Our next Ultimate Chill Modes are scheduled for April 24 Sunday 6p-8p


Step out of the chase, RESTore and unwind with Katrina and Tankut join us for the most relaxing experience yet Ultimate Chill Mode.

The experience begins with connecting with the community over the special Tea and other finest Californian products.


You will be treated to 2 hours of:

+ Restorative Yoga with a Massage 

+ SoundBath

+ Tension & stress relief

The experience creators are:

Katrina Baccetti, our positive mindset and yoga guru, and Tankut Denker, a licensed massage therapist and the founder of Tantara SF.


Wear loose and comfortable clothes, and bring nothing but yourself and your desire to relax.


The fee is $75. To book with a Glow's member discount ($50 rate) - please login to Mindbody here >

Ultimate Chill Mode: Restorative Yoga & Massage