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Daily Home Workouts: Live Coaching

Join us and never miss your daily workout again 


I have suffered with excruciating neck pain caused by skeletal arthritis in my 20s and this is exactly how I healed myself - with daily strengthening and stretching. Over the years with my doctors, I learned dozens of physical therapy bone-joint-strengthening moves and specific stretches to improve skeletal and joint health, and would love to help you too. To keep the pain away - today, in my 40s, I workout every day, and often, 20 minutes is enough. My mission is to inspire you to a daily self-care for graceful active aging that is doable, sustainable, and feels amazing! With the widespread anxiety, ADD, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, and fast-paced fitness frenzy, I share the sacredness of slowing down.


Our Home Mini-Workouts include: 

✅ Glow 360Pilates, 360Barre Strength Training, Low Joint Impact
✅ Yoga, Simple Stretches
✅ Tension Release with stretches & massage tools (Thur+Fri)
✅ Breathwork, Mindfulness, Gratitude Practice


I’m an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher with 12 years of experience, a certified Mindfulness and Spiritual Psychology educator, a creator of 360Barre Method, and a past student of Judo. I am a trauma-trained, osteoporosis-trained instructor, and all of my teachings are designed to create a parasympathetic internal healing environment.


I would love to invite you to create a joyful non-negotiable daily workout routine that your mind & body will actually crave. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s (like myself), or in your 80s - Glow Program is for all ages and abilities. All I wish for all of us is graceful pain-free movement, sustainable energy, and a positive mindset to support us through our day.


Weekly Zoom Schedule -  7:30a PST Aeekdays, 8a Saturdays:

To prevent burnout, we do a different sequence every day - let's be real, we don't have the same energy on Friday as we have on Monday.


Mon & Wed: Standing yoga and 360Barre resistance weight training set with a chair, clearing breathwork. Building bone density, back muscles, glutes, legs, arms.

Tue, Thur, Saturdays: 360Pilates Mat, resistance core, glutes, back, shoulders, hips, vitality breathwork.

Fri: Recovery days, balancing breathwork, deep stretches, twists, tension release around neck-shoulders, hamstrings, lower back, and hips using a foam roller and TuneUp massage balls.


Things to order within a week of starting:


1. Pilates resistance set >

2. Arms-Shoulders Band  (Red or Orange) > 

3. Sliding Core Disks >

4. Foam roller 18in >

5. Tension-inflammation Relief Set with Massage Balls >

6. Yoga, or a Pilates Mat >


What participants are saying:


'I saw so many glorious sunrises thanks to signing up for Natasha's class! I love how she shares her enthusiasm for good health & self-care. She teaches practical, do-able, fun exercises to help energize your mind & body for the new day. She also shares life hacks, recipes & inspirational quotes to give us a genuine boost as we launch into our day. It’s like a wellness camp!'


'I am more inspired to exercise, get up every morning, and be invigorated to walk every day and stay active.  My body is more strong and agile since starting Natasha's morning routine.'


'I look forward to having this time in the morning, to start my day. The combination of core strength work, flexibility, and Natasha's positive energy make it fun'.


'Natasha has a magical and generous way of creating community and healing with those who take her classes. The emphasis on self-care with the roller, massage therapy balls was a big help to my ongoing bursitis issues.' 


'The Glowing 20-Minute program has done wonders for getting me off of the sofa and moving, getting in tune with my body.  I love the class and loved being with you every morning!' 


'During the class, Natasha inspired me every morning with her calm and happy energy.  I learned how to eat better and do better things for my body and how to relieve stress from work. Amazing!'


My offering is to empower us with fun non-negotiable 20-ish-minute daily care that our mind & body will love. Chronic pain and diminishing energy are unfortunately inevitable without the mindful tools I’ve dedicated my life’s work to share. I lead a different daily class, alternating my favorite techniques for movement, strength, mobility, mindfulness, plus tension release using foam rollers and massage therapy balls to make us feel rewarded and cared for. Not only you'll feel much stronger, and lighter physically and mentally, but you'll also finally rid of any sticky chronic tension.


Wishing you a healthy, peaceful, and inspiring 2024. Thank you for taking loving care of what you've been given as a gift




Fees: 2 Weeks $60, $120 1 Month, $290 3-Month special, $120 private zoom sessions, $150 private in-studio

And, if you'd like to work out on your own time - use our freshly recorded Program A is $57/month >


What is included with this Program:


- Daily Live Coaching

- Access to Recorded Program >

- 10% off Massages & Facials at Glow Wellness Spa, discounted weekend events

- Flexibility, you can cancel anytime 


You can schedule private remote coaching with me, a group event, and I can present at your upcoming event, or a conference.  See details of group events we can help you organize here > 


Please listen to Glow Podcast  'Slow Down to Heal >


Try my New Book 'Breathwork Exercises for The Anxious Mind >

Daily Home Workouts: Live Coaching

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