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Healing with Nature, Water, and Silence. 

Put a warm California summer retreat on the books: Join my yearly slow, quiet, and stunning digital detox weekend away from city noise to spend quality time with ourselves, to see what needs to be released, and what leaning into going forward. 

I believe that by conquering our fears and getting comfortable with silence, we can align ourselves with our soul's purpose. Kayaking is optional: if you've never tried but want to, I'll teach you to kayak and paddleboard, so you can overcome your fears and add peaceful, soulful eco-adventures to your life. 


We'll learn to seek insight within, ask ourselves deep questions, and let the silence birth the answers. During the day I encourage you to stay silent, enjoy the sounds of nature, journal, explore the river and the coastline, sun lounge, read, paint (I'm bringing canvases), and practice meditation – use that weekend to reconnect to your heart, to see what needs releasing, and what needs your loving care.


Being silent is not for the weakest of hearts: today it’s challenging for many to be quiet. The quiet is a witness to our deepest fears, self-criticism, and regrets, but also our dreams! The quiet energizes our feelings, action, and change which can be very uncomfortable and scary to embark on. Silence though is the only way to see clearly, and take an authentic step on the path to our dreams.


We'll enjoy conversation during our meals, and as desired. Natasha will be available to help you process any thoughts and ideas and clarify any contradictions you might come upon. This is a screen-detox retreat, try to minimize your phone use just to take pictures.


We'll practice different Meditation Techniques, Mystic Sunrises, Yin Yoga, and Kayaking in Jenner. Soak up the calming and replenishing qualities of the coastline, river, forest, and silence. Home to ancient woods and a bountiful variety of birds, the sounds and sights of the Northern California area are pure magic.

After this weekend we'll feel recharged, and have a renewed sense of clarity and appreciation for the little things we might have been taking for granted.


I am looking forward to slowing down in nature with you.



Complete beginners welcome: flat and shallow waters. 


Arrivals: Friday by 5p. Departing on Sunday by 3p
Food: nourishing homemade meals are provided, plus we'll go out to support a local restaurant.
Location: The retreat is on Russian River, 1.5h drive north of San Francisco. Expect warm summer weather 70F+
You'll receive an email with a list of what to bring 2 weeks before the retreat. 


Weekend Retreat Friday-Sunday June 23-25:

$1,111 private room with a queen bed, and $333 extra if you'd like to invite a guest to share your room with. $1,444 -  2 people in one room 


Sunday-Only Kayaking, meet in Jenner 11a  - $100 (kayak rental incl)

I am looking forward to enjoying the stunning outdoors with you.



The cancellation window closes 30 days before the retreat.

Kayaking & Meditation Eco Retreat June 23-25

PriceFrom $100.00
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