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Join us for an engaging learning session on anatomy, movement, and mindfulness.

This workshop intends to address 3 common misconceptions about Tight Hips and Lower Back:
1. Lower back pain can be fixed with forward folds

2. Tucking the pelvis helps stabilize the spine
3. More flexibility is always beneficial

Awareness of our pelvis can reduce the risk of strain or injury in our hips, hamstrings, sciatica, SI and lower back joints, cultivating sustainable movement patterns. Moving consciously, we can enhance the overall range of our motion and develop healthy, fluid movement and posture.We will workshop and break down the safety in common movements like forward folds, lunges, and twists.


Who can benefit from this workshop:

- people who have experience with hips/hamstrings/low back/sciatica pain

- yoga students of all levels

- yoga teachers of all styles *

- weight lifting, and fitness enthusiasts from all modalities



*Participating in this training gives you 1.5h of Continued Education Credit.



$55, $45 early birds before July 6th

Glow Members discounts are available via Glow Event Web Schedule


Every month we focus on a particular subject which you can see in our Blog.



Cancellations - rescheduled close 48h before the event.


Pelvis-Conscious Webinar July 16 8a

PriceFrom $45.00
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