Try something new as a couple - join us for a guided 2-hour experience to inspire playfulness and a deeper connection with your partner.


In this experience, you will learn to…

⁃ Assist deeper stretches that unwind tension and encourage the postural re-alignment and relaxation
⁃ Give and receive massage + healing touch
⁃ Develop healthy self-care practice you can incorporate into your weekly routine with each other
⁃ Build a healthy relationship where you help each other soothe your nervous systems to feel safe and grounded

We’ll focus on areas of high tension including the neck, shoulders, hips, and feet.

Expect to feel relaxed, grounded, and connected.


The fee is $180 for 2 people, and the $150 member's price for 2 people 

member's price can be booked via Mindbody > 

Partners' Chill Mode: Massage & Assisted Stretching