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Date Night: Couples' Massage Classes

Thursday, Feb 15  'Shared Quality Time'  6:30p-8:30p

Sunday, March 24 'Shared Quality Time'  5:30p-7:30p

Schedule an individual Massage with Tankut >

See Painting Classes and other Special Events for date nights


Deepen your connection in 2024 - join us for a guided 2-hour date night series to unlock the art of quality time, cultivate a sense of playfulness, and nurture profound safety and trust. This shared adventure holds the power to enhance not only your well-being but also the strength of your relationships by getting to know each other.  We recommend attending these classes regularly to get into a groove with each other and master new techniques in every class. 

In this experience, you will learn to:

⁃ Have more fun, be beginners together, play, improvise

- Learn a new healthy evening self-care routine with assisted stretching and the art of holistic touch

⁃ Build more supportive relationships where you help each other feel seen and understood, soothe your nervous systems to feel safe and grounded

- Relax the areas of chronic tension including the neck and shoulders, feel grounded, and present with each other

The event is hosted by Tankut Denker, a licensed massage therapist, and his partner Katrina Baccetti, RYT


And, you may schedule a private Massage for yourself and your loved ones at Glow Spa as well! 😇
Location: Tantara SF, 914 Pacific Ave (cross Powell St) 
Bring: nothing - all is provided. Wear stretchy clothes

The cancellation/rescheduling closes 48h before the event. No refunds on late-canceled events

$180 per couple, $150 for members

member's price can be booked via Mindbody > 

Our Membership Options  >


We are wishing you a Healthy, Happy, Peaceful Month,


Glowing Team

Date Night: Couples' Massage Classes

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