I've been working tirelessly to onboard and reopen our Wellness Spa, create new holistic treatments, and jeez do I need this to help me cope with the situation in Ukraine and my family struggling in Belarus, and me not being able to support them or go visit them 😢 One thing keeps me sane today is Glow guys... Also, the more research I did on the massage the more I am committed to helping all of you use it as a monthly essential medicine with our new Spa Memberships. If you are currently under stress and haven't worked out in a while, I recommend scheduling 2 weekly massages in a row and continuing your health maintenance with a monthly massage. We now have daily availability and even added a fully-clothed deep tissue massage Tui Na, plus a Neck-Shoulders Chair massage for those who prefer that. If you have a little baby I am happy to babysit while you come to take care of you.


Why massage is even more important for people who don't workout daily:

1. Circulation = Healthy Immune System. Poor circulation fuels all dis-ease. Professional massage improves lymph-blood circulation to eliminate dead, damaged cells and toxins and distribute the nutrients to speed up all renewal and recovery.

2. Pain, Hormones, Digestion, Mental Health, Fertility. Massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases oxytocin which restores the quality of sleep, digestion, and fertility. Massage has recently received empirical support for facilitating growth, reducing pain, increasing alertness, diminishing depression, and enhancing immune function and has become a part of cancer recovery treatment. 

Thank you for reading, and for choosing to honor and take loving care of what you have been given as a gift. Please share this page with anyone you think might benefit.


Sending you love, please do not give up. Healing is the application of love and care in all the places that hurt. 


Natasha 🌱✨