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Host a special wellness event with our team: inside Glow, at your location, or via Zoom. Our space is absolutely beautiful with skylights and 20ft ceilings and can accommodate up to 25ppl. 


As we slowly reconnect with each other after the pandemic, we invite you to host more meaningful gatherings that contribute to everyone's well-being. It is time for us to play a part in balancing our work, social life, and health. Lead a meaningful unique gathering for your community - YOU can be that conscious leader, a wellness advocate your group deserves.  There is a better way of relating, celebrating, coworking, connecting, and co-creating a healthier social environment going forward. 


The in-studio event availability: weekdays 9a-11a, 1p-4p, 7:45p-8:45p, Fridays 1-2p, 7-8p, Sat-Sun 1:30P-3:30P.


How to Book: chat with us here to pick a date, then submit payment to reserve your date, and enjoy!


Examples of private group activities 60min + 30min socializing inside Glow before or after:


  • Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, BMSR -  $350/h
  • 'Back Pain Prevention' Pilates-Based Core Strengthening Classes - $350/h
  • Yin Yoga with Hot Stones - $350/h
  • 'Stretches for Stiff People', Office Chair Yoga - $300/h
  • Myofascial Tension Relief with Massage balls - $350/h
  • SoundBath 'Inner Bliss' - $600/h
  • Chair Massage - $350/h
  • Self-care & Wellness Talks at your Events - $1,200+
  • Painting Class - $600/h
  • Wine or Sake tasting with a Somm -$900/h
  • Restorative Yoga & Massage - $800/h with 2 teachers
  • Candle-Making Class - $800/90min
  • Add Extra 90 Minutes of Studio Use Time to Your Private Activity for Champagne/Socializing - $200
  • Rent Our Space without an activity - $200/90min
  • Host an event at your location in the SF vicinity -plus $300
  • Anything else you can think of: we have an incredible team of wellness leaders and coaches


PRIVATE One-On-One Classes 45-50min  - $150


Yoga Mats & Event Props: You may order reasonably priced props (under $15 per person) for event giveaways here.  For the best hygiene practices, we do not provide yoga mats and other props for the events held outside of Glow.


- we offer different contract pricing for conferences and larger events, regular weekly/monthly in-office and Zoom classes. 

- we are insured and provide COI per request.

- we accommodate all levels and all ages.

- for 60+ people attendance we recommend booking 2 instructors per movement class to offer more personal attention to all attendees.

- payment is required for booking.

- the cancellation/changes window closes 10 days before the event, and after that, there are no refunds or 10 days prior to the event, but you can reschedule with an additional fee of $60.

Private Classes

PriceFrom $60.00
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