overcome the chest- breathing habits is to actually practice! Watch my video below with one simple exercise you can do right now. 


Our whole nation is depleted energetically, mentally and spiritually - dependency on coffee and substances is the new norm. I would like to offer you a better way to refuel, by tapping into the power of our breath. Yes, breath is more effective than coffee.  Many therapies use the breath to release anxieties and ailments, relax our nervous system to promote rest and repair. Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful gateway to our self-awareness and our body's natural healing resources.​

Join us for New Summer Series, Glow BreathWork 30-35min classes starting this week on Tuesdays at 8am, on your way to work, and Fridays 11:20am, right before Lunchtime Flow with Brad Brockbank. Glow BreathWork or pranayama is designed to decongest emotional-mental energy and release the long-term stress in our physical body. Learning to breathe properly and with purpose will help you sleep better, cope with stress and have more stamina and energy throughout the day. I encourage you to always practice deep, belly breathing in all of our yoga and meditation classes. 

We will practice a variety of breathing exercises, some with gentle repetitive movements, some with sound. You will learn more nourishing ways to be with yourselves and others, give yourself permission to be in the present, see what arises, which patterns persist. You will have an opportunity to consciously release limiting beliefs and habits that keep you in the cycle of suffering. All healing begins with clarity.


Tuesday 8am -      BreathWork with Natasha

Tuesday 7:30pm - Yoga Nirda with Cianne

Wednesday 8am - Barre with Natasha

Thursday 8am -     Kettlebells with Christina

Friday 11:20am -    BreathWork with Natasha

Sunday 8:30am -    Core with Kurt

Sunday 6:30pm -    Yin with Hot Stones with Glow Yin Masters


Feng Shui of Your Home: First Steps - this Saturday, June 22. We have invited our friend, international interior designer Liza Evans to help to rethink our living space and re-design our life that will promote health, emotional and physical balance. 

All About Boundaries with Simone Writer This Sunday, June 23. You'll learn what boundaries really mean and the different types of boundaries; how to recognize when others (or you, my friend) violate boundaries. and the TWO reasons why we struggle with setting boundaries.

Yoga Nidra - Sunday, June 23 at 3:30pm you can restore the balance of your mental & emotional health through guided relaxation, visualization, and meditation in Yoga Nidra with Cianne Le Chat. The healing begins with your mind.

Live Music in Yin with Hot Stones - Friday, June 29 6:30pm. Come to restore and re-align, take deep breaths, slow down, reflect, digest, regulate the energy & your immune system, inviting healing and deep relaxation with Allison Marshall & amazing musical guests from LA  


Saturday, June 29th at 1pm - learn about Ayurveda, and how to support your health & digestion using nature's wisdom, remedies, and spiritual practices. You will have a chance to figure out your dosha, and how to balance yourself.

Katrina Baccetti is holding Afternoon of Bliss, Deep Tissue Release with CBD oil on Saturday, July 13, with therapy balls, and longer yin stretches to unbind and heal your aches.

Demystifying the Bandhas: Accessing the Core Body in Yoga with Allison Marshall, July 14th Sunday 1-3pm. Deep dive into the vital practice of the banhdas through discussion, anatomy, and asana practice. Great for new or experienced practitioners and yoga teachers alike!

Weekend in Tahoe during Wanderlust July 18-21. We've reserved a house near Squaw Valley, and have room for 4 more people at Glow's house, $300 for the weekend lodging. Your Wanderlust attendance is not required to enjoy the summer in the Mountains!

California Soul: Bodega Bay Retreat August August 23-25. 
Think meditation, breathwork, yin, writing, reading & kayaking.

Facial Cupping and Body Cupping is available with all of our Spa treatments. Watch the videos and read more here.


Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team

There is Gold in Your Backyard

May 2019


After traveling to the most gorgeous places on earth, I now know that our California's beauty and her diversity of landscapes are impossible to match. It's mountain lakes and pristine rivers, it's soothing rows of grapes on rolling hills, it's breathtaking cliffs and miles of untouched shorelines can always refill our souls with gratitude and inspiration. You can breathe the wild air and immerse yourself in scenic horizons just a drive away from San Francisco. As Paolo Coelho points out in The Alchemist, the gold you seek while traveling the world might just be waiting in your own back yard to be enjoyed. We often fly away hoping to find and expand ourselves. We've built incredible shuttles and have conquered outer space, but we forgot about our inner space.

My invitation for you this summer is to stop the chase, grow the value of what you already have, get to know yourself and your closest loved one, take precious care of your inner world, and release the stress of limiting beliefs that hold you back from living fully now.  In fact, the chase for anything will not bring us lasting fulfillment that we seek. 

Please join us for weekly meditation classes, weekend events, and upcoming Californian retreats to expand your capacity to feel joy and gratitude today. Glow's mission is to foster a healthier, kinder, awake San Francisco through yoga, fitness, and mindful education. It's easy to get lost in our jobs, and forget the gold inside of our souls. Please join us today, and invite your tribe to grow and enjoy the now together:

North Beach Citizens are hosting  Jazz & Wine Tasting Fundraiser this Friday 6-9pm at Rose Pistola's location, right across from Glow. Please join to benefit a local non-profit who is actually tackling the homelessness in North Beach. They have a 90% success rate of placing and keeping people in housing, providing support to about 400 people a year. Read more to get inspired. Your donation makes a real difference next to your home. Plus, who doesn't like smooth Jazz?

This Saturday at 1pm - learn about Ayurveda, and how to support your health & digestion using nature's wisdom, remedies, and spiritual practices. You will have a chance to figure out your dosha, and how to balance yourself.

Next Sunday, May 26th at 3:30pm you can restore the balance of your mental & emotional health through guided relaxation, visualization, and meditation in Yoga Nidra with Cianne Le Chat. The healing begins with your mind.

Saturday, June 1st: Restart your Energy, Digestion, and Immunity with the power of nutritional cleansing 101.

Sunday, June 2nd Katrina Baccetti is holding Afternoon of Bliss, Deep Tissue Release with CBD oil, therapy balls and longer yin stretches to unbind and heal your aches.

Live Music Night by Sofar Sounds is scheduled at Glow on June 15th 6-8pm. We will have 3 talented musicians playing acoustic original music, truly inspiring and touching event. It will definitely sell out: please reserve your spots today by clicking here to buy the tickets before the public, with Glow's early access code 'JUNEGA-8E5B6'

Feng Shui of Your Home: First Steps on June 22. We have invited our friend, international interior designer Liza Evans to help to rethink our living space and re-design our life that will promote health, emotional and physical balance. 

Weekend in Tahoe during Wanderlust July 18-21. We've reserved a house near Squaw Valley, and have room for 4 more people at Glow's house, $300 for the weekend lodging. Your Wanderlust attendance is not required to enjoy the summer in the Mountains!

California Soul: Bodega Bay Retreat August August 23-25. Think meditation, yin, writing, reading & kayaking.

Facial Cupping and Body Cupping is available with all of our Spa treatments. Watch the videos and read more here.




Glow Giveaway: Tahoe Wanderlust 3-Day Ticket for Your Shared Inspiration:

We are looking for 7 students who believe that sharing your story can help others re-write theirs. We'll ask you to be recorded on the mini 2-minute video at Glow, answering these 4 questions:

- What inspired you to start taking better care of yourself?
- How is your yoga practice/ spa treatments/ fitness classes influence/help you? 
- What changes in your body & life have you noticed since you've been taking better care of yourself at Glow?
- What is your favorite thing you learned (or tried) recently at Glow?

Every participant will get Deep Tissue Release Therapy Balls, and one lucky participant will receive the 3-Day Pass to Squaw Valley Wanderlust, $400 value.  Please simply respond to this email to participate. Thank you!



Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team

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3 Mindblowing Facts About Our Body

April 2019


I bet the majority of us don't know about the invisible but the most important part of our body, our mission control. I bet you instantly thought of your brain. The brain is just a part of it, our powerful nervous system. Here are a few facts I found fascinating about our nerves: 

1. Our heart would be pumping 100 rpm (at restful state instead of 60!) if our Parasympathetic Nervous System was turned off. That would wear-out our heart twice as fast, and we could not live much beyond 40 years. If our Parasympathetic System was off, our stomach would not digest any food and our body would not recognize or combat any viruses or reproduce any cells. Only thanks to our Parasympathetic nerves we are able to repair & rest our body. What!


2. Our Parasympathetic Nervous System is made of our brain and gazillion of cells & hormones that work together to calm down our heart, turn ON our digestion, immunity, control blood pressure, our immunity to fight off the infections, our liver, kidneys, reproduction - it controls ALL of our organs and their function or the lack of it. It triggers our immunity cells to recognize, destroy & eliminate our old/broken/cancerous cells, as well as all dangerous bacteria, pathogens inside of our body. It's the main system that keeps you alive & healthy long term!  You can literally figure out how to keep in ON and reduce your dependence on medication for blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion, thyroid pills, sleeping and more. Consider this: simple daily practices can allow your body to regulate itself.

3. Our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) is only ON when our mind is at peace - when you are in the state of presence, safety, and calm. The moment you start worrying, figuring out your to-do-lists, or trying to push through your work deadline, your PNS shuts down, and the Sympathetic Nervous System takes over. The Sympathetic state is the antidote of PNS: designed for our immediate survival, it raises the heart rate, blood pressure to send blood to our muscles; it minimizes our immunity, digestion, and cell repair, shuts down reproduction and processes designed for longevity. It's an excellent tool to protect us in the moments of real danger, but as you can see, our body cannot thrive long-term running in Sympathetic state (stressed state) without proper immunity, repair, and digestion.  Your racing mind is what keeps your Sympathetic state in charge, and our job is to shift to a Parasympathetic state as often as much as possible!

You achieve this state in yoga class, meditation, doing the breathing exercise, reading a book or while enjoying the beauty of nature.
Now that you know something about your nervous system, you can do a lot of things to help your health starting today: it is never too late to begin! Your body loves to heal and repair when you are in a state of inner peace. If you'd like to learn about the anatomy of your mission control, please use the Youtube playlist I created below. Most of our yoga teachers share this information in their classes too. I find it really empowering to know how my body works and what it actually needs to thrive.


I hope to see you in class soon, but in the meantime, please take deeper longer belly-breaths throughout the day - the fastest way to access that magical Parasympathetic state. 



Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team

What do Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama & Larry Schultz have in common?

March 2019


Michelle Obama, Larry Schultz, late Maya Angelou and many leaders we admire are all early birds! We have created so many conveniences in our culture, we plan so much, but we have less and less time. Sometimes it's challenging to fit a workout after a long day in the office, right? Guess what now? We just launched the best-rated membership catered to full-time work schedule, a real life-hack. Whether we are early birds or not, we all can wake up at 6am-6:30am, take a morning class and feel uplifted all day! With this new membership, you don't have to choose between your after-work commitments: rise early and seize the day. Having a hard time waking up? Read below about the life-changing gadget I discovered. 


Early Bird Membership Includes:
- unlimited 6:10a, 6:30a, 7a weekday classes
- $15 rate for all other classes
- guest passes at $15 rate

- 10% off massages, facials and waxing at Glow Wellness Spa >


Do not let the old you stop the New You from achieving your dreams


Imagine the New You, and your new weekday schedule:


Monday : 6:10a Kettlebells, 7a Meditation

Tuesday: 6:30a Yoga or 7a Core

Wednesday: 6:30a Yoga or 7a Barre

Thursday: 6:30a Yoga or 7a Core

Friday: 6:30a Yoga or 7a Kettlebells

Evenings & Weekends: rest & play! 


Hard time waking up? Try a Sunrise - Imitating Alarm Clock


This clever $30 gadget wakes you up gradually, tricking your mind to a gradual sunrise making waking up natural and gentle -  makes me wake up before it even rings! A perfect way to get up on those darker mornings, plus you can now leave your Phone in another room, eliminating the late-night scrollings and distractions.  As Arianna Huffington mentions in her research-based book Thrive, having a mindful evening routine is one of the best decisions for your health, happiness, and success. You can literally transform your health by trying this or similar light-emitting Alarm Clock, and make more time in your day, for YOU.


Plant Your Mindful Weekends at Glow


March 30th Saturday 5-7pm is our next Paint & Wine class: create something beautiful using play and intuition! You can see the variety of paintings Melissa Karam will be guiding us through here. What you will paint is completely up to you. Reserve your spots before the rates go up on Friday, here  >

In addition to yoga and core classes on weekends, Cianne offers Yoga Nidra 3:30pm on some Sundays: the ultimate way to learn how to calm down your mind. 

Next few weekends we have Qi-Gong, Digestive Health & Ayurveda, Therapy Balls Myofascial Release and talk on Codependency and Healthy Relationships: learn how to take better care of your health in a holistic way. See mentioned above events and sign up for any class here >


Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team

How Not to Stangate

February 2019


Have you ever taken a class on Feng Shui home decor? What about power of nutrition? Setting healthy boundaries in your relationships? Don't they sound great? We are bringing wellness leaders to share their knowledge on subjects mentioned, as well as Painting and crafts, Self defense, Healthy relationships, Food as medicine for specific conditions, Qi Gong for healthy joints and many more. What would you like to learn this year? What class time would you add to our schedule? Simply email us with your ideas. Learning new subjects is a perfect workout for our minds. We need to keep our 'mission control' healthy too, right?


This weekend we invite you to explore making art for Valentines: on Saturday we paint Golden Gate Bridge, and on Sunday we will create heart-shaped boxes filled with mindful intentions and words. Both classes are designed to reignite your play, joy and creativity.


New Classes on Schedule!

Mondays 6:10am: Kettlebells with Andrea (stay for 7am Meditation after)

Wednesdays 9am: Yin: Stretch & Release with Jordan (for all the stiff and stressed)


See our upcoming events, and sign up for any movement class here > 


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You Don't Need to 'Fix' Yourself

January 2019


As the New Year came, I enjoyed seeing many of you gratefully reflect on 2018, share your Facebook moments and plan on bettering yourselves using New Year Resolutions. Having owned Glow for over 7 years, with great compassion I see how ineffective our resolutions are in the long term. What I think many of us are missing is the purpose of self-care, our core values are not really established. Many of us are driven by our inner critic, and our desire to get in shape is coming from the negative voice: I am not ...(fill the space) enough.  It's not coming from self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance. When you value yourself, instead of how others see you, you care about longevity, inner peace and emotional health. Practicing yoga develops greater self-awareness, and you start seeing and feeling the negative effects of the fast pace urban culture, you try to support yourself in any way you can. Once you care about you, you stop caring about pleasing the world, you become your own mentor, who is always there to guide you towards your goals. We do not need to 'fix' ourselves - we need to love ourselves and accept our challenges. From that place of compassion, we prioritize our wellbeing, which becomes our core value. And that my friends is gold.

Think Longevity - New Year Membership Special

New CardioCore Class & Schedule Change

Your back pain needs attention

We have more and more students come to yoga with undiagnosed back pain, which can be dangerous - twisting and bending while we don't have the strength to control and support our spinal structure. It is important to see a chiropractor when you feel any pain, test and figure out how your spine is compromised. It is our mission to help you rehab and prevent back pain in the long term. Back pain begins with weakened abs, gluteus, and tight leg muscles. Unique and highly effective, our Barre, Core and Kettlebell classes combine core-controlled range of motion, optional weights and cardio, strengthening your body from head to toe. Cardiovascular fitness promotes stronger heart, positive mind, more stamina and energy and we all need that for longevity. 


Try our new class '♥Core' - designed for all of us in mind and taught by our stellar cardio team: Marlo, JR, Emily, Andrea, Christina and Maniveo. The class is a great alternative to Spin which will be suspended due to seismic safety reinforcement of our Powell Street location starting January 7th. Our weekly schedule remains the same (50+ classes), all cardio classes are moved into our main Glow location at 1548 Stockton Street. Even though our Powell Street location is affected by the seismic renovation, we gratefully accept the change. It is a responsible thing to do - making the building safe for us and all the tenants. The construction is expected to be finished in 4-6 weeks.

Core Challenge Giveaway: Take any 3 Core Classes in one week and Get Complimentary Grippy Socks  Please read more about our core and cardio program here> 


Upcoming Mindful Education Classes

We host wellness authors and educators at Glow every weekend to support our physical, mental & emotional health long term. It is our belief that when we are empowered and inspired by knowledge - we make better decisions.  Classes are rooted in the wisdom of zen, meditation, yoga, Buddhism, psychology, and eastern practices. Food for thought and healing, a great way to learn about ourselves, our patterns and beliefs that get in a way of our health, prosperity, relationships and peace.

 Don't Lose Yourself In Your Relationship January 12th 

Yoga Nidra January 13th & 27th  |  Meditation Classes Mondays & Tuesdays

Journey Through Chakras Saturday January 12th, 19th, 26th 

Time to Reflect & Set Intentions for 2019  - January 22nd

Women's Self Defense Class  |  Feng Shui  - Conscious Home Decor

Demystifying Eating Disorders

Please follow our FB page>  and  Instagram>  so you can see all upcoming events as they become available


Vision Boards - February 3rd 11am 

We live in a rushed world, and for many of us, the New Year hit without giving us a chance to reflect on challenges and lessons so we can make space for what's important in 2019. Making time for you and your vision is essential. Only when you stop rushing and listen to your inner guidance, you can genuinely continue on the path that is yours.
As the new year sets in, let's gather to listen to the whisper of your dreams and have some fun together!

More on Simone's website 

Complimentary for members
$30 Early Bird Reservations, and $40 the day of

Thank you for reading my blog, and please let me know how else we can help you feel better.

Happy Healthy 2019 and Beyond

Natasha & Glowing Team


The Best Gift Ideas

and, My History with Cupping

December 2018

Hope you are enjoying the end of the year by reflecting on its lessons, spending time with the loved ones, excited for time off.. and not having the dilemma I was having! If you are anything like me, you are burning a lot of brain energy figuring the gifts out. Why, every year, same thing? After lots of thinking and asking, I came up the the least and most desirable list, feel free to send me your ideas, would love to add them too. Save your trip to the mall, our homes are plenty full of things we don't need. This wonderful little book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up' (which also makes a great gift, pick up at your local Books inc. store) speaks about mental clarity and radiant health benefits of de-cluttering your surroundings. Empty drawers feel incredible! Try and let me know :) 


I have curated many interesting events including qi-gong, relationships, eating disorders, nidra relaxation, feng shui home decor, women's self-defense, journey through chakras and more to come, see below.  This Friday at 2pm we are celebrating the equanimity in nature, Winter Solstice, by saluting the Sun 108 times. It's a very special way to finish this year: put all the things you need to release into the fire of practice. As I often remind you in class: Knowledge is learning something everyday, and Wisdom is letting go of something everyday.

On January 1st we begin again, with a fun sweaty cardio class by Marlo, yoga with me, and mental-spiritual health talk with Simone: you can sign up for all 3 classes to equip yourself for 2019. Click on schedule above to sign up.

The Best Gifts

gifts of relaxation: sauna pass, massage, yoga, and delicious things like candles, soaking bath salts, aromatherapy, soulful book or Audible subscription

gifts of health: fitness membership, juicer or local juicery gift card, local olive oil, foam roller, yoga mat, massage tools 

Glow Gift Cards are sold online & scheduled to be sent on a specific day. $50 for $45, $100 for $90, $200 for $185

gifts of quality time: trips and dinner reservations, concert, dance class at ODC studio, cooking class at Cavallo point

gifts of unconditional love: puppy or a kitty

Our yoga teacher Cianne created health-promoting list we carry at Glow, pick a Chai Tea during your next visit > 

Drawer Cloggers

being conscious of our physical and head space:

clothes, perfumes or makeup (hard to guess) 

all digital gadgets with a screen, and your unused gifts :)

Remember that spending time together, supporting one another, helping with a task is always priceless. Don't afraid to ask: how can I help you this Christmas?

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.25.03


Cupping and I, We Go Way Back..

The very first time I remember myself being sick, I think I was 4 years old. My mom did this very strange thing on my back that helped my recovery. I still remember the smell of burning cotton ball, alcohol, the feeling of suction, the whole thing was unfamiliar. Our sweet mother used to take out that box with adorable glass cups every time me & my sisters got cold, flu, and pretty much anything that made us stay in bed. Needless to say, it felt very, very good! Thats over 30 years ago. Cupping actually goes far back, into the ancient eastern civilizations, who created quite a few of healthy things we are smart to continue practicing today, Om :) Since then cupping has evolved - no burning, no glass, no medical smell I remember with nostalgia from childhood. And, I am happy to tell you that our therapist Nora loves cupping as much as my mom, adding it to her amazing massages, or as a separate treatment.

Nora is available during the Holidays (closed on Christmas Day) for you to enjoy the staycation. Consider giving Massage & Cupping Gift to your favorite people. Please watch about the benefits and few cupping techniques Nora shared. She said there are many ways to use the cups, and the video we made features them on the back and shoulders, in our 30 minute cupping addition to massage. With Glow Spa Membership, you can schedule cupping/massage/facial every month, and book any class for $15. Check our new spa treatments here >

Thank you for reading my blog, and please let me know how else we can help you feel better.

Happy Healthy Holidays and Beyond

Natasha & Glowing Team


How Not To Spend Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2018

Thank you for staying positive, open to changes, resilient to challenges and loving without fear. Your commitment to yoga & conscious practices, being aware of your inner 'weather' is a first step towards safe, flourishing and compassionate world. Please watch my simple practice for emotional health to help navigate through Bay Area's current conditions, and our relationships during Holiday season. Less finger pointing and more love & compassion. Inner peace is a lifetime practice of releasing old beliefs, perception cleansing, healing traumas and lots of loving, forgiving and appreciating. Yoga, meditation & mindful education help us find that sweet calm within, and we thank you for showing up to do your work. 

The next step we choose to improve our world is by participating in our immediate community: supporting local businesses, schools and non-profits. 

I am very inspired hearing about your involvement in wonderful neighborhood organizations, and this Thanksgiving I want to invite more of us to BE the change. Please reach out to the local companies I listed below:  not just this week, but year around you can give a little of your time and add whole a lot of purpose to yours and others life. When every given hour truly matters. Special shout out of appreciation to our local Cole Hardware Stores for providing over 300,000 air masks during the fire. Please support your good neighborhood businesses. It's easy to make it all about the turkey, but I know you will do better than that. Thank you for leading the way. 

Have a meaningful Thanksgiving, and beyond. 

Thanksgiving Shopping

Members* get Spa discounts, Holiday party, guest passes and complimentary workshops

Glow Mindful Education

Meditation Classes Mondays & Tuesdays | Yoga Nidra Dec 2nd | Ambient Flow w/Live Music Dec 16th

What is Sound Healing? | Conscious Home Decor & Fen Shui | Spiritual Psychology | VisionBoards for 2019

Myofascial Release | Healthy Relationship Series 

Workshops are complimentary for members* and $24-$40 for the public - please invite your tribe to join as members to learn together, plus you get $30 off your membership when your friend joins. Weekly Meditation classes $10 and complimentary for members.  Please follow our Facebook to see new events as they come up.  To stay up-to-date with our Specials & see what your teachers talk about, please follow @glowyogasf Instagram.  When you follow both - you get free mat rental for life :)

Give Locally & Not In Cash

California Wildfire Support: easy giving through text message, plus read on where you donations go >

North Beach Citizens: hands on amazing group of professionals who make a difference in homelessness in our neighborhood. Please reach out to see how you can give your time, love and what else >

Salesian Boys & Girls Club (at St.Peter & Paul): please contact them and see how you can contribute to our local kiddo's inner growth and development, they will be grateful for your participation. Also, I am personally inviting certified yoga instructors to teach there once a month with our team. >

Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center: you can help with children or adults within this organization, please check here > 

Glow Yoga & Wellness: we are looking for 3.5h weekly desk volunteers to support our students. Please email us to join & get Free Membership >

Reading Partners at Jean Parker Elementary School: Once a week for an hour in North Beach you can really change a child's ability to read, succeed and see the goodness in others. Only 34% of 4th graders can read well, and the rest need extra tutoring >

Glow Holiday Party w/Making Candles

Thursday December 6th 6:30pm

This Holiday we want to give you gifts of creativity and play. We'll make candles, drink bubbles & celebrate each other. We'll play few games with prizes: everyone will leave with something sweet and pretty.

About candle making: we use natural US grown soy wax, jelly jars & variety of scents to create our Christmas gifts. 

What to bring: Bottle of Sparkling to drink if you want, and if you have any special jar to pour candle in - bring that too.

Event is for Glow's Family & Members. Please book ahead as space is limited

Thank you for reading my blog, and please let me know how else we can help you feel better. We are always grateful for you!

Natasha, Glowing Team (& Moose)

Pain Is Just An Option

October 2018

Thank you for opening our blog. I want to share the story of healing my physical pain. I used to take few pills a day to numb my neck, that pain just appeared out of nowhere - no prior injuries, no whiplashes. My doctor said it's here to stay, as it was related to our sitting working environment. I thought chronic pain was an illness de jour - my friends and coworkers had some type of ache they could vent about any day. The truth is: physical pain is not a disease, and it does not have to be chronic. You don't need to live with it. I surely don't munch on pills anymore, even though I still spend full workdays sitting writing things (like now). It took me a long time to realize that only I hold the power to improve my life, strengthen my health, and that it must be simple. Please watch my story, which I bet is very common, and the testimony from one of our members, local North Beach firefighter Dan.

I opened Glow to offer feel-good and healthy activities in the neighborhood. We don't need to go far to get far, and we can heal ourselves without depending on doctors and pills. Plan your health calendar today: choose from 40 weekly movement classes, book a Spa day, don't wait until vacation to recharge your batteries. On your busy days take 40min class at 7am - a lifechanger. When you need rest & nurturing - Yin to Restore with Hot Stones class is the best medicine.

Upcoming Workshops

What is Yoga Nidra?  |  Herbal Remedies For Health |  Ambient Flow With Live Music | What Holds Me Back?

Myofascial Release with Therapy Balls

Live Music Flow with Landra & Alex are on the horizon!   See schedule here

Please invite your tribe to join you to the workshops, we have Facebook events for easy sharing.

To stay up-to-date with our daily happenings and see what your teachers are always talking about, please follow @glowyogasf

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herbal remedies.jpg

You Can Heal Back Pain​ 

80% of us suffer from back pain in our lifetime. Both, Yoga & Barre classes have the power to reduce and heal your pain, this is a scientific fact. I cannot emphasize enough that all is possible and we do not need to suffer; life will give us enough of pain in many other ways. I had one student this week who told me that after her first Glow Barre class her pain in low back has disappeared. Her story is common: activating your muscles on all new ways, expanding your range of motion that has been forgotten. Move, explore, love your body. Try this 3 minute simple and fresh movement which can be added to your daily routine. Just before you brush your teeth - you can add a spine-flossing routine. Offered by Ashley Hayes, our yoga teacher. You can practice yoga with her on Mondays & Wednesdays at 12pm.

Thank you for reading my blog, and please let me know how else we can help you feel better!


Glow Yoga & Wellness

Block of Washington Square Park,  Tony's Pizza,  Tacolicious and North Beach Restaurant. Click for mini-video of our location.

10 min walk from Fin. District - take a beautiful walk :)

MUNI STOP  45, 30, 8X, 41

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