If we could recommend ONE yoga class a week to everyone, Glow Yin would be it. This internal and meditative practice is a special treat for all. Here we unwind from the long week, stretch out, slow down and step out of the chase. CBD oil, hot stones, deep tissue release massage therapy balls are often offered in these classes. You can try this and all of our classes On-Demand 24/7 >


Physical Benefits: relieve tension and stiffness in your back, hips, shoulders, and hamstrings, restore mobility, re-align your posture.
Brain and Mental Health: balancing our parasympathetic nervous system helps regulate our hormones, digestion, immune system, and recharge our brain.

What to expect: You are guided through a variety of seated & reclined poses held 3-10 minutes to bring flexibility, mobility, relaxation, self-awareness, and calm.


Bring: a yoga mat. We have mats for purchase ($30+)  
Wear: stretchy clothes, socks, long-sleeve to keep it cozy
Reservations: required
Contraindications: none
Arrival: 5 minutes before to set up. We lock the doors when class begins. Missed reservations are non-refundable.


Included in all memberships and class packages apply. You can also purchase 10 Class Pack that does not expire and applies to all of our classes.


COVID-19 Update: We go above and beyond to keep your selfcare sanctuary safe and enjoyable with 30% capacity, 6ft+ distancing, 20ft tall ceilings, and well-circulated fresh air. Even our Spa room has 2 open windows - come in for TLC.

Yin Yoga with Hot Stones