This is an ongoing live selfcare coaching with a flexible beginning date designed to establish a life-long DAILY HABIT, reset our health after the pandemic captivity. 

An invitation to harness long-lasting energy, improve our mental and physical strength, boost effectiveness, focus, and wakefulness to savor what we have. Starting every day with wellness to stay ahead of our health, to meet the very minimum daily movement needed to generate sustainable energy, support our immune system, rehab, or prevent all chronic pain.


21 Minute a Day to release procrastination, morning fog, fatigue, and mental overwhelm.



What participants are saying:


'I saw so many glorious sunrises thanks to signing up for Natasha's class! I love how she shares her enthusiasm for good health & self-care. She teaches practical, do-able, fun exercises to help energize your mind & body for the new day. She also shares life hacks, recipes & inspirational quotes to give us a genuine boost as we launch into this new year. It’s like a wellness camp!'


'I look forward to having this time in the morning, to start my day. The combination of core strength work, flexibility, and Natasha's positive energy make it fun'.


'Natasha has a magical and generous way of creating community and healing with those that take her classes. The emphasis on self-care with the roller, therapy balls was a big help to my ongoing bursitis issues.' 


The '21 Minute Daily Glowing program has done wonders for getting me off of the sofa and moving, getting in tune with my body.  I love the class and loved being with you every morning!' 


'During the class, Natasha inspired me every morning with her calm and happy energy.  I learned how to eat better and do better things for my body and how to relieve stress from work. Amazing!'

My offering is to empower us with fun non-negotiable 21-minute daily care that our mind & body will actually crave. Our body is a gift that we should never take for granted. Chronic pain and diminishing energy are unfortunately inevitable without the mindful tools I’ve dedicated my life’s work to share. I lead a different daily class, alternating my favorite techniques for movement, strength, mobility, mindfulness, plus tension release using foam rollers and massage therapy balls to make us feel rewarded and cared for. Not only you'll feel much stronger, lighter physically and mentally, but you'll also finally rid of any settled chronic tension.


All I want for all of us is graceful pain-free aging, sustainable energy, and a positive mindset to be able to enjoy life actively no matter what.


Approximate weekly routine:

Mondays 7:30a-7:51a: Standing sequence, energizing breathwork, neck-hands-strengthening, back muscles, glutes, hips, arms, legs.

Tuesdays 7:30a-7:51a: Floor mat sequence, lung development breathwork, core - back - glutes strengthening, pecs-shoulders.

Wednesdays 7:30a-7:51a: Standing sequence, energizing breathwork, neck-arms strengthening, back muscles, glutes, hips, arms, legs.

Thursdays 7:30a-7:51a: Floor mat sequence, lung development breathwork, core-back-shoulders strength + Foam Rolling Shoulders - Back Tension out. 

Fridays 7:30a-7:51a:  Yin Yoga floor sequence with long stretches, various deep tissue roll-outs with Massage Therapy Balls and Foam Roller. Hamstrings-hips-back-neck tension release. Relaxation Breathwork.

Saturdays 8a-8:21a:  Energizing breathwork, standing sequence focused on arms, glutes and hips. 

Toys to prepare for home self-care:
1. Foam roller 18in >
2. Tension-inflammation Relief Set >

3. Pilates resistance set >

4. Morning Reflections Book by Mark Nepo (paperback) > 


Daily Class Schedule:
Weekdays 7:30a-7:51a
Saturdays 8a-8:21a

On days you can't join you'll have access to 100+ home videos on-demand >


If you live near Glow - this membership gives you access to our indoor classes as well!

100% of proceeds will go towards paying Glow Rent during the pandemic.

Month of Live Group Coaching. Healthy Habit Development (save with subscription)

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