Nano-CBD from our favorite clean and organic CBD brand. Made in California. 

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* Vegan
* Non-GMO
* THC-free
* Natural Ingredients Used
* CBD Living uses only 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado.


Please check our Pain Relief Video Channel where you can learn how to use these balls and a foam roller for specific conditions with fun 30min sequences to release tension and pain long term.


CBD Living Lotion is a rich, luxurious, non-greasy lotion perfect for treating dry skin while getting your daily dose of CBD.

Utilizing our Proprietary Skin Retention Technology allows nutrients to better penetrate the layers of the skin, and stay on the skin longer, for lasting relief.

Soothing lavender is mixed with Jasmine, Clove, Lemon and Ylang-Ylang and is perfect for relaxing and unwinding before bed. 

CBD Lotion Lavender 16oz