Host a special wellness event with our team: at your location, in a quiet park, or inside Glow. Our space is absolutely beautiful with skylights and 20ft ceilings. 


Examples of private activities: 

painting class, candle-making class, soundbath,  yoga (always custom), acro-yoga, restorative yoga & massage, core or cardio class, meditation, tension relief with foam-rollers and massage therapy balls, kids yoga, dance class, mindset training, relationships coaching, leadership coaching, blind-wine-tea tasting class, and anything else you can think of: we have an incredible network of wellness leaders and coaches.


Use Chat now to ask any questions and brainstorm. 


As we slowly reconnect with our friends and return to the office, I invite you too, to host more meaningful gatherings that contribute to everyone's wellbeing and sense of togetherness. Create an opportunity to truly balance our work, social life, and health. We would be honored to help you create a special wellness event for your group: holidays are coming up! There is a better way of coworking, connecting, and co-creating a HEALTHIER social environment going forward. We all can step up as group leaders, the wellness leader for your team, friends, and family. 


We can host 1-25 people at Glow, and for other locations, please add a $100 travel fee into the basket if your location is 1+ miles away from Glow. 


We will follow all the covid safety guidelines current to the time of the event scheduled.

Private Group Experiences

PriceFrom $100.00