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Glow facials are not only great for the health of our skin, but also for our immune system by helping us slow down, reduce anxiety and create space for selfcare, self-soothing, and self-love. Our Wellness Spa is toxin- artificial-fragrance-free, and we use clean and active professional products by Dermalogica Dermal Institute made in California. We customize the strengths of active ingredients according to your skin's needs.


Please listen to our Podcast about Skincare for Graceful aging >





Glow Signature Facial   $170 | with spa membership $150 

add Dermaplaning or Microneedling $110

You are a beautiful human who simply wants your skin fit, healthy and glowing. Your visit will start with a consultation, fruit enzyme cleanse, custom peel, extractions, and professional choice of diamond microdermabrasion, stimulating microcurrent, cupping, or skin-fitness facial CBD massage. Finished with cryo contouring, LED light treatment, and deeply hydrating Glow Oxygen Vitamin infusion. This relaxing facial includes a de-stressing neck & scalp massage. Schedule today to begin your holistic lifelong skincare. 70min



Skin-Fitness Contouring Facial (celebrities' secret)  $170 |  members $150 

You deserve all the loving care in the world. This rejuvenating facial is like a workout for your skin - an original Glow sequence, face-neck-scalp massage with vitamin-rich skin-food CBD serum. Boost lymphatic drainage, collagen & elastin synthesis, reduce puffiness, decongest and minimize the pores. Facial-neck cupping, cryo contouring & Vitamin Oxygen infusion are applied to awaken, nourish and rehydrate your beautiful skin. Finished with LED light treatment and a scalp massage to stimulate hair growth, and prevent tension headaches. You will notice the firmness and radiance after the first visit and your skin will be the happiest and strongest with a regular facial massage. 70min


Clearing Pore Minimizer  $170 |  $150 w/Glow Spa Membership

This treatment focuses on decongesting, smoothing, and soothing your skin. Includes enzyme peel, deep thorough extractions, targeted mask, cryo rolls, High Frequency, LED Light treatment. 70min


Glow VIP: Full Body Renewal

$250 | members $225 | with Brow Tint/Shape $290

This cold weather treatment exfoliates and hydrates your skin from head to toe. The full-body renewal begins with a dry lymphatic scrub to shed dead skin and stimulate cellular turnover followed by a Heated Far Infrared Body Wrap to reduce pain, tension, inflammation, and even cellulite. While enjoying the healing benefits of FIR wrap, your face is treated to a custom facial with a peel to brighten up your complexion, a nourishing mask, and a cooling contouring cryo rolls massage. Book today and enjoy rejuvenated silky skin all around your body. 80min


Dermaplaning Facial    

$180 |  as an add-on to any facial $110

Our signature derma planning is an effective rejuvenating treatment to get rid of dead layers of skin, brighten your complexion, and prepare your skin for better product absorption. Includes a customized peel, cooling hydrating mask, and glow oxygen Vitamin infusion. 70min


Micro Channeling Facial 

$250 | members $225 |  as an add-on to any facial $110

Micro channeling is an anti-aging treatment using the microneedling pen that has shown great results for smoothing acne scars, minimizing pores, and promoting collagen and elastin synthesis making the skin smoother, fresher, and more uniform in color. Great treatment for hyperpigmented skin. Includes cryo contouring & Glow Oxygen Vitamin infusion for the deepest nurture and regeneration. 70min


Buccal Lifting Facial 

$250 | members $225

A special treatment with buccal lifting massage, intra-oral massage, microcurrent, and facial cupping. Benefits include sculpting, lifting, definition, softening of fine lines and wrinkles, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, deep relaxation of the facial muscles and TMJ, stimulation of collagen and elastin, smooth and supple skin, AND the release of stored emotions. 70min

Glow Foot Wrap*  softens, exfoliates & rehydrates our feet with glycolic & hyaluronic acid, green tea, and Devil's Claw Root Extracts -  $30


  • Add Full Body Red Light     - $40

  • Brazilian - $75* | 6 for $390

  • Repeat Brazilian 4-6 weeks - $68

  • Full Leg Wax,  Back or Chest Wax - $100

  • Brazilian + Full Leg - $160  | Half Leg - $50

  • Underarm Wax - $30*

  • Lip & Chin  Wax - $30*

  • Bikini - $40* | extended $55

  • Half Arm - $30* | full arm $50

  • Brow Tint or Brow Shape  - $30*

  • Brow Tint+Shape - $40*

  • Full Face Wax - $60* | +tint $80

Glow Facials

PriceFrom $170.00
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