Clear out inner webs and begin your weekend in ZEN. We host this hour-long experience on Fridays and Saturdays, and in our Thursdays' 5:20p Gentle Yoga classes, you can experience 10-15 long SoundBath Savasana.


SoundBath is a powerful meditative experience, a passive way to restore and harmonize the energies of our body: physical, mental, and emotional. Simply close your eyes and enjoy the powerful raw organic sound vibrations showering you from head to toe, washing away your mental chatter, and nurturing our brain, stimulating alpha, and theta brain waves.

With regular practice, many people experience the most beautiful colorful visions during our soundbaths, reaching a deeper state of relaxation and mental ease.

With the anxiety, insomnia, and depression levels on the rise, we hope all of us can use sound therapy as mandatory selfcare. Mental health is not a joke - please start taking care of your brains today.

You will be laying down in a supported restorative pose with yoga bolsters and blankets.

Reservations: Required. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the event to set up. We lock the doors once the experience begins. No refunds for missed reservations.

Location: 1548 Stockton Street

Bring: Yoga mat. You will be lying down.


Included in all memberships and class packages apply. You can also purchase 10 Class Pack that does not expire and applies to all of our classes.


With LOVE,

Glowing Team

SoundBath Meditation