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Circulation = Health. Massage is an effective pain relief treatment and is recommended for all recovery including cancer. Professional massage boosts lymph-blood circulation & metabolism, eliminates damaged cells & toxins, and speeds up repair. Massage reduces cortisol and increases oxytocin which restores our energy, quality of sleep, immune system, digestion, and fertility. Please don't wait - the time to care for yourself is NOW.


Custom CBD Massage - all of our treatments are fully custom and our therapists work with you for long-term results combining deep tissue, sports, relaxation massage, cupping, tui na, hot stones, myofascial, neuromuscular techniques, and red light therapy. Please communicate freely to get the treatment that best benefits your health. Natural nourishing CBD oil is included in all treatments, and we incorporate our anti-inflammatory Inhale Nature Joint-Muscle CBD Oil as needed for the most congested areas. 


  • Choose 60- 80- 120 Minutes 
  • $50 extra for a massage delivered to your home ($180/60min)
  • Add Full Body Dry Lymphatic Scrub - $60
  • Add Full Body Antiinflammatory Red Light Therapy - $50
  • Exfoliating AHA Foot Wrap - $30


Cancellation window 48h


Once purchased, please see our current availability and let us know when you'd like to book. To actually reserve your upcoming appointment - we recommend you book and pay directly using the schedule link > 

Tips + Extras

PriceFrom $20.00
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