Just like we clean our bodies & brush our teeth, our daily mental hygiene can make our brain healthy, our head clear, our energy focused, and our sleep better.  5-Minute breathing practices offered in our cards reduce stress, anxiety, develop self-awareness, inner balance, and graceful flow.


These cards are ideal for:

- everyone who wants inner calm, better focus, concentration, and sleep

- people suffering from anxiety, fatigue, OCD, ADHD, depression

- yoga teachers to add more mindfulness variety to their classes

- all beings scattered, tired of the Apps and screens


I have designed and put together 20 breathing and concentration practices both from Vedic scriptures, and my original practices I've created based on the latest psychology, neuroscience and medical pulmonary science. In every card, I am sharing breathing and mindfulness techniques that helped me overcome insomnia, anxiety, and mental fog.  Use them to help you get into the meditative state for inner exploration, stress release, and the pleasue of self-study. 


Every practice is only 5 minutes long. I recommend practicing each card 2-3 times a day, for one week, and progress to the next card each Monday.  After the 5-minute sessions try 2-3 minutes of quiet inner listening to de-clutter your psyche, or even journaling if something has come up.


These cards will simplify your daily self-care, helping us tap into our inner resources and limitless power. 


Health Benefits of Pranayama: 

- generate sustainable energy in the brain and body to reduce fatigue

- lower adrenaline and cortisol hormones to boost our healing and regenerative powers

- strengthen our lungs, diaphragm, core, heart, voice, and all fascinating circulatory parts

- open nasal pathways to prevent and heal sleep apnea and snoring

- improve circulation, brain health, memory, concentration, focus

- stabilize blood pressure and cardiovascular health

- improve digestion and immune response

- gain higher quality sleep


Contraindications: none, this is a gentle self-care


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Breathwork Flashcards: 5-Minutes to Clarity & Calm