Preventing and Healing Pain in Hands-Wrists

February 2021

Please share this video with someone who’s been touched by pain in hands, arms, wrists, fingers. Know that we CAN heal and prevent unnecessary suffering holistically with just a few little routines added to our non-negotiable unconscious habits.

These practices + Muscle-Joint Care Oil are beneficial for preventing and healing many painful conditions:
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis
- trigger finger
- hands wrists finger injury recovery
- tendonitis
- repetitive strain injury
- Ganglion cysts
- Kienbock's disease

Links to access mentioned things:
👉🏻 Inhale Nature Muscle-Joint Care Oil Rub >
👉🏻 Pain Relief Channel >
👉🏻 Hands-Whists Care Channel with Yoga and Rehab sequences by Aiyisha, Kimm, and I >




Today, you can book a Massage, Cupping, Waxing, Lash Lift, and Rejuvalight >. We go above and beyond to keep everyone safe during COVID - wellness is our mission. Please make sure not to come in if you are not feeling 100% well, we are waiving rescheduling fees up to 6 hours, and ask you to be the most compassionate and considerate to others. We are so grateful for your support, your kindness truly matters to the health of ours, and other small businesses. 

And, if you'd like to re-establish a mindful workout routine, we host classes outside 4 days a week, and a variety of Livestream self-care options every day.

Thank you for watching, and for choosing to honor and take loving care of what you have been given as a gift. Sending you love, please do not give up.
Please let me know the most useful or favorite part of this episode so I can improve going forward.

Natasha 🌱✨

Healthy Gut = Optimized Immune System and Metabolism

February 2021

It has been a year of pandemic and while our leaders are relying only on a vaccine, I want you to know that a clean and healthy gut makes 80% of our immune system. Together with exercising, sleeping well, and managing stress, we can be protected 100%. And no matter what current disease we are suffering with, taking care of our gut should be our daily priority. We are only as healthy as our insides.🌱 A healthy gut has no inflammation or indigestion, and all 24ft+ of our 'pipes' are happy and clean. What keeps them healthy is fiber, 30g of fiber daily to be exact. Not the substitute fiber from the jar, but one from actual colorful food we eat every day. Please watch the video to understand better, and you can decide what to eat based on the fact that we have to consume 30g of fiber every day, without any exceptions. Cheat days mean compromised immunity. Unfortunately, the majority of the US diet is low fiber and we don’t get the very minimum to keep moving all the pathogens, our own dead or damaged cells, and the waste from the food that we eat through and out of our digestive tract. Consuming a diet rich in fiber reduces the rate of all diseases, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, high cholesterol, auto-immune, gout, leaky gut, cardiovascular disease, low metabolism, low energy, and ALL cancers.

Please print Fiber Chart Table PDF and place it on your fridge. You’ll most likely be shocked by how little fiber you get daily. Using the Fiber Chart, please create a daily meal plan that provides a minimum of 30g of fiber every day.  Thank you so much for watching my video please share with someone who might benefit.


6 NUTRITION LIFEHACKS for healthy metabolism and the immune system: 


  • Start your day with 2 glasses of water and have as much you can throughout the day. Water with fiber carries waste & pathogens out

  • Make sure most of your plate is plants. Add avocados to your meals. 1 avocado has 5g of fiber and incredibly healthy oils

  • Eat 1-2 fruits daily like apple, pear, orange, or snack on veggies with hummus 

  • Add any beans to your meals, and have a bowl of legumes soup of chili every day 

  • Swap 100% white grains for colorful, fiber grains: quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice, whole-wheat pasta, and only high fiber bread

  • Eat Chocolate Chia Pudding everyday

Daily Dessert - Chocolate Chia Pudding


Offers premium nutrition: 15g of fiber per serving, the purest protein, antioxidants, beneficial oils, and JOY!

Ingredients to stock up on, try to find organic:

- Fair Trade Cocoa powder (without sugar or other additives preferably)

- Coconut Milk  (Trader Joe's organic coconut cream is the best)

- Califia or Oatly Oat Milk

- Chia Seeds

- Raisins or any berries (raisins from local G. Alfieri Orchards are great)


Step 1. Fill up a mason jar 1/5 of chia seeds, 1/5 of raisins,  4-5 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 50% oat milk, 50% coconut cream.


Step 2. Close the lid and shake it really well for a couple of minutes, pretend to be a bartender. Taste the flavor, if you need more cocoa. We all have our preferences. I find that coconut milk adds sweetness. Try eating it without added sugars to re-train your taste buds to be cleaner and more mindful too. 


Step 3. Put the jar in the fridge for 3+ hours. The seeds will soak the liquid and the pudding will be ready to enjoy whenever you like. Serve in your favorite glass cup, sprinkle berries or shredded coconut and enjoy daily!

Sending you love and a healthy immune system,


Natasha & Glowing Team

Over the last 10 months, I've figured out the most joyful and effective home-studio routine. The year's been really tough and the last thing we need is another stressor. My offering is to empower us with fun non-negotiable daily care that our mind & body will actually crave. This is a live private group training with 21-minute daily routines to tackle our wellness goals. After the program, you'll have the tools to improvise any activity while you are on a work call or cooking dinner. 21 Days to lighten up our life, release the side-effects of quarantine and procrastination. 21 Minutes of morning self-care to enjoy from anywhere you are. Please watch the video below to understand and learn a few lifehacks on why and how to create an adult play space inside your home.

Daily Class Schedule:

Weekdays 7:30a-7:51a

Weekends 8a-8:21a 

Why practice morning self-care?  I am inviting you to experience a natural way of generating long-lasting sustainable energy, to support our mental and physical health, to be more focused and effective at our work, and enjoy life to the fullest.


I'll lead a different daily Livestream, alternating my favorite techniques for movement, strength, mobility, mindfulness, plus tension release using foam rollers and therapy balls to make us feel rewarded and cared for. Not only you'll feel much stronger, lighter physically and mentally, but you'll also finally rid of any settled chronic tension. On days you can't join you will have an access to over 100 Glow videos on-demand.


I'll share the latest research on how to generate long-lasting energy, support our immune system, prevent or rehab chronic pain, reclaim our range of motion, move smarter, and keep our brain healthy. I'll also include some lifehacks to stay on top of our nutrition without spending too much time in the kitchen. All I wish for all of us is graceful aging, a pain-free body, and a positive mindset to be able to enjoy life at any age.


Tools to prepare for life-long home playtime:

1. Foam roller 18in >
2. Tension-inflammation release set > 
3. Resistance band-loop, pilates ball, yoga block, strap >

4. The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, hard copy only >

The fee for this 21-day wellness education is $360, $120 for 7 days. Enroll anytime.

You'll also have access to Glow On-Demand, classes outside & livestreams. 100% of the proceeds will go towards paying Glow rent. If you've lost your job, please apply here for a scholarship. 


Please support us from anywhere you are by participating in a fun variety of classes on schedule today. Peloton doesn't pay rent for our empty storefronts. Local businesses who are still hanging there are literally on the brink of survival - please order takeouts from restaurants, shop at neighborhood service shops. To support Glow instantaneously, please share this live program via Facebook >


Sending you love, health, and mental clarity,


Natasha & Glowing Team


6-Day Home Clearing IGTV Project


Align your space to your life's vision to remove unconscious contradictions. In this video series, on my 4th day of the clearing project I share fun lifehacks while attempting to organize my space using tiny baby steps: see my project's progress on IGTV >



November 2020

We cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that we can do.


Thank you for visiting us today. Please help us preserve this special community I've been cradling with love for the last 10 years. Our reopening truly depends on your participation, today. This year of punches and obstacles we have to rely on each other for the encouragement to keep cracks my heart each time I see another empty storefront. We love our landlords, who gave us a discount on rent, but it's not enough. With your participation, we will be able to sustain our space, as well as offer scholarships to our neighbors in the service industry who've lost their jobs. Glow has been providing a safe and meaningful workplace to over 30 people, and our mission is to spread health and consciousness through yoga, longevity-focused fitness, and education. We all ask you kindly support our mission for the highest good of our neighborhoods.  How can you? 

1. Buy a product, Glow Credit, Classes using our New Online Store or

2. Participate in the thoughtful online home practices, classes indoors, or in our picturesque Washington Sq Park > 

3. Join our monthly fundraiser Paint Class for a Cause, next one is on December 12 Saturday 12p in Sydney Walton Sq  >

4. Share this page with your neighbors, and, maybe you have any fantastic ideas that can help me raise awareness about our re-opening, as well as ideas on co-creating meaningful connecting outside events, please email us >


Visit Glow Virtually

Taking our mental and physical health to heart I am working on reopening Glow mindfully this fall.  I missed seeing all of you so much - come enjoy your zen sanctuary. During soft reopening, we set up 8ft+ distancing floor marks in our large zen room - we always go above and beyond to keep Glow safe and enjoyable for all. It is fresh & airy with our 20ft ceilings, opened windows, and outside air circulation using HVAC. Even inside our Spa Room, there are 2 large open windows - unheard of for any spa. We are broadcasting Live all of our indoor classes so you can join us and feel like part of the group from your homes. Plus, we host 6 weekly classes in our picturesque Washington Sq Park, and in Glow Virtual Studio you can access any recorded class 24/7. See current Class Schedule >

We are all wearing masks and keeping a safe distance. I have disposable masks and all the safety procedures implemented to keep our self-care worry-free and super sweet.  Our staff is tested regularly, and we ask you to do the same. You can use Web Chat for any questions. Free COVID testing with 24h results available on Embarcadero - book here  >

We could not wait to reopen our Red Light Therapy. The majority of our Rejuvalight clients come to heal painful and inflammatory conditions, depression, low energy, and fatigue. There is so much suffering going on that is out of our control - I know that at least we can do something to take care and heal ourselves. To eliminate all COVID worries we only allow 1 person per day using our Rejuvalight.


Glow ReJuvalight is a self-serviced 30-minute red light therapy appointment with no direct contact with our staff.  To eliminate any COVID worries we only allow 1 person per day using our Rejuvalight. We absolutely love this holistic healing treatment and hope that everyone can add red light therapy to their regular wellness routine; the cells of our body thrive on light with a wavelength of 633-690nm. Rejuvalight contains no UVA or UVB: the wavelength of 633-690nm delivers energy to our cells to stimulate regeneration and repair. Great therapy for all inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, pain, tension, eczema. It also is known to help with low energy, depression, and insomnia. During the session, you can choose to play relaxing music or guided meditation.  Read more> 

New Client Special: 2 sessions for $90  | Unlimited Month $279  |  4 session $200  | 10 for $400 20 for $600  (no expiration)


You can now book a massage,  Rejuvalight, facial, waxing, lash lift .Current Spa Members are welcome to book 120min massage by booking 2 prepaid monthly sessions in a row - we all will need extra care and TLC. 

Current Spa Members - apply your prepaid Spa visits to book these options:

these and other services are also available for non-members. See our Spa> 

- 60min or 120min Massage. To book 120min simply book 2 appointments in a row, and use 2 collected visits  > 

- Facial or Facial + Lash Lift  -  use one or 2 prepaid visit >

- Brazilian + Brows Shape/Tint  -    use one prepaid visit >

- Lash Lift  -    use one prepaid visit >

- 60min Massage + Brazilian & Brows.  Book 2 in a row, and use 2  prepaid visits.  >


USE WEB CHAT for any questions please 

GLOW SPA MEMBERSHIP $108 -  over $170 value of wellness services

With this special monthly membership, you can book discounted $15 classes, and choose between massage, facial, or waxing every month: let our staff take good care of your body, skin, and mind. Read more & buy >

Massage and Cupping Rates for non-members

60 minute  $130   |   80 minute  $160   |   120 minute $230

60 minute massage  + Rejuvalight (90min full visit)        $170

80 minute massage + Rejuvalight  (110min full visit)      $200

Seeing the constantly climbing levels of our common anxiety and fatigue I am reminding all of us how invaluable yoga is for our mental health. Having a regular practice of taking conscious breaths, nurturing our body, mind, and soul, paying attention to our inner world, to the silent presense are natural ways out of suffering. The rate of reactivity, irritability, depression, over-medicating in our society is out of control, and that is why we are here -  to support the mental and emotional health of our community.  Please take a look at our Mindfulness Channel with Breathwork, Meditation, and Yin yoga classes for buletproof stress and anxiety help from home. If you have lost your job - we provide a Virtual Glow scholarship. Please reach out, do not give up, we can do whole a lot for our health by learning to slow down. Start by trying the class above with Erika Van Gemeren, a truly special practice to nurture and care for all of the long-abandoned parts of ourselves.

Please let me know if you can help me by sharing this email with your communities or have any fantastic ideas on how to support and build Glow Wellness Fund, or co-create any meaningful connecting events with us. Would love to hear from you. 


P.S. We are looking to add a Masseuse to our team - please reach out if you know any! Preferably a National Holistic Institute graduate. 


Sending you ♥️ from North Beach San Francisco,​


Natasha and Glowing Team


July 25

We are working really hard to make the ends meet and keep Glow alive during Covid. Please be so kind and support us, try the beautiful home-practices our team is creating every day. This particular class about Restless Leg Syndrome I created by a friend's request. While doing my research, I discovered that RLS affects 10% of adults and is classified as a sleep disorder. Troubled sleep deteriorates our brain and the most importantly our immune system which is so vital today! This common condition causes fatigue and affects mood, concentration, performance, and personal relationships. This class outlines a few simple techniques to balance our nervous system and restore the dopamine, as well as a sequence of exercises with self-massage to improve circulation and neuromuscular health. Speaking of much-needed massage for all of us, we are hosting TuneUp Therapy Balls Class this Saturday in Washington Square Park


The Relieve & Repair Oil I used in the class to reduce tension and inflammation can be purchased here. I am a proud maker of this magical healing product 😊    > 


If you suffer from sleeping issues or RLS, please also try these classes: 

-  Gentle, Yin Yoga for Shoulders and Hamstrings Tension that helps with RLS, as well as common legs, shoulders, and back tension.

-  Breathwork Practice for Restful Sleep to help our mind settle down into a deep rest.

I would also love to feature a few live upcoming workshops with my favorite local Medical Qi Gong teacher Eli Cohen 

Qi Gong for Lung Protection, Sleep, Immune Health and more >


To spread more consciousness and self-awareness, please hear out what Aiyisha has to say about racism from a lens of yogic philosophy and her own experience, and take a moment to think about: what is spiritual bypassing? How can we promote peace, love, and compassion towards one another?  How can we support and encourage more yoga teachers of color? Diversity is NATURE, no one life form is identical, not even one tree leaf on all trees in the world is the same. We are here to protect and cherish life in all forms, speak up for those who have no voice. Until all of us acknowledge and embody this truth - the country is not going to change. Our hearts are where the change begins. Let's not forget what yoga is all about.

Thank you for taking responsibility for your own wellness and consciousness - this is a courageous act by which you are making our whole community healthier and more aware. And thank you for your support! 


Sending you ♥️ from North Beach San Francisco,

Natasha and Glowing Team


June 30

Unfortunately, we are not taught preventative selfcare in schools. Almost every one of us at some point experiences back pain, and while doctors can prescribe us, pain killers, the actual rehabilitation is left to our own devices. The best news is that the pain is not a life sentence, and our body responds incredibly well to the techniques we offer in this prevention and care routine. We can release tension, reduce inflammation and learn about our body through the practice of yoga, self-massage, and self-discovery. This is a thoughtful sequence of deep stretches and myofascial release using the therapy balls, and a foam roller. We can heal physical, and also emotional pain with regular deep tissue work.

Start releasing today:

- melt away stress and anxieties

- unburden areas of high-tension, revive overworked muscles

- release knots and trigger points

- improve circulation and tissue renewal

- tune in to your parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest/digest/repair” state

- increase mobility and flexibility

- help reduce inflammation all throughout your body

- improve your sleep, prevent migraines and more


The product we recommend to enhance your healing:

- Yoga TuneUp Therapy Balls

Tension, Pain & Inflammation Relief Rub by Inhale Nature


If you want to truly learn about your own body, please join our

Live Online Comprehensive Functional Anatomy Training on July 11! >

I would also love to feature a few live upcoming workshops with my favorite local Medical Qi Gong teacher Eli Cohen 

Qi Gong for Lung Protection, Sleep, Immune Health and more >


Thank you for taking responsibility for your own wellness - this is a courageous act by which you are making our whole community healthier. And thank you for your support! 


Sending you ♥️ from North Beach San Francisco,

Natasha and Glowing Team


May 27. This is the actual polling page - thank you for your help!

I cannot wait to reopen - our orchids are blooming wildly with nobody to see. To prepare safely we need to know how many of you are eager to rejoin in-person, and your preferred class time - please fill a single-question poll below. We will be starting with classes in the park from mid-June and will be planning in-studio classes as soon as we are allowed. Our caring team has been creating uplifting daily classes for home selfcare, and we are happy to announce that whopping 1,080 virtual classes been taken since the SIP! One thousand and eighty acts of love, 500 hours of wellness. Thank you for your commitment to health and for the support of our mission. The selection of virtual classes we offer allows us to continue glow-getting, taking the best care of our body, mind, soul, and our planet. We will keep offering 10+ daily virtual classes via Mindbody schedule for easy bookings, so you can join us from anywhere. Burn extra energy, tone up, stretch, breathe, meditate, learn anatomy and self-massage with yoga TuneUp balls, relieve anxiety, dance, rehabilitate your pain, recover from fatigue: we have a class for everybody, even for your quirky aunt 😉

On a personal note, I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is one of the most painful times for me and the whole Glow Yoga team in our nine years of existence. We want to make it through so we can continue to be part of this amazing community we’ve become. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each of you who’s been practicing with us over the years, supporting our hardworking team and your local small business. I know it’s a really hard time to be able to manage the crisis and stay well: if you have lost your job, please reach out so we can help you get access to our classes with a scholarship. Just because you've lost your job - you don't have to lose your health. And if you are doing well - please consider sending any virtual class to someone who might need to feel better. We are a community that is only possible when we help each other.



Here we are, 3rd month into quarantine... beyond any of our imagination. You have probably by now have finished Netflix, and feeling restless not knowing what is next, and when. This happens to be exactly what yoga is designed for: helping us be calm through the uncertainty, stay focused on what is important, and shed all that isn't. What is important to me is to spread mindfulness and health - by all means, and ways possible. Today, meaningful self-care from home is more needed than ever, we are in the midst of a health crisis that affected the whole planet Earth. I know that we have tough work ahead of us to restore our lives, and I have faith in our ability to learn, reflect and come out on the other side wiser and more conscious as a society. We all have been hit by fear, but I believe that we also have been touched by the moments of clarity, connection, and solidarity.  While we are coming to grips with the situation, I wanted to share three lessons of my own, and the words of love and wisdom from our Glowing team in this video: