Every month, we are bringing you Stacy Perry (www.stacyperrycoaching.com), our local dating guru to up-level our relationship to.... relationships. 


The next coaching is scheduled for November 12 Friday 4 pm.

Self-study, self-awareness is a foundational yoga practice that happens off the mat, moment-to-moment.

Stacy's monthly Mindful Relationship Series will help us dedicate much-needed time in order to see more clearly, heal from the past and build healthy, joyful, and safely functioning partnerships with others and ourselves. 

From Stacy: 'I love offering the relationship series at Glow - because the yoga practice already encourages the first step - becoming aware of our thoughts.

Once our human needs for food and shelter are taken care of - our next biggest need is to belong and connect. But sometimes we get in our own way…


November's coaching will help us build healthy boundaries.  


1. Get crystal clear about the ways we get triggered and riled up.
2. Create an awareness about what is in our control and what to let go of and give back to them.
3. Decide on purpose how we want to show up and feel when they do the things they do that aggravate us.
As always in these workshops - you are free to share or keep your thoughts private.

This work is applicable to any relationships in your life you find difficult - family, in-laws, step-family, kids, partners, friends, coworkers, employees, bosses, siblings….any relationship that bugs you.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” -Buddha.

Looking forward to sharing with you,

Stacy Perry
Love Badass, Love-Minded Coach


The fee is $45, and included in Glow memberships via class schedule >


Please arrive 10 minutes before the session as we do not let late-comers disturb everyone else's experience. 


Covid-19: We go above and beyond to keep your selfcare sanctuary safe and enjoyable with 50% capacity, 6ft+ distancing, 20ft tall ceilings, and well-circulated fresh air. Even our Spa room has 2 open windows - come in for TLC.

3 Secrets to Secure-Functioning Healthy Relationship with Stacy Perry